Nasi Dalca @ Kong Yam Kong Sek Foodcourt, Centrepoint

How often can you find Nasi Dalca in KL?

Can’t think of any offhand?
Well, that is because it is uncommon!

In Malaysia, Nasi Dalca is better known in Penang but even then it has always been overshadowed by its more publized cousin the nasi kandar.
In the Klang Valley nasi dalca is even more elusive, but that will change soon, since now you can get your fix now at Warung Nasi Dalca, Kong Yam Kong Sek Foodcourt, Centrepoint, Bandar Utama daily from 10 am to 11 pm (or until sold out)!


Today was its first day of operations and I happened to the first customer.

As the team begin to lay out the dishes, I hovered around and curiously peered into each pot. Seeing my interest, they explained about nasi dalca and the dishes available to me. I was also assured that the food was prepared in a halal kitchen.

So technically the nasi dalca is “halal“/pork-free although  Kong Yam Kong Sek Foodcourt is a NON-Halal foodcourt.

VIDEO of the stall:

Since it was the grand opening for Kong Yam Kong Sek foodcourt today, the nasi dalca boss ran a RM10 nett promo for a serving with ALL the ingredients available.

Nasi Dalca is alike nasi kandar except that the rice is cooked with dhal, spices like cumin and ghee.
So yes, it is fragrant, a bit oily and you eat it with a variety of meat and non-meat dishes.

This stall offers a generous heaping of dhal curry with carrots, brinjal and potatoes and you can opt to add beef, chicken, egg and vegetables with your nasi dalca.
Like I’ve mentioned earlier, the price today is RM10 for a serving with all the dishes available today so the price on other days will be calculated accordingly to your selected dishes.


I think you could very well guess that this is delicious!
Fragrant rice, a medley of flavours from 3 different curries plus salted egg and vegetables – what’s not to like? 🙂

Other stalls available at Kong Yam.Kong Sek at CentrePoint are:

1. Hong Kong Bamboo Wantan Mee with char siew (RM8/serving)
Check out the videoHERE.


2. Pan mee
3. Penang Prawn Mee
4. Fish paste noodles
5. Nyonya Nasi Lemak
6. Curry Mee
7. Hainanese Braised Pork Rice/Noodles
8. Stew Soup
9. Claypot Chicken Rice
10. Char Kuey Teow (minus pork lard from the Wan Shoon coffeeshop in Damansara Kim)


11. The well known Ngiu Chap Wong (Beef Noodles) @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

** Last but not least, do note that the foodcourt was packed earlier today since it is still new.
If patience isn’t your virtue, do time your visit at lesser peak hours such as after lunch and after office hours.



Warung Nasi Dalca
Kong Yam.Kong Sek at CentrePoint 港飲港吃。美食坊

Ground floor, entry right behind the Banana Leaf restaurant.
Open: DAILY – 10 am to 10pm.

Contact: 012-203 2047


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  1. KCChee

    On Behalf of Warung Nasi Dalca, We would like to take the Opportunity to Thank Ms Rebecca Saw for her Kind and Wonderful Review. Thank you so much!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      You’re welcome KC Chee and thank you for making this delicacy available to us PJ/KL folks! 😀

  2. Paul

    I have been there for a few times and I must had missed this wonderful dish(Nasi Dalca)! I had tried few dishes in this food court, and they are great! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Paul!
      I’m glad to read of your positive personal experiences here! 😀
      This Nasi Dalca stall however, has ceased operations since. So yea… no more! 🙁

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