Nasi Tumpang, Warung vs Nasi Tumpang, Belanga – Mid Valley


Lot F028C, 1st Floor
(near the KTM Komuter entrance)
North Court,
MidValley Megamall
Open daily 8.30am onwards

warung MV


Lot no, LG 230B,

The Gardens Midvalley City,
Medan Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.


I had the honour of stapling the Nasi Tumpang at both outlets recently. For now, these two cafes could possible be the only ones in the Klang Valley to offer this Kelantanese delicacy.

As history goes, Nasi Tumpang was meant to be a meal for the farmers who sets out daily very early to the fields. Most times, they do not come home till late.  The wife (or whoever) would pack the rice together with leftovers of dishes (you can imagine how poor & how hard life was for them) & wrap it up in this shape. I seriously doubt it was so cone-y sharp back then but I would say the shape was more or less was tall & triangular. *Hhmmmm…this calls for a trip to Kelantan….verification required…. 😉 *

Anyhow, Kelantan’s history often involves the sea, the boats and fishing. Kelantan’s valleys is a fertile rice-bowl. Hence it’s no surprise that the main staple food is fish and rice. And Nasi Tumpang is a multi-tiered meal of alternating rice, fish floss (serunding), fish curry and egg. (source: Belanga’s founder, Pn. Zainab Shiyuti is a Kelantanese by origin).

Here at the Warung, my Nasi Tumpang was delicious. Simple. Very simple. But satisfying nonetheless. It could be that I’m a carb fan & I love my ‘chap fun’. At it’s very core, Nasi Tumpang is rice and dishes but presented in an intriguing manner, ie wrapped into a tall, sharp cone shape.


The layerings were beautiful, nicely arranged and stacked tightly, each layers differentiated by various fillings. At Warung’s,  the Nasi Tumpang came with yummy chicken curry, fried scrambled egg, fresh cucumbers, douses of sambal and serunding, crackers and  acar as sides. (RM9.80)

The rice kernels were still firm and stayed in the shape.


Belanga‘s version, however, has the texture of rice cakes – very moist, ‘overcooked’, soft compacted rice into a cone.

nasiTumpang -belanga2

The fillings were pretty standard, fish (tongkol) or chicken curry with fried egg, sambal + anchovies and serunding (fish or beef floss). Here in Belanga, their flosses are made in house. And I can attest to the difference in taste. I liked their floss, compared to the generic “Malay” chicken/beef floss found in supermarkets and Petronas stations (yes, I bought from their marts before).

nasiTumpang -belanga1

I’m not sure if I like my rice this way, but Belanga’s founder, Pn. Zainab Shiyuti a Kelantanese by origin, and insisted that this is the way it was ORIGINALLY done.

nasi tumpng1

Nasi Tumpang with Fish (tongkol) – RM6.50
Nasi Tumpang with Prawn – RM6.90

Overall, I prefered the Warung’s version, authentic or otherwise. The portions of chicken, floss, egg etc given is more (it is pricier too). And I still find the rice at Belanga’s funny. However, their own made fish/beef/chicken floss is realllyyyy good.

Darn, I’m itching for a trip to Kelantan now…

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  1. All my flogger friends are gonna kill me but I don’t think I’ve ever had a real nasi tumpang yet. Eeks.

    1. becks

      Come I can take you! U free on Sat/Sun fr brekkie? SOlaris Dutamas area.

  2. Sean

    hmmm, i haven’t tried either version, but yeah, warung’s definitely looks more appetising! belanga’s one looks a bit like ketupat or lemang rice?

    1. becks how are u goin to wake up on a weekend to try the authentic royal family version? Or perhaps u can settle for Belanga’s. 😛

    1. becks

      Yea! Go try! There’s another one; i will try to visit them for their Nasi Tumpang soon..

  3. foodbin

    Warung does not make their own Nasi Tumpang.

    1. becks

      So you said in err..atr blog! I need to ask the owner now.. hhhmm.. .. 😛

  4. Kelantanese

    As a Kelantanese myself, Belanga’s version is the authentic one.

    An excellent Nasi Tumpang must not be grainy and must be made from rice cooked softer with a little extra water than usual. The soft rice is then quickly packed into the cone, while still piping hot along with the fillings.

    The result, when unwrapped would appear like a nasi himpit, only with ready to go kuah,lauk etc ..

    If u like the Warung’s version than u are no different than the Japanese who take out the spiciness from their curry to suit their own likings, when curry in its authentic form should always be spicy.

