Nasi Lemak – Warung SinarNor, Chan Sow Lin

On days when I’m early to work, with time to spare, (which is very rare).. I would drive around my office area.. and hunt for food.

One morning I felt like roti canai, and parked myself in one of these make-shift stalls at the side of Jalan Dua, Chan Sow Lin & ordered myself a roti telur.
It was one of the best I have tasted, with thick dhall & rich fragrant chicken curry! Impressed, I started taking a bit more interest in my surroundings, and spied a nasi lemak “warung” just opposite.
I strolled over, checked out the dishes, which looked really promising, & vowed to return one day.

Then onwards, I was never early to work, let alone with time to spare to eat. Hence the stall remained a distant memory.

Many weeks later, bangsar-babe, rif, Unka & I chatted over breakfast, and naturally the topic of food came up, and she shared of good eats in the Cheras area, and upon knowing the area I worked, immediately gushed about this “wonderful” nasi lemak, & with her description, I realized it is the very same stall that I wanted to try “one day..” but hadn’t.

Opportunity presents itself soon enough, and we found ourselves standing in queue for our dose of this “wonderful” NL one fine morning.

the stall
The rice was definitely fluffy, with each grain perfectly round & firm.
the rice
Nasi lemak with its repertoire of dishes..
Begedil (potato cakes), sambal, paru (liver), fried spiced chicken, curry chicken, fish..etc.

No prize for guessing my order, eggs, eggs and more eggs. RM2.50.

my egg-y NL

Unka who can’t do without his sambal sotong (squid sambal). Rm3.70.

Unka's NL
The eggs were perfectly hard boiled, with soft yielding whites and smooth yolks. The fried one though runny, was very oily & was unceremoniously dumped onto Unka’s plate after a few attempts to stomach it.
The sambal is goooooood..finally a version that is with a bit of a spicy kick as opposed to the sweet-ish ones that are doled out everywhere else.
Very fragrant, thanks to the slivers of fried anchovies, its mild sweet undertones came from slowly stewed onions & it made the nasi lemak good enough on its own without any embellishments.
Unka passed the sambal squids too, saying that it was pleasantly tender with the right level of chewy-ness.

There is another stall beside it that dishes out a mean bowl of soup, with your choice of vermicelli, yellow noodles or kuay teow. Just the smell alone was enough to assure me that it is worth ordering a bowl.

lontong stsll

However, I ended up with the Malay Rice Roll – Lontong, on my subsequent visit.
Cut into bite sized pieces & rained with coconut milk vegetables stew, (also known as Sayur Lodeh), it was thick, creamy, fragrant & piping hot, swarming with abundant amount of cabbage, bean curd cubes & long beans. Add a dollop of sambal and you’re off to a fiery start to your day! Not bad for RM3.00



Another visit and this time round I added the lodeh to my nasi lemak…

NL w lodeh

For RM2.70, I aint complaining.


They do take orders for catering, so do give them a ring the next time you are planning a party.

They are open 7 days a week, 630am to 1130am.

Address: Jalan Dua, off Jalan Chan Sow Lin.

A bit out of the way for some, but if you are looking for some good hearty nasi lemak, it is worthy of an effort..& me thinks Nasi Lemak Tanglin, Raja Abdullah and CT Roses has found a rival here, but sadly it has not been given its due recognition and fame..YET.

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  1. Sean

    gosh, i had to google chan sow lin … one of those roads that i've heard of, but not sure where …
    the nasi lemak looks nice, but if only the stall would open at night like ct roses, etc. i can barely wake up in time for work in the morning, and i haven't eaten breakfast in years. not even on weekends. 😀

  2. Yin

    oh goodie, can makan NL after sunday morning jogs…

    is there a place for you to sit and makan or do u have to bungkus?

