New AirAsia Breakfast Combo: Pak Nasser nasi lemak, Scallop Congee, Pancakes & Roti Canai

I will be flying Air Asia to Singapore again this weekend and as I was booking my tickets, I saw these options for my morning flight.

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-002

Ok I have had the nasi lemak so many times it didn’t really me jump up from my chair. But the scallop congee and pancakes are new to me!

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-010

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-011

Pancakes on a flight. With butter and REAL maple syrup. Oh my… 😀

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-013

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-014

All these breakfast combos are available for flights from 5.30am – 11am. Looks like morning flights are not necessarily a bad thing huh?
And no more buying McDs at LCCT!

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-004

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-005

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-007

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-008

Only the Pak Nasser nasi lemak is RM12. The rest is RM10. Served fresh and hot and with air steward/stewardess clearing your empty containers for you (yes, that’s service minus the service charge!) after you’re done is not a bad deal for RM10 I reckon!
I spent just as much smuggling my McDs on board. And it wouldn’t be hot and fresh as these pancakes and scallop congee I’m going to order! 🙂

So what’s your Air Asia Breakfast Combo choice? 😀

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  1. Cal

    My default is nasi lemak for every AA flight. Wonky mind trying the scallops congee though. Wish they throw jn some dim sum as well! Then it would be a dim sum on air!

  2. Kellia

    So that’s nice. More to choose from but only for breakfast yes?

  3. Janet

    I’ll go for the pancakes. Hot fluffy pancakes thousands of miles above sea level.
    Sounds so exciting LOL!

  4. Cassie

    Roti canai eaten with fingers thousands of metres above the clouds. surreal. LOL

  5. Gregory Loh

    The nasi lemak is the best. Lengkap! Except for cucumbers 😉
    Yes I’m just being cheeky

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