My Toast N Roast by SeanAngie – Chow Yang SS2

I love char siew but it was challenging to find one that I enjoy.
Too many of the popular ones (Meng Kee, Char Siew Yoong, etc) were overly sweet and I find the flavours of the meat lost because of it.

But Toast and Roast has remained one of my top choice for char siew ever since its inception 6 years ago.
Granted, I don’t visit often as parking is a challenge there, and at times, yes, even the char siew was too sweet for me.

Today I soothed my frayed nerves (running another new business is harrowing) with their char siew at their spanking new outlet at Chow Yang SS2.
Their legendary char siew was as good as I remembered, and happily enough, it wasn’t too sweet!


This Chow Yang outlet was officially open for business yesterday.
I only knew about it this morning because my foodie friends flooded my FB timeline with tantalizing images of their glistening char siew.


At 4.00 pm my stomach demanded to be fed so I messaged my friend Kevin to join me since he was hungry too.

Upon arrival I was relieved that the outlet wasn’t swamped with people which means I will be able to enjoy my meal at leisure.
However, visiting after lunch hour also means there were some items that were out of stock such as the wantan noodles and their refreshing lemongrass beverage.
Anyhow I wasn’t concerned as there were plenty of char siew still.

My standard order is Hakka noodles and as usual I asked for half-lean, half fat char siew.


Charred edges, shiny outer layers and soft fats alternating with tender meat – oh, I’m definitely going to be back here more often! 🙂


Hakka Noodles with Char Siew (RM7.50).


Hakka Noodles with Chicken (RM8.00).


So, what else is new?

Well, I’m looking forward to Tortilla Wrap Char Siew Bacon, English Muffin Butter and Mantou Char siew Bacon. Angie had said that these will be available for breakfast soon!

Here is the menu so you will have an idea of all the items served here.

At the present moment only the standard items are available as Angie and Sean will only roll out the new items once they are able to secure reliable manpower.



I went on my own accord (with a friend) today. We met Angie, had a chat and our meal turned out to be a treat from her.
Thanks Angie! 🙂

The story:
A number of you might associate this new outlet as “a branch” from the original in Jalan SS2/72 (near Damansara Intan).

Well, it is NOT.
This new Chow Yang outlet is independent from the earlier SS2 Toast and Roast.

‘My Toast N Roast’ (Chow Yang) is managed and owned by the original founders Sean and Angie. The story/rumours going around about a family feud is something you will have to ask Sean/Angie personally during your visit since I don’t fancy spreading gossips.

All I know is – I love char siew and ‘My Toast N Roast’ in Chow Yang SS2 serves the same tasty char siew that I remembered.
Parking is easier here, the outlet brighter and more comfortable to dine in so this is where I’ll be when I need my char siew fix!

No.101, Jalan SS2/6
Petaling Jaya 47300
013-340 3983
Open: Daily 10:00AM – 7:00PM
Close on Thursday. 

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