    Hehe ~

    1. becks

      LOL! True there dear!
      I like yr comment, honest & cool 😛

      Yup, went to atr Kelantanese plc tday. Same answer! this is authentic then 😉

  5. Malaysian Food

    Maybe Kelantanese is right, but for me, just viewing the above images, I should try first Nasi Tumpang Warung…

    1. becks

      Haha.. u see..its err.. adapted to our tastebuds lohh.. cos myself also like the Warung’s. But but.. preferance vs authenticy.. how? 😛

    1. becks

      Yup! So carbolicius lady.. when u going to try this? 😉

  6. A Lil Fat Monkey

    The Belanga’s version is definitely more authentic in compact rice like nasi impit. But tastewise I prefer Warung’s version so much more. It’s actually really addictive if you’re in the mood for rice.

    1. becks

      Totally agree! Now that I gotten some similar feedbacks aft asking a few ppl.
      Me? I love mah rice!!! 😉

  7. augustdiners

    hey rebecca, im having trouble reading from this new template? am i the only one??

    1. becks

      Err.. i think so. Is it your screen size?

  8. Leo

    If you are planning a trip to Kelantan (by car, of course) please inform me ok??? You will pass by my place if you use Gua Musang route (which is shorter from KL) up to Kelantan 🙂

    1. becks

      Hahaha 😛

      Sounds like a plan! WooTs!

  9. ciki

    i love kelantanese food! which reminds me of a post:) cheers!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh? Wht post? 😉
      Yup, malay food whc are not too oily r nice!

  10. Steven Goh

    so the dishes are not served left over rite? Btw, the corn is so sharp. May be they want to use it as weapon just incase some bad guys attack.

    1. rebeccasaw

      AHhaha!! Farny la u.
      No dont think they are leftovers. But u nvr know 😉

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ya lor.. all gooey and wet is aint my thing either..

  11. Simon Seow

    Kelantan Delights also offer nasi tumpang.

    Sooka Sentral
    Jalan Stesen Sentral
    50470 Kuala Lumpur
    03-2785 1945

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yea! Forgot abt it. It was in KLCC or foodcourt somethin be4 rite?

  12. peteformation

    Chop! Nanti I start Peteformation Nasi Tumpang, you come and makan at my restaurant! LOL!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Actually yes! U can create tis at home. Do chinese style. Lap Cheong, bak kua, sambal he bee, egg and long beans! :mrgreen:
      Very cina!

  13. wen pink

    wow this Nasi Tumpang looks really nice.. i am drooling already.. but then, don’t u agree that it does look like nasi lemak?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup! minus the santan only lohh.. Malay cuisine aint too fancy one..

  14. Pureglutton

    Never tried this altho’ we’re always in Midvalley! Something different fr the usual nasi lemak eh – must try one day!

    1. rebeccasaw

      U alws in MV?? cool.. there’s a fw outlets worth trying 😉

  15. J2Kfm

    I tell you, I have never heard or seen Nasi Tumpang in KB myself.
    Okay, maybe the few days were not enough, for I did not try most signatures also. Except for some sweets.

    1. rebeccasaw

      What??? serious?
      Hmm.. mayb a dedicated food trip there is required to un-earth all the delicacies! 😛

  16. Pingback: Ting Ting

  17. Moon

    the best nasi tumpang i’ve tasted is at a restaurant named Kelantan Delights at Sooka Sentral. Superbly Yummy

    1. Rebecca

      That I got to try! There’s another place to but I have yet to try their NT – Wau Penyu at Solaris Dutamas!
      I have tried the rest of the dishes there tho. Their NT is only avail on w-ends mornings..

  18. disappointed customer

    i am a frequent patron to the warung in mid valley as I kinda enjoy the food there but what makes me very pissed off today is when one of the staff shouted at us. this staff just marched to us and act like a gangster and shouted at us at our table as if we did not pay for our food. He demand to see our receipt which unfortunately we did not take the receipt from the cashier. this is totally unacceptable as we are totally embarrassed being shouted at in front of so many other customers. We are not going back to this place again, ever, and we will tell whoever we know not to patron to this place anymore. Such poor customer service….

    1. rebeccasaw

      OMG! Serious??
      I wonder how could the staff do that! You should have seek for the manager in charge and demanded for an apology!

      1. disappointed customer

        I believe the person who shouted at us is the person-in-charge. We told him to check with the cashier. He didn’t want to. We had to go to the cashier ourselves and he continued to embarrass us by shouting at us at the cashier. Guess what? The cashier couldn’t find the receipt and also mentioned that she had not seen us before. Oh… come on.. we are having our food which they gave us with the number.. After awhile, they just stop pursuing the issue… Come on. Are we so hard-up that we cannot pay RM10?? They had already lost us as their customers. And our friends as well…

      2. rebeccasaw

        amazing.. I’m not sure if the management is the same as previously..but I’l try check to see…and of course, let them know about this…

  19. luxury crackers

    Wonderful issues altogether, you simply gained a emblem new reader. What might you suggest about your submit that you made some days in the past? Any certain?

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