Why choose Neubodi innerwear – superb quality, perfect fit, durable

My intimate affair with Neubodi started in 2013.

My first Neubodi bra is as pictured below and you can read about my professional Neubodi fitting session –> HERE.

right fitting neubodi bra - rebecca saw

After such a professional and educational fitting session, I was convinced that Neubodi makes inner-wear with true understanding of a woman’s needs.

But back in 2013, there weren’t plain, strapless Neubodi bras available.

fitting neubodi bra - rebecca saw-015

But Neubodi is a brand that listens to its clientele.

No doubt many women such as myself had pleaded for strapless bras, and in 2014, the Annabelle was launched. I was thrilled to know that Neubodi finally offers strapless bras!

I had my eyes on them for a long time, and my chance to own one materialized at the opening of the Neubodi Mid Valley store.
I took advantage of the opening special to buy 2; one in nude and another in black.


Both were ridiculously durable, and had in fact lasted until today, May 2016.

See? I can still wear my 2 year old Annabelle!


I’ve worn them alternatively on a daily basis for 2 years. In our 2 year-affair, I hardly wore any other brands or any other bras.

These Annabelles were washed (with care of course) twice or thrice a week over the course of 2 years and until today, they remained in perfect shape (cup and overall) with no frays or loose threads.
The underbust strap is loose now due to long term wear and my weight lost but the bras are still in good condition, a testament to Neubodi’s outstanding quality.

I paid almost RM150 for each (due to the opening special), and are extremely grateful to have bought them.
They fit perfectly (my size is 70B, 32 cm, B cup), stay on securely and doesn’t show under sheer or thin fabrics.

Now that both my Annabelles were loose around the bust, I’ve decided to invest in 2 more Neubodi strapless bras.

The latest range for strapless in plain nude and black is the Kaitlyn.


The Kaitlyn offers seamless shape and support and accurately to its claim, truly pushes up the bosom.
It is perfect for those in need of a “lift” plus added “volume”.


Neubodi - bra - 2016

I’ve worn both for the last 6 months and found them too padded for me.

What happened was that the top of the bra kept jutting out slightly, creating a line at the top which is quite visible over sheer or clingy clothing.
While it is wearable, it is best to be worn under thick material or under outfits with straps which could push the cup back to the bosom.

neubodi bra - best seamless bra, best push up

Still, one can’t deny that the Kaitlyn series are wonderful for that extra boost/push up. The deep plunging centre displays your cleavage to an advantage, and its smooth finish (material) provides the invisibility any woman would want.




The supportive, side boning anchors the body and the seamless construction goes undetected under most clothing. As you can see here, if you are wearing the right size, there should be no bulging flesh between the straps.


The same can be said for Neubodi’s Zeroline and Freeline range for underwear.

neubodi panties - best seamless underwear

These smooth, literally invisible under any clothing undies are made from the renowned SITIPTM fabric from Italy, this panty undergoes the thermo-fusion process, guaranteed to be completely imperceptible under your clothing.

It is ultrasoft with no binding elastic, developed through thermo-fusion and laser cut fabric to prevent any panty lines while providing full back coverage.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 7.48.23 PM.png

A tight fitted dress and no panty lines.



If any (VPLs) lines shows under your clothing, then you might want to reconsider your current panty size.

I was wearing the M size for a while and under some clingy material there were slight VPLs (visible panty lines).
I consulted a Neubodi specialist and was advised to wear L instead.
A larger size means the panty material won’t cut into my flesh, which in turn cause VPLs.

Below: The difference between M and L.


The SITIPTM fabric is superbly smooth and hugs the curves of your buttocks nicely.
They are quick to dry and easy to wash too.


If you are still unsure of your innerwear fit/size, I would strongly urge you to visit a Neubodi store.

The bra fitting professionals are experienced and you can be assured of a warm, genuine and heartfelt fitting service.
There is nothing to be embarrassed about learning the methods of wearing and choosing the right bra for oneself.

Neubodi - bra - 20161

If you prefer, you can try my tutorial at home. You will find the step-by-step instructions here complete with images – www.rebeccasaw.com/neubodi-paradigm-mall-choosing-the-correct-bra-for-your-breasts/

I’ve diligently applied the same principles to wear my bras daily since this 2013 fitting session. 🙂

neubodi bra - best seamless bra, best push up-004

Interested to get a Neubodi item?
You can grab them online at http://neubodi.com/eshop/index.php?route=common/home or better still, drop in any of the Neubodi stores in the Klang Valley for a complimentary fitting session and to try the item before purchasing.

The 10 Neubodi stores in Malaysia are:
– Mid Valley Megamall
~ One Utama Shopping Centre
~ Empire Shopping Gallery
~ Hartamas Shopping Center
~ AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang
~ Bangsar Village II

~ Kota Damansara
~ Suria Sabah Shopping Mall (SABAH)
~ Imago Shopping Mall (Coming Soon)
~ Viva City Megamall (Coming Soon)

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