My top 5 mooncake picks from FAVE! Quote “Becky10” for additional 10% off

I bet that you didn’t know that you can buy mooncakes on Fave?

You didn’t huh?
Well, neither did I!
And surprise, surprise. The variety was actually considerable! Naturally there are mooncakes of the common baked variety and in many flavours from lotus to sesame and red bean.
But there are also the healthy, colorful jelly ones from Q Jelly that makes great gifts. Those who prefer the butter crust Shanghai mooncakes will be glad to know that that is available too. The most wonderful option? Ice cream and mochi ice cream mooncakes from Haagen Dazs at 25% off!

Durian lover? There are Musang King and D24 durian snowskin as well.

Aside from that I was thrilled that I was able to order my favourite fried Teochew version with yam and salted egg. These Teochew yam mooncakes are pretty elusive in the Klang Valley and I managed to grab 6 of them for a mere RM53!

Last but not least, if you’re a busy bee like me, get your mooncakes delivered to you, as well as to those you’re buying for as gifts.

You can browse the full range here –>…/collections/best-mooncake-deals

If you need some recommendations, the below are my mooncake picks from Fave Malaysia.
Naturally I zeroed in on the Haagen Dazs mochi mooncakes as well as my all time favourite yam teochew ones!

1. Haagen Dazs Mochi Mooncakes

Price: RM112.50 (use Becky10 code for a further 10% off!)
Link to buy:

Else you can opt for the Twinkle Night Mix Set of ice cream mooncakes:

Verdict: Rich yet surprisingly not overly sweet ice cream (mango and strawberry) encased in stretchy, thin mochi skin, these were lovely to eat. Imagine chewing on the skin and savouring the cold creaminess from the ice cream on a hot day. BLISS.


2. Teochew Fried Yam Mooncakes from Wonderful Cake House

Price: RM53 (use Becky10 code for a further 10% off!)
Link to buy:

Verdict: I love the smooth yam paste and only wished that the pastry could be less greasy. No doubt it was oily since it was fried, but I have had less greasy ones for sure.
Nonetheless, I was glad that the mooncakes are big and filled with generous amount of yam!

To yolk or not to yolk? 😉


3.  Jelly mooncakes from Q Jelly

Price: RM68 (use Becky10 code for a further 10% off!)
Link to buy

Verdict: These 3D designed jelly mooncakes are so pretty! There were a few options available for jelly mooncakes but I chose these koi fishes as it is auspicious to the Mid Autumn Festival. Lastly, these were not merely jellies but are filled with the classic red bean paste and pandan lotus paste.


4.  Vegan, healthy mooncakes from BMS Organics

Price: RM89 (use Becky10 code for a further 10% off!)
Link to buy

Depending on the package you select, you can select these mooncake flavours:
1. Pure lotus with yolk
2. Matcha red bean
3. Red bean walnut
4. Mixed nuts delight
5. Japanese tangerine
6. Purple Chinese yam
The ones I chose was the Purple Chinese Yam and the Japanese Tangerine as I’ve always preferred unique flavours.
I had high expectations of the mooncakes due to the ingredients used and I’m glad that I enjoyed both of these. Mooncakes with non-oily skin and less sweet fillings? This is it!

5.  Rainbow Teochew mooncakes from Tornado

Price: RM48  (use Becky10 code for a further 10% off!)
Link to buy

Verdict: I chose these mainly for the rainbow colors!
While tastewise these were so-so, they make great gifts below RM50. And the skin were super flaky yet not overly greasy.  Flavours include pandan lotus, white lotus, lotus, and red bean.

Many thanks to Fave for these mooncakes and the generous discount code for my friends and readers! 🙂
Remember, you get further 10% off any mooncake purchase on Fave with “Becky10”.
Link to Fave Mooncake collection:…/collections/best-mooncake-deal
** Valid till 4th Oct.

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