My photos collection – Rebecca Saw

This is a compilation of images of myself – moments of my life, my happiness, times of wackiness, some holidays, those random moments captured…as I grew with this blog, as I progressed in life, this would be my image diary.

I have many photos shared on Instagram, Facebook and my Facebook Page but that’s the issues..there are everywhere and I can’t find nor remember what, where, when after a while!
Thus I’ve decided to compile all the images I like, in no particular order, but just because.

Just because I want to.

PENANG: 1881 Chong Tian Hotel.

PENANG: Seven Terraces Hotel.

Sg Lembing, Pahang. 

Caffeinated Cabin, Jalan Gasing PJ. 

BALI: Vilarisi Hotel, Kuta.

Singapore: Chinese New Year 2016.


HANOI: Cong Caphe.




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