  3. Wilson Ng

    Sounds very good to me…

  4. Selba

    Definitely must try nasi lemak when I visit Msia…. seriously, wonder how different it taste from our nasi uduk 🙂

  5. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    need more nasi lemak dose soon..i seriously cant remember the last time i had it..must hav been months!

  6. foodbin

    Heavenly!- a plate of Nasi Lemak with Lontong-must try!

  7. PureGlutton

    Goodness – i think our world is totally ruled by Nasi Lemak!

  8. 550ml jar of faith

    Chan Sow Lin! OK, sorted, one obscure place I actually happen to know! Sotong has superseded my customary fried chicken as the ultimate icing on the lemak! And Lontong, OMG! I was just wondering where to get these without going to Johor! Thank you!

  9. qwazymonkey

    So Yumz! So nice. Too bad McCutie doesn't eat spicy food. Next time I join u peeps.

  10. burpandslurp

    Know that I am stuck here in USA, giving you the envious eye for all these amazing local foods!

  11. CUMI & CIKI

    cheap and good. i like!

  12. thule a.k.a leo

    chan sow lin area… near to Sg. Besi and Cheras… this area I used to frequent in the past, but ever since I moved to PJ… it became a thing in the past 🙂

    moral of the story??? – early bird gets the worm.. lol!!! Don't sleep late anymore!

  13. UnkaLeong

    Why is everyone suddenly talking about nasi lemak? went back there so many times ke?

  14. Nic (KHKL)

    woah, jalan chan sow lin is near sungai besi toll already, right? so, i can ask the bus driver to drop me off there and meet u guys for breakfast la..woohoo!

  15. Bangsar-bAbE

    You didn't try the ayam masak merah or rendang ayam? Those are kick ass good!! =D

  16. thenomadGourmand

    sean: according to B=babe, it lasted til evening when rif bought for her in the morning. so i ta-pau for u wan ahh? 😉

    sin tai lim: Hello!! thks ya for recommending! I luv NL & u can be sure I'll visit soon!

    yin: Can sit & makan one..i was thinkin of makin this one of our hunts on Sun morning..

    wilson: IT IS!

    selba: Yes, i wonder too! Now u bring a pack frm Indo when u come & we go eat NL together & compare on the spot!

    joe: serious?? How can u not eat NL for mths?? (I can't!)

    foodbin: yes come come!

    PureGlutton: Hahah, NL & roti canai is like THE "Malaysian" food!

    550ml: Go try! But heard TTDI got one which is very gd, on Jln Anthinappan, open only at night!

    qwazymonkey: Yes, do join! Hw abt Sat/Sun?

    burpandslurp: Yeah..but u guys in US got those yummy salad sauces, greek yogurt & whatever- nots that I hv nvr heard of! Sometimes, I cant find the ingredients for yr recipes!

    cumi&ciki: I thought of you immediately when I saw the PARU!
    Too bad no chic feet!

    thule: Some areas got gd food in the moring..some at night. Depends lohh..
    I cant wait for you to join my gang for makan-makan!

    unkaLeong: ya lorr..I nd my NL fix one u know..U nvr bought me to the TTDI one..and u stil owe GREEN apple burger ;(

    Nic: AHH?? Sg bus comes frm tht direction??
    Cool! We drop u off home once we pig-out ok!

    Bangsar-babe: Heehe.. soon soon! was trying not to eat so heavy first thing in the morning!

  17. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Hmmm. Very tempted to visit this place. Must figure out a way to have a meeting in that direction early in d morning so that I can try that delectable looking nasi lemak. hehe.

  18. Allie

    salivating looking at the nasi lemak!
    wonder where can I get the similar one in PG..

  19. sakaigirl

    what a hearty breakfast to start the day!!

