My Pan Heong, Batu Caves Pig Out for RM17

Yeah yeah.. this place is probably blogged to death, but hey.. this post is for my Penang/Sg etc remind me to put this on the itinerary if you guys visit ok!

While Batu Caves may sound to some like the other side of the world..good food has never deterred us foodies. So we gung-ho bunch braved the traffic & distance on a Sunday to this in-famous outlet.

Approaching the shop, we were greeted by this. *gasp*

queue was only slightly later than 12pm! And the outlet is completely FULL & there were at least 30 tables inside!

Thank god for the Queue Control Station..

queue ctrl station
Tell ’em the number of pax, get a number & wait.

Meanwhile, a walk-about tour is a must.
An absolutely riveting operation is in hand, from the order takers to the table-clearers to the cooks, “synchronised team work” comes to mind, minus the typical chinese shop style bickering and hollering.

An average of 5 dishes per minute went past me from this kitchen…


Then there was this tempting home-baked pineapple tarts for sale..

p-appl tart

of which I planned to buy after lunch since reading some comments on blogs that it was good..but in the end didn’t cos I was so stuffed I can’t bear to think of more food..(this was applicable at that point of time only btw, cos I wish now that I have bought some, I’m getting hungry looking at my own pictures!)
Newspaper clippings and featured articles of them lined the walls..

and..our Lyrical Lemongrass has her piece on the wall of fame!!

…with FBB’s 2 cents worth. How apt.

After a 30mins wait..we were finally seated. Thank god for the considerate diners too, for they vacate their tables as soon as they finished their meals.

Our first dish arrived after another 20mins wait with all of us literally having our eyes glued to the kitchen’s entrance. I dare say probably each & everyone of us was willing the waiters to walk our way each time a dish was sent out from the kitchen!

Sweet Potato Leaves. RM10.

Sweet, though suspected due to addition of sugar rather than natural sweetness, it was devoured within 3mins.

Nam Yue Pork. RM22.00.

Look at that moist alternating layers of fats & meat. Succulent, tender, with just the ideal level of marinate. Fried to perfection with enough lean meat to fatty parts ratio, this got everyone’s nod of approval.

Then all the carb-rich dishes started being served…

Their standard Wan Tan Hor. RM10.50.


Hefty tangle of thick smooth rice flour sheets topped with rich egg-y broth, pork slices, fish cakes, prawns and vegetables (choy sum).

Now… do I dare say this??

It is better than the ones I had in Penang!!

The very reason I am here. THE PORK BEE HOON. RM15.

pork beehoon
Superb stuff. I was worried as usual that this might be salty, considering that it’s fried with soya sauce and has stewed pork. But any doubt went pooff! from the first mouthful.
melt in the mouth pork & fat with flavourful fried vermicelli, I thought the pork tasted very much like the canned stewed pork sold in supermarkets & perhaps… should the craving strikes again, this might be attempt-able at home?

Unka thinks its good too..and polished off the remainder straight from the plate it was served in!


The smooth thick congee, RM19.90 with sweet soft slivers of fish & thick wedges of century eggs is a steal considering the portion as well as the bountiful amount of fish thrown in.


The piece de resistance of the lunch.

THE SANG HAR MEEN (our version was the rice sheet – hor fun instead of the crispy noodle as it was unavailable today)

Sang har wth

So fresh, it tasted of the sea with all its sweet and bursting with the briny flavor of the shellfish.
This extravagant/lavish plate of briny goodness only set us back RM90!!
Look at that huge prawns!
5 of those, plus the creamy decadent, absolutely roe-rich gravy.. Cholesterol is a bad word…DIVINE is the word. ..
Unka said it’s better than Green View Restaurant’s version. PureGlutton nodded approvingly & the rest gushed non-stop of its extraordinary taste.

Big prawns, with the flesh parting cleanly from its shell.


So, this was all that’s left after we were through with it..waste not even the gravy!


Frog Leg Loh Mee. RM21.00.

Frog leg Loh mee
This somewhat paled in comparison after the Sang Har Meen, but the pieces of frogs was sweet & darn tender.
We think it would have been paired better if cooked in congee instead of the noodles.

Here the damage. For 12 hungry mouths.

Told ya its RM17 per pax!!

Satiated &’s another great food fest!!
the gluttons

ALL of the noodle dishes are thoroughly imbued with the delectable flavour of smoky char (wok-hei-ness) prerequisite of such dishes & Pan Heong team of chefs definitely has got this down to pat.
Indeed a place