Nestle Drumstick Almond Thrill Launch @ Sunway Giza!

I was given the opportunity to do something wackybecky during the launch & I thought, why not?? Heheh.. :)

Check the video out. It looked pretty simply, but the outfit was pretty restrictive, so I couldn’t really jump that high. WOuld have love to make an impact by HURLING myself towards the velcro wall (wahahahaahhah) but I couldn’t get enough momentum.

Also, for photography sake, they wanted me to stick to the velcro wall with my face facing the front. Hence I could only fling myself at the wall at the last point. All in all, it’s still pretty wacky anyways. šŸ˜‰ .

So what was this launch all about?
It’s the launch of the new Nestle Drumstick; ALMOND THRILL. This is a new fun flavor that’s to join Nestleā€™s famous DrumstickĀ® family which consists of; ā€œVanillaā€™s Got Nutsā€, ā€œChocolate Blastā€ and ā€œSaucy Strawberryā€ as well as ā€œKit KatĀ®ā€.
The new flavor, deemed as the ā€œAlmond Thrillā€ promise to offer more crunch in every bite!

Keeping to the theme of “thrill” & adventure, the launch was fiery, hot & swift.

Then we were each given a complimentary to cool down! Oh yea!Ā  :)


This latest addition boasts a delectable new recipie ā€“ smooth and creamy pecan-flavoured ice cream in a rich, dark cone, surrounded by a thin chocolate ring and topped with a generous layer of crushed almond nuts. (RM2.80)


Here are the Advertlets bloggers (some left already else it’s a bigger group..) showing their love for the ice cream!

There were some games at the venue that day.

Nestle Drumstick Almond Thrill Launch

Most of us tried this one, which is pretty simple. All you have to do is climb in & grab a balloon. Pop it and keep your fingers crossed that the piece of paper inside will reveal a good prize!

And I won 2 tickets to Sunway Lagoon – all parks! Who wants to join me?? Azrin Arizz, another of our bloggers won one of the grand prize which allows him to be a pilot for a day. The best is when another of our bloggers, won an iPad2! Thank you Advertlets and Nestle! :P It was a thrilling day alright!

Nestle Drumstick Almond Thrill Launch

Nestle had also launched the NESTLE DRUMSTICKĀ® ALMOND THRILL Whatā€™s Yours? Contest that day. It offers ice cream lovers the chance to win prizes totaling up to RM57,000.
Interested participants will have to convey how you would like to live your adventure with NESTLE DRUMSTICKĀ®.

You first need to ā€˜Likeā€™ the NESTLE DRUMSTICKĀ® Facebook fan page and then register as a member of the NESTLE DRUMSTICKĀ® ALMOND THRILL Whatā€™s Yours? Facebook Application.
You must then upload a video ā€“ not more than two minutes long ā€“ based on the theme onto the Facebook app, or claim a video shot at any NESTLE DRUMSTICKĀ® ALMOND THRILL Whatā€™s Yours on-ground event listed on So what are you waiting for? Join & win!

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  1. Nelly

    LOL at your video! You’re such a riot gal!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hhaha ! it’s hilarious right? I felt silly doing it a bit! Heh..

  2. Justin

    Hey becky, truly wackybecky eh? So are you joining the contest??

    1. rebeccasaw

      I’m thinking of it ;P
      Only thing now is finding the time to do so!

  3. Sean

    Heheh ok that looked fun. I’d have just stood by the side, watching and laughing while licking my delicious ice cream šŸ˜€

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah! Yes yes I can imaging you doing just that Sean! ;p

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