N Brew at eCurve – Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

N Brew takes the lofty claim of being the first to introduce nitrogen based freshly made yogurt and gelato to us Malaysians.

N Brew eCurve

Starting operations with a kiosk at eCurve just 3 weeks back, swirls of mystical mist churns out smooth, preservative, stabilizer and food colouring free gelatos. Current flavours are watermelon, chocolate & nuts, popcorn, Oolong tea, chendol, mango and durian but choices rotates daily so just drop in and try your luck.

N Brew eCurve-001

N Brew, ECurve - Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

While the shroud and cloud was entertaining, the taste was a bit of a hit and miss. No doubt the chocolate and nuts was satisfyingly smooth and rich but the difference in size for the same price paid just 2 weeks and now somewhat diminished our fondness for N Brew.

2 weeks back. RM9.

N Brew, ECurve - Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream-002 (2)

On 3rd February. The same cup used.

N Brew, ECurve - Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream-002

We did queried them about it of course, and was told that the earlier portion was “too much” – according to the feedback of their customers so N Brew has decided to reduce the size. Unfortunately, the price wasn’t reduced huh?

There were durian and oolong tea available that evening but after tasting both, we still find the chocolate nut to be the best of the lot. Kevin who was having it the 2nd time attested that it was as good as before. The smoothness and full bodied flavour is consistent and it is rich enough.

The other 2; durian and oolong tea was a tad “watery” and the flavours and the ice didn’t seem to blend as well. Some parts were frosty while some parts were creamy. Moreover, the flavours were very mild. Anyhow, since there were 3 of us, we took 2 flavours so at least we had some variety although all of us preferred the Chocolate Nut.

N Brew, ECurve - Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream-001

N Brew eCurve-002

We are definitely not in a hurry to be back. The bunch of us are the sort that would go out of our way and drive to Paradigm Mall just for Cielo Dolci after lunch/dinner elsewhere. We are hardcore fans of good, quality gelatos but N Brew doesn’t seem to warrant that sort of fixation as yet. And may we suggest this to N Brew, do standardized the weight of the gelato sold, just like Moo Cow, Cielo and even Nine Berries. At least we know exactly how much we are getting for the price paid.
I can’t remember if each of our order that night were done individually as I was too busy taking pictures. I did realized that there were no measure of weight before each of us were handed our orders.

N Brew eCurve-004

N Brew eCurve-005

Nitrogen may be expensive, but RM9 for each of these?

N Brew eCurve-007

N Brew @eCurve
Open 11am – 9pm.

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  1. ulric

    I wonder if OMG (Oh My Gas) in Pavvy have the same problem?…hehe =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ah that’s for you to tell me 🙂 You’re the nearest to there!

  2. Choi Yen

    I’m just curious why got ppl complaint about “the portion was too much”? =.=”

  3. henry

    The one in pavillion isn’t great either, smoothness was not as expected and price is RM 12.90.

    So it looks like this might be a better option.

  4. Caron

    Ohhhh! that’s new! That’s really little for RM9 but like you said I’ll just try once at least!

  5. Felicia

    I can’t imagine it! You mean they put in nitrogen together with the cream?

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