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After my previous bra-fitting experience at Neubodi I went home motivated and vowed that I’ll work on providing better care for my bosom and attaining better silhouette.

I promised to wear my Neubodi set consistently, ensuring that with the proper support and coverage I’ll fix the common issue of having fat tissues wrongly distributed out around the arm pits and back.
Estee, the General Manager of Neubodi Malaysia had said it would take about 6 months to “mould” them back into shape. I was aghast. And went shopping for “suitable” clothes immediately.

Well, yes, any excuse for shopping is a good excuse no? 🙂

The first step was to decrease the frequency of wearing strapless bras; which translates to less revealing tops. I hopped into Levi’s and got myself some shirts.

neubodi - rebecca saw-003

The Neubodi set I got was a nice grey purple shade with lace. I was worried at first it might show over my white tops and dresses (trust me I have a lot of whites in my wardrobe!) but as you can see from the picture above, it didn’t show on my white shirt.
As long as there is an underlining beneath the top layer, no worries about having your bra peeking out.

right fitting neubodi bra - rebecca saw

This is the white dress that I wore pretty frequently and I always wore my Neubodi set with it.

neubodi - rebecca saw

Here’s another shirt that I got from Levi’s.

neubodi - rebecca saw-002

Both of these shirts are my favourites so far. I wore them for travel (the light and cooling material helps), events, for casual days and even for work.

rebecca saw - bruno menard &made

burgers in singapore - &made bruno menard-001

This red shirt is a newly purchased item as well. Basically, shirts are your best bet when you are wearing the Neubodi set. There’s no spaghetti tops that could cover the thick bands of the Neubodi bra.

neubodi - rebecca saw

A major part of my wardrobes are sundresses. However they are usually the thin spaghetti straps one or halters.  This blue piece is one of the recent purchase I made and I have wearing it pretty often as it’s easy to wear, loose fitting and casual. Again, I made sure the material is suitable for our current sweltering weather as wearing non-sleeveless outfits means the material must not trap any additional body heat than necessary!

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-016

Melaka was really hot. But this dress was still cooling on the body.

casa del rio - rebecca

Really, I wear this outfit too often! 😛

neubodi - rebecca saw 1 1

I decided on a plain long black dress for the recent Hennessy XO Appreciation Grows 2013 Dinner by Chef LeAnne Wong. The dress was demure and the neckline needed a little boost as it is a low oval front.

Hennessy Appreciation Grow - Chef LeAnne Wong - rebeccasaw-001

Well, guess what I had on underneath? 🙂

My Neubodi set of course!

neubodi - rebecca saw-001

All in all, though inconvenient at first, I did managed to wear my Neubodi set consistently at least 3- 4 days a week. The rest of the week I allowed myself my favourite tank, halters and tube tops.

With determination and a slight change of wardrobe, it is possible to culture a habit of wearing a bra with thick wings, band and straps. That said, I do hope that the upcoming collection of Neubodi bras allows strapless or designed to be worn in multiple ways.
The support may be slightly less, but at least it would encourage a lot more young females to wear it.
For those of you who missed out on my previous post on my bra-fitting experience at the Neubodi store, here’s the illustration of how a proper bra fitting session should be.


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  1. Gareth

    I like the first picture of you. Not aging much becky!

  2. Samantha

    That’s true.. those fully covered shirts/tops are functionally viable – 2 in 1 objectives fulfilled. Fits the bra and keeping you to your 6 months schedule of wearing the Neubodi bra

  3. Veron

    I can’t imagine myself wearing such an “aunty” looking bra but but of course, we are talking about support here.. But still, nothing sexier than that??

  4. Renee

    Neubodi for the lift and support and Agent Provocateur for the naughty nights eh? 😀

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