Nasi Lemak – Village Park

Last Sunday I met up with a few CS-ers for the famed Village Park Nasi Lemak.
It’s been in my “to eat” journal for nearly a year, and I jumped at the opportunity when one of the members of suggested a Sunday lunch here.

After a gruelling RPM challenge session and BodyPump, I rewarded myself with this.. ;p
The fried chicken is one of their main sellers… really finger-licking good stuff and kicks KFC’s Colonel Sanders ass anytime 😉
Fragrant, moist, tender flesh and well permeated marination to the bone… fu-yohh!!!

The outlet was packed both inside and outside.

Customers spilling out of the outlet, braving the heat for their nasi lemak fix…

Other than the normal condiments, there were loads of add-ons available of course.. this is a business after all…& naturally, be prepared to fork out the $$$.
Yes, nexxxtt….. “what else do you want??”
For the nasi lemak it is some sort like self service; just head over to the counter to order your meal.
Note: They do bring it over to your table but with the queue, it’s just faster to grab your plate and go.

My order above was RM6.80.
My friend Nina‘s bill, with the added sambal udang was RM10.80.
The prawns were disappointing, very clearly leftovers that was reheated and served. We both agree dry and shrunked prawns are not our kind of thing!

Jian added the petai. It was nice and fragrant, doused in piquant and sour gravy. RM11.80 I think.
Service for food is fast (maybe its cos you queue, order, take your food and go) since the same can’t be vouched for their drinks department. We ordered out drinks and it took around 20 minutes for our drinks to arrive.

Personally, I would have preferred a spicier version of the sambal, but had no grouse with the fluffy, fragrant rice other than it’s a rather small portion. I hate burnt/black/shriveled peanuts and here, the peanuts were fresh, perfectly fried to the right level of doneness and not overly oily.
Other food like kuey teow soup, roti bakar/toast, half boiled eggs and assam laksa is available too
but you’ll notice that the Nasi Lemak is clearly the signature dish on every table.

Next for me is the Nasi Lemak Cikgu, which I plan to visit after my Bukit Gasing hike on Sunday. I can’t wait!
note: .. this didnt happen this mornin ;(
we got lost (yup, in Bkt Gasing!) and by the time we got out; 3 hours later ( we were so famished that we hit the nearest joint which is Raju’s )

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  1. Bangsar-bAbE

    You should try their nasi dagang. It’s quite good too! =)

  2. Steven Goh

    I see the prawn also no appetite leh. 20min for the drink to be served is like the Kenny Roger here. Like you said so, I think you will not be revisit this place already rite?

  3. Life for Beginners

    Haha, the Devil and I had this for breakfast yesterday! But it was more like brunch cos we slept in… A firm fav of ours every Saturday that we’re not in JB/S’pore. 🙂

  4. CUMI & CIKI

    whr is dis place? address?

  5. 550ml jar of faith

    Pretty sure the meal tastes even better when rewarding a real workout! Just decided this morning that I need to start working out so that I will enjoy my meals more! Go, me!

  6. thenomadGourmand

    bangsar-babe: oh yeah?? nx time nx time! cos the 1st time muz be the signature dish mahhh!
    steven: no re-visit, unless i want to try the nasi dagang..but then i got so many plcs in my "to eat" journal! hard to go the same plc twice! LOL!
    LFB: oh really?? so can i go meet u guys on Sat?? (jokin only laa)
    cumi&ciki: go go go! i'm now following the friedchillies nominations, so I'm goin ard sampling all those that were nominated..will send add to ur email!
    550ml: yeah babe.. i actually pedalled harder in RPM! hehe..

  7. ** stella **


    Nice blog! 🙂 gonna be following ur blog. 😀

    somebody also celebrity ah? :p

    haha… anyways.. if there’s anything up next week, let me know. i’ll be on my exhibition shift but i’ll def make it if possible!

    nice meeting u 🙂

  8. thenomadGourmand

    stella babe! ur gonna be my food hunt partner yea! some plcs in mind alrei 😉

  9. Big Boys Oven

    hahaha the nasi lemak with the whole seep fried chicken leg was awesome, I have yet to post this lol!

  10. gourmand extraordinaire

    No no no. You gotta go get the Ayam Penyet at the Curve. I think the place is called Ria. The chicken is cooked so tender the meat just falls off the bone. I know it sounds disgusting but it tastes like you won’t believe it. And thanks for the link. I’ll link ya back. Plus, the restaurant i work for will be planning a huge event for KL Food BLoggers somewhere in September. Will keep you posted about that.

  11. backStreetGluttons

    Their NL is highly rated by many and quite close to the authentic Malay ones in Kg Baru, tho still a shade below Tg Puteri Sri Hartamas(nights only) and RA, Jln Raja Abdullah(mornings to evening) which is the Mecca of NL(KL)

    try Cinta Ria in DJ for their NL ayam rendang version which is also superb, and comparable to Village Park

  12. worldwindows

    Yum. Chicken meat looks moist and tender.

  13. thenomadGourmand

    BBO: yea, i rmbr u went right?
    gourmand Extraordinaire: wahh.being in Pg didnt hamper u frm knowin all the great finds of food heaven yeah!
    bsg: a shade below Tg Puteri, wow that one muz be good then! Cinta Ria? ok, will raid ur prev posts for the review (& hopefully address)
    worldwndows: was!

  14. Selba

    Oh my…. the fried chicken seriously looks so yummy! I really want to try the nasi lemak from Msia! *drooling*

  15. Chong

    Been there once. I love their crispy-skin fried chicken…

    Damn… I didn’t know they allow photography in there 🙁

  16. Myhorng

    OMG. i need to EAT those.

  17. Myhorng

    OMG i need to EAT those

  18. thenomadGourmand

    selba: how’s nasi lemak in Indo like?
    Chong: the chic is good, undoubtably.
    hhmm..i didnt know whether they do allow cam, but i just snapped away. aft this post, i did read somewhere (can’t rmbr) that pic-takin wasnt allowed!

  19. Raynebow

    Where is this Village Park? Hehe, can’t reveal address here, is it? Oh…pls email me then 🙂
    I must see whether it’s better than my NL or not, lol!

    aka Pureglutton

  20. vialentino

    nasi lemak…i plan to do nasi lemak…not me…my wife….

    r u joining the orange run this weekend?

  21. thenomadGourmand

    myHorng: aiya u.alws go makan also nvr invite! KY had not tried this either,so u can go w him!
    raynebow aka Pure Glutton: no way its better than yours lohh..knowing how gd ur in cooking!
    no laa..can put address, just that i forgot..but will email ya anyways!
    vialentino: orange run? ok..let me google to see what’s its about! heheh

  22. CRIZ LAI

    Slurps! Can “tapao” this back too? Haha! Well, considering you are in KL, the food here are still reasonable.

  23. Mitchell Dorgan

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