Neroteca @ The Somerset, KL – Italian Meats and Wines and a PORK feast!

In celebration of Chinese New Year and the 2012 auspicious Year of the Dragon, Neroteca presents a range of Italian meat delights, with authentic flavors of lamb, pork and beef based cuisines.

Now, porky Italian joints are not many, and good ones are even fewer and far in between.

neroteca @ the somerset, KL
 That was probably the reason why Neroteca remained popular although Italian restaurants are sprouting up like fungi in KL. I remember how fellow foodies would always recommend Neroteca whenever the debate of “which is a good Italian restaurant in KL” came up in conversations; and how recently, the feedback was more of “Neroteca was so good back then, but now… ahemmm..

To be honest, I have visited Neroteca on my own accord somewhere last year after hearing all the glowing reviews. Unfortunately, my experience wasn’t exactly memorable.
Needless to say I haven’t been back.

The good news is, The Nero Group had recently roped in a new chef for Nerovivo (post  HERE –> Christmas comes early to Nerovivo) while simultineously implemented a management team shift.
My experience at Nerovivo was assuring enough, and I looked forward to this session at Neroteca, more so since it is a porky-licious outlet, as how a real Italian food joint should be.

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-10

This was an exclusive preview of Neroteca’s Year of the Dragon “Meatilicous” January and I was thrilled for the opportunity of savoring Italy’s best meats & wines specially flown in for this wine pairing & tasting session! :P

The savory 7-course meal aims to please meat enthusiasts, where each dish is creatively designed and paired with selective prosecco and wine.

We started off with some top notch selection of cold cuts, namely Prosciutto di Parma, San Danielle, calabra piccente and mortadella.
I arrived late, and missed the opportunity to snap a picture of the cold cuts platter. Thankfully, I managed to sample each of the cold cuts and I find them superb! Most importantly, they were not too salty and has a good cured flavour.

Below: Chef Lorance Abusang preparing our next course – The Steak Tartare.

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-1

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love Prosecco. The italian Prosecco di prosecco Conte Neri was excellent, light, fruity and very easy to drink, exactly how I like my alcohol.

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-3

Below: Our Steak Tartare, made from Angus beef sirloin.

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-2

Starter: Beef Tartare with Butter Lettuce and Rustic Bread.

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-4

I’m a huge fan of tartare, since most of the time I like my meat almost raw and I’m not squeamish about eating raw meat or seafood.
However, I find the tartare that I was served with that day a bit oily; and I would have preferred it “creamier”. Perhaps more yolk might have helped.

Entree: Pappardelle Neroteca (Papardelle pasta with wild boar ragout) and Stozzapretti Nduja (Homemade curl pasta cooked with rare salami).

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-6

Wine: Valpolicella DOC Corte Giara. The red wine was a superb match. I liked it as it wasn’t dry and tannic, a common characteristic of most reds. It’s slightly spicy notes on the palate at the throat gave it a bit of “heat”.

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-5

Yes, this was a very agreeable red, smooth and easy to drink, which was a surprise, as I never had a red that I actually enjoy and would consider buying for further consumption.

Our pasta came al dente, as it should. My preferance was for the Stozzapretti Nduja, a curl pasta which was a bit chewy (Leon thought it was a bit undercooked). Anyhow it was the slightly spicy sauce that I liked; which I thought gave it a bit more punch flavour-wise. The papardelle was more bolognese-based, hence more familiar, with its sweet and fresh tomato-ish flavour.

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-7

The meal was proceeding smoothly, me happy with the prosecco and the red wine while waiting eagerly for the main, which was a trio of 3 different meats, a bonus for any carnivore, such as myself.

Main Course: Porchetta (Deboned suckling pig stuffed with sausage and capsicum). Grilled sliced beef sirloin top with sauteed spinach and potatoes. Grilled lamb rack with garden salad and balsamic reduction sauce.

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-9

The best of the platter was the beef.
Beautifully succulent and impressively juicy, it was full of flavour. We (Leon and I) thought it was worthy of praise. Dismally, the suckling pig fell short of expectations. It nearly choked me with the gamey and strong aftertaste. I have no idea what could have happened and had to ask around the table if the other thought the same way. Naturally we were all stupefied.

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-11

But the lamb was alright; nicely pink and juicy but it was really the beef that stole the show.

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-12

Costa di Nugola Syrah Toscana.

This was another marvellous red, even more so than the one previously. My dining companions around me concurred wholeheartedly that it has wonderful body and wasn’t dry at all. We love how smooth and drinkable it was, with sweet and floral notes. Even for non-red wine lover like myself, I drained my glass.

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-8

I thought RM198++ was a steal for the menu as above. What do you think?

For reservations:
Ground Floor, The Somerset,
8 Lorong Ceylon,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.Tel: 03-20700530
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: 11.30am to 11.30pm (Daily)
We ended our meal with more alcohol, a specialty from Neroteca itself. I didn’t quite got the name of this liquor but it’s heady stuff! Alcoholics rejoice! 🙂

neroteca @ the somerset, KL-13

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  1. Nikel

    wah.. the meat look so pinky one… 50% cooked?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh no, that’s medium rare for you! I love it so! 😛

  2. Isaac Tan

    oh wow, the steak really does look good. Medium rare for me too please! 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh I love u dy! U eat your meat PINK too! Whee! 😀

  3. Michelle chin

    Does the pork taste gamy? That’s the most important question

  4. missyblurkit

    the medium rare sirloin was definitely awesome:D sealed the day with awesomeness.

  5. Sean

    mmmm, porchetta! that’s a recipe that i’ve enjoyed in the past. very traditional and rustic! i think trattoria porcellino at menara hap seng does a good version…

    1. rebeccasaw

      trattoria porcellino at menara hap seng! yup, that’s the one that I been wanting to try! soon soon…

  6. JoinMe

    Hi rebeccasaw
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

  7. Shereen

    The 7-course meal will be available from Jan 2012 till when? RM198 is a good deal… :good:

  8. Bobby Chua

    Since the Nero restaurants changed hands in late 2010 they have been a disappointment in my opinion.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, there was a downturn from there.. now it seemed to have picked up again though..

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