My story in support of Prudential’s Project Listen

It is truly a wonder how everybody has their own story to write, narrate and their own journey to walk. Now imagine if everybody writes a blog?
I for one, have been sharing a lot of my daily activities and stories via my blog.

Recently I came to know about a CSR Project launched by Malaysia’s most innovative online auction hub namely ChikaPowWow –“I Care 2 Share” – in support of Prudential’s Project Listen. Via the Project Listen site, the public can contribute to a charitable cause by simplywatching/reading and sharing stories where Prudential will pledge RM1 to PRUkasih for every share. PRUkasih is a Corporate Social Responsibility project that helps provide financial protection to urban poor families in times of need.

I have personally “listened” and read some of the stories posted online and I’m humbled with the stories shared. These people has successfully overcome obstacles and challenging times to be what they are today.
Do view and share these stories with me. Remember every single “share/view” is important as you’ll be lending a helping hand to the needy.
I have a story too. It’s all on


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  1. Sean

    good stuff. definitely worth the 2 minutes of viewing =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Sean. Living life to the fullest now 🙂

  2. ALAN

    So so glad you are still here 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      I’m glad to be breathing and mobile too! And meeting you 🙂

      1. ALAN


  3. MS

    It’s just a part of your long history. If you have dared to share your childhood, it would have a movie!
    Take care sis.

  4. Victorias

    I feel for you becky. I didn’t know and no wonder you’re so strong!

  5. Verne

    Life is one big story of stories. You’re a rock star!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Verne! :DD
      Hope life improves over the coming years 🙂

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