  20. tRiEi cRiSiS

    wow, damn cheap right?…. I might drop by there for a visit. Malaysian just love their nasi lemak 🙂

  21. sc

    nasi lemak kukus looks sinfully delicious..yums..but for lontong, think the one at gerai cek nor, sec 14 looks nicer 🙂

  22. babe_kl

    darn, now u really made me hankering for NL!!! sighhh can't afford to hv any now wid my kinda throat all bruised from the forceful coughs 🙁

  23. worldwindows

    I like the raw look o the pics! Reminds me of my date with a Chinese speaking Malay man selling NL in Kepong!

  24. mimid3vils

    Who doesn't like nasi lamak?

  25. thenomadGourmand

    LL: hehe..weekends also open! Hw abt this Sun?

    allie: Pg..hhmm..try the Malay area near the bus stop in Tg Bungah. Every Tues gt night mkt.

    sakaigirl: Hehe..sometimes I dont eat dinner & would get absolutely famished in the mornins!

    triei crisis: Cheap only if you dont take the meats..cos each pc of chic is RM4.50!

    sc: Oh? Sek 14.. err..where?

    babe_kl: ahem..yeah..aft hearing you yesterday I think you better not!

    ww:, ya really the food ambassador of Kepong!

    mimid3vils: I'm sure u too are a fan right? 😉

  26. Life for Beginners

    Looks delish but I'll probably have to GoogleMap it to find the place. 😛

  27. thenomadGourmand

    LFB: i'll bring u there 😉 !!
    come on..a chg frm Village Park on a Sat ok??

  28. ai wei

    this seems delicious. that's msian all time favourite e! would love to try too!

  29. ♥peachkins♥

    would love to try those dishes. They look so delish!

  30. Yin

    oh tempat to duduk and makan. perfect!

    LFB, join me and TNG for a morning walk (you and devil and i can walk, TNG will run)and then we can go makan2 NL 😀 good idea hoh?

  31. backStreetGluttons

    wa , a high samballed kampong warung in Chinastreet ! And passing of sweet tempting love notes , of the start of the beginning !

    Perfect ! and we thoz only got Chinese fish heads in wine under the tree ! so must drive around more , very early like say 7.10 am, right ?

  32. FoOd PaRaDiSe

    I should not see this at this hour. Make me crave for nasi lemak now. 🙁

  33. thenomadGourmand

    ai wei: hello! yes, pls do try..better than the usual over-rated ones!

    peachkins: I'm not sure if Filipinos likes spicy? cos when i was in Phil I was like crying for chilli!! lol

    yin: hehehe..Gd luck in trying to get the Devil up early on a Sat! or Sun!

    bsg: yups.. glad tht i can recom u guys a place tht u guys haven't stapled yet! MY, u guys r the kings & queens of backstreets! And I luv my backstreet food! yaayy!

    food paradise: hehe.. me thinks any hour is bad for food blogs! lol!

  34. babe_kl

    Happy Birthday!!!

  35. Myhorng

    look at the rice.. omg can smell nasi lemak. lol

  36. vialentino

    walamak…geng lah u…can eat so much…u shud run the kl marathon then…this nasi lemak looks delicious leh…

  37. Alexandra@Chefspiration

    looks like a great nasi lemak…mmm…

  38. Jack

    The sambal is too watery and salty. Good sambal must be not too concentrated and spicy.
    The sotong is good.Just dont take too much gravy! The rendang chicken is too salty.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Aduiii! This was my fav so far.. how did all that happen? Admittedly I havent tried their rendang. But the sambal was ok at the time of this post.
      Pls do share – any where else better than here?

  39. Ben G.

    Thanks for posting about this place.. the nasi lemak was GOOD in the good ol’ style. Loves the sambal sotong, kunyit fried chicken, and lontong. Went to the roti canai stall down the road, and its mutton was awesome! Will be back for more 😉

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks ben! It’s been a while since i was last here and I’m glad it’s still as good as before 🙂 Yea, too many places serves “sissy” chilli nowadays! So no “syiok” right?
      And I totally agree abt that roti canai stall, light, crisp, non-greasy and so tasty! My default brekkie when I was working in that area 🙂

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