Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio – August 2010 Menu!

A community message bought to you by 😉

I was just there for lunch today & apparently the August menu was just printed and bound that very morning!

Ok, all pics only for now. Got work to do!

nathalie Gourmet studio aug menu 6

nathalie Gourmet studio aug menu

nathalies Gourmet studio aug menu 1

nathalies Gourmet studio aug menu 2

nathalie Gourmet studio aug menu 3

nathalie Gourmet studio aug menu 4

nathalies Gourmet studio aug menu 5

The fresh customary French crusty bread with luxuriant butter.

nathalie Gourmet studio bread
Two Salmon Tartar, Green Lentil Salad & Orange Dressing. RM27.

nathalie gourmet studio - salmon tartar

nathalies gourmet studio - salmon tartar
Tomato Crumble with a goat Cheese Cream, Balsamic Reduction. RM25. (this was a mistaken order, but I took a pic not realizing it wasn’t what I ordered!).

nathalie gourmet studio - Tomato Crumble with a goat Cheese Cream

nathalie gourmet studio - Tomato Crumble with a goat Cheese Cream-1

Crab Mille – feuille, Nathalie’s Pesto Sauce. RM27.

nathalie gourmet studio - crab mille feuille

nathalie gourmet studio - crab mille feuille 1

Risotto Like A Paella, King Prawn, Squids & chicken, saffron emulsion, RM57.

nathalie gourmet studio - risotto paella

nathalie gourmet studio - risotto paella1

nathalie gourmet studio - risotto paella2

No visit to Nathalie’s is complete without some macarons indulgence 😉 . At least it is for everyone else but me.

macaron nathalie gourmet studio

Lunch 3rd August 2010. Updated.

Revised Nicoise Salad. RM20. Thick cuts of so so fresh tuna. Lovely.
nathalie gourmet studio - nicoise

Break the poached egg over it…*slurps*

nathalie gourmet studio - nicoise salad

Crispy Scallop Tart, Melted Onions & Sechuan Pepper Sauce. RM29. Just as fresh & sweet.

nathalie gourmet studio - scallop

Halibut Brandade, Fresh Herb Emulsion, Garlic Chip. RM47.

nathalie gourmet studio halibut

I tried ordering this yesterday but the supply wasn’t in yet. Well, I had the opportunity to taste it today. It’s actually fish meat mixed together with potatoes; kinda disappointed as I expected a whole slice of fish. Taste-wise; I thought the taste of the fish was overwhelmed by the strongly- seasoned potatoes.

nathalie gourmet studio - halibut

Raspberry Mille-Feuille, Lychee & Raspbery Espuma, Lychee Sorbet. RM22. PA who ordered this said it’s good (according to UnkaLeong). I had to rush off by then.

nathalie gourmet studio - raspberry mille

nathalie gourmet studio - raspberry mille feuille

Check out June & July’s menu HERE. Descriptions of food included 😉 .

GPS:  N03 10.25′    E101 39.91′

Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio
A-4-1-5 Dutamas Solaris,
Jalan Dutamas, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.
6 03 62079572

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  1. ai wei

    ahhhh, i wan a try in Nathalie’s ><

    1. Rebecca many places to try right?

  2. minchow

    Still no duck confit I see! But I’m already eyeing my top picks fr this month’s menu! If I don’t make it there this month, I am going to self-combust!

    1. Rebecca

      it is! If you’re looking for a well-constructed meal.

  3. Sean

    the risotto/paella sounds quite interesting. but the price … ouch!

    1. unkaleong

      EIKS!!! tht’s what I forgot!!

      Ahh.. gonna upload it now! I had that very dish for lunch!

  4. Michelle Chin

    The macaron looks just…. ughhhhh…. i should have went there when i was in kl!!!!!!! 🙁

    1. Rebecca

      I’m sure Nathalie’s will still b ard whn u come bavck!
      Whn u comin back again?

  5. J the chocoholic

    Oh man.. so tempting but dunno whether my purse can afford another hit after coming back from SG. 🙁

  6. foodntravella

    Wow, all the food looks tempting especially Risotto Like A Paella, King Prawn, Squids & chicken, saffron emulsion.

    1. Rebecca

      Oh yes! It’s absolutely decadent! Creamy & self comforting

  7. Leo

    still think that Nathalie’s macarons were too sweet! perhaps you too??
    You went back there for the second time already??? sob sob… tidak ajak pun

    1. Rebecca

      Yes! I think likewise. But hw to argue w a french chef?’s not my 2nd time. It’s my 4th di!

  8. SHL

    OMG!!The price really bites for the portion…hope its worth the taste/quality…and half cooked salmon?????a bit premature isn’t it? now who would want it half cooked?or is it medium raw

    1. Rebecca

      Tartar bascially means raw.
      No doubt a bit pricy (mayb 20% less would be reasonable) but you can get this anywhr else in KL; even at that price.

  9. dila

    omg the lunch dessert looks uber good O_O
    must try zomg!

  10. lotsofcravings

    the brandade tastes exactly as it shud be haha, salty..usually very briney..had the cod version once.

    1. Rebecca

      Ahhh..i nvr had brandade before tht’s why!

  11. Simon Seow

    omg. nice presentation and very near my place too. Maybe I’ll treat myself a nice lunch during my birthday month lol.

    1. Rebecca

      You should! Or with yr next NN cheque!

  12. augustdiners

    As usual, this place never fail to please! The food are just picture perfect dont you think? what with all those healthy colours! 😀

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