Nasi Lemak Maki @ Boxes Cafe, BBCC Bukit Bintang City Centre

Nasi Lemak Sushi was at Ruyi and Lyn. And now we have Nasi Lemak Maki at Boxes Cafe, (BBCC) Bukit Bintang City Centre.

I’m not surprised really.
Nasi lemak sushi and nasi lemak maki roll is not that difficult to replicate considering that both make use of rice as the main ingredient.

However, while the nasi lemak sushi at Ruyi and Lyn was delicate, pretty and tasted remarkably close to the real deal, the nasi lemak maki at Boxes Cafe BBCC was a bit of a miss.

Nasi Lemak Maki @ Boxes cafe, BBCC Bukit Bintang-011

It is close enough, largely salvaged by a pretty decent sambal, but there is certainly room for improvement.

The rice was too soft to begin with, overcooked almost to a mush. The egg was a mashed/scrambled version and there were very little of it.
I’m of opinion that hardboiled ones would have been a better alternative.
And for RM10.90 + 6%, I believe that I deserved more ingredients than just 70% rice.


A container concept cafe, Boxes is a pretty (read: Instagrammable) place; undisputedly a comfortable and charming venue to chill.

Food may not be their strong point for now (my cheesy lekor is a sad bunch of undercooked flour with squiggles of can-barely-taste-any-cheese sauce) but service is friendly and the overall vibe of the outlet is pleasant.

Nasi Lemak Maki @ Boxes cafe, BBCC Bukit Bintang-002

Nasi Lemak Maki @ Boxes cafe, BBCC Bukit Bintang-003

Nasi Lemak Maki @ Boxes cafe, BBCC Bukit Bintang-010

Nasi Lemak Maki @ Boxes cafe, BBCC Bukit Bintang-004

There is NO WIFI (gasp!) and I’ve yet to hear of any outstanding beverages either. My teh tarik (RM4.50 + 6%) is not be a good gauge, but if you would like to know how it tasted like, it was overly sweet and lacked body.

The chiller offers quite a fair variety of cakes, but the regular kinds of chocolate, red velvet and cheese. Prices are from RM9.90 – RM15.00 and for the size, I didn’t think it was worth it.

Nasi Lemak Maki @ Boxes cafe, BBCC Bukit Bintang-009

My rather sad lekor cheese (RM6.90 + 6%) and my Teh Tarik (RM4.50 + 6%).

Nasi Lemak Maki @ Boxes cafe, BBCC Bukit Bintang-005

As I’ve mentioned earlier, every single piece of lekor were uncooked.

Nasi Lemak Maki @ Boxes cafe, BBCC Bukit Bintang-006

More substantial meals are available if you are hungry and based on what I saw on the other tables, the pasta and Chicken Percik Burger looked promising.
Personally I’m intrigued by the assam pedas steak sandwich so if I do revisit, that would be my choice alongside a chicken lorbak.
This time I’ll be sure to order coffee.

Nasi Lemak Maki @ Boxes cafe, BBCC Bukit Bintang-008

Nasi Lemak Maki @ Boxes cafe, BBCC Bukit Bintang


Boxes Cafe BBCC
Bukit Bintang City Centre Sales Gallery,
Jalan Hang Tuah, Kuala Lumpur.
Waze: Not on Waze yet. Waze instead for Pudu Jail as that is where is it located now, taking over the site where the jail was.
Tel: + 6010-221 0179
Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm.
Sat – Sun: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm.

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