Neubodi Active Wear (Moving Comfort) – -Sports bra review

As someone actively involved in various exercises from hiking to yoga and dance, I’m always on the lookout for good value sports wear that provides the right support.

REVIEW Neubodi activewear

While I’m ok with normal leggings for yoga and simple shorts bought on discount, the right upper body support takes precedence over budget.
I’m definitely more willing to spend a bit more to ensure that my boobs doesn’t sag.

Ok, that’s a generalisation!
Other than the horrifying fear of saggy boobs, I insist on wearing the correct sport bras for other reasons such as comfort, proper ventilation and proper shape.

To a certain extent, I would even fork out a bit more for nice designs and colors.

Based on those key requirements, one of the brands that you may have noticed me wearing lately is the Neubodi Activewear Moving Comfort range.
So far I’ve tested 2 pairs for about 3 months and I’m pretty happy with both!

neubodi active


I rotate and wear them each once or twice a week. I workout almost everyday so that means I wear other brands too. As a rule, I rotate all of them.

So, on average I have washed them (my Neubodi ones) 2 times a week for the last 3 months (I got them end of November 2015). That’s an average of 24 washes in the washing machine, in a laundry bag on gentle/delicate mode.

As of today (end of Feb 2016), I’m happy to report that they are still as good as new; elastics intact, no fraying in any part and the bands on both shoulders and around the bust are as tight as new.
Their colors remained vibrant too!

neubodi malaysia - active wear - review-002

Now I use them for runs, yoga, gym classes and even as a comfortable top when I’m home.
The fabric helps with the current humid and severely burning weather. After a hard workout, I find that I dry up within 25 minutes and I don’t get any galling sticky feeling.

The same can be said of the top. Even if I wash them a few days after (I only do laundry twice a week), they don’t stink.

neubodi malaysia - active wear - review-006

Besides running, one of the more impactful exercises that I’m fond of doing is the High Intensity Internal Training.
I follow the workouts by Stronger (google “HIIT Stronger videos“) in my garden when time doesn’t permit me to hit the gym and I sweat buckets with each session.

All that high intensity jumping also means a good support top is ideal. Boobies jiggling up and down may look sexy to some (someone advise the Baywatch girls please) but that isn’t going to be sexy in the long run when your bosom plummets a few centimetres south each year!
Neubodi’s sports range has molded cups that secure each breast individually and keep them in place without squeezing.


Now we know that sportswear doesn’t come cheap.
So how much will the Neubodi ActiveWear cost you?

Well, surf over to their online shop to check out the prices and range. Mine was RM126 and RM157 respectively, though both were courtesy of Neubodi.
However, if I were to pay for them, these prices are still fair for sports bras.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.13.55 AM.png

As for sizing, there is a size chart to assist you to select the right fit.
But if you are uncertain, there are SIX (6) Neubodi stores in the Klang Valley so pop into one and try the items before purchase.
Take advantage of the complimentary, professional and educational fitting session with a Neubodi specialist who would make it her personal responsibility to ensure that you walk away enlightened of how to choose your correct bra size.

How does a Neubodi bra fitting session work you ask? Here, read about my Neubodi fitting experience –> Neubodi – how to find your correct bra?.

My tip?
Head over to the Mid Valley flagship store where you will get the latest and most complete range of Neubodi products.


This is my Vero Flash (RM126.15).
To buy:

I like the colors for this one; sassy pink and bright yellow is so me!
Aesthetics aside, it provides shape and support too.
With seam-free, molded and moisture-wicking cups, and ventilating Powermesh zones, the Vero sports bra offers high-impact support, cool, dry comfort and enough coverage to be worn on its own.

neubodi moving active - review

Key Features:

  • Seam-free interior molded cups encapsulate for high-impact support and shaping.
  • Moderate-contour cups give shape, modesty and maximum moisture transfer with a seamless look.
  • Front DriLayer® Powermesh zone provides ventilation to keep you cool.
  • Convertible straps can be worn straight or cross-back.
  • Adjustable back closure.

neubodi moving active - review-006

The adjustable straps are a good thing.
Cross-back straps are great when you need support, but they can constrict arm movement during dance classes and yoga.

The fix: Both of my Neubodi sports bras here has convertible straps that allow you to wear it either way.

Next, a contoured seam under the bust supports and lifts without wires.
I like how there are no seam running through the cups in front, which ensures a smooothhhh front over tight tops.



Look ma, no nipples lines showing!



Next, the Urban X-Over Dawn Stripe Sports Bra (A/BCup)RM157.95.
To buy:

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.14.06 AM.png

This sports the same key features as the pink one, but with vivid horizontal orange and green stripes.
The smooth, seamless front presses tightly against the chest for a strong hold, while a mesh inner lining ventilates and wicks away moisture.

neubodi moving active - review-008

1 gym - Rebecca saw

Again, I must emphasize that the thick straps allowed for very little bouncing or movement, yet without any digging or chafing.
Bonus: All of the clasps are plastic, not metal, for extra comfort.

neubodi malaysia - active wear - review-005

neubodi sports bra review


In conclusion I’ll be investing in more of Neubodi’s Active Wear as I’m personally convinced of its quality and durability now.
But is 3 months too soon to tell?
Well, I’ve had more expensive “branded” sports tops that wore out within 3 months – colors fading and the elastic bands loosening with literally each wash.
Besides, these Neubodi pair that I got looks set to last for another 6 months at least.


Last but not least; Neubodi has sports bras in C & D cups so for those of you with well endowed bosoms (gosh, lucky you!), no fret as Neubodi should have just what you may need!

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 4.10.57 PM.png

The 9 Neubodi stores in the Klang Valley are:
– Mid Valley Megamall
~ One Utama Shopping Centre
~ Empire Shopping Gallery
~ Hartamas Shopping Center
~ AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang
~ Bangsar Village II
~ Suria Sabah Shopping Mall (SABAH)
~ Imago Shopping Mall (Coming Soon)
~ Viva City Megamall (Coming Soon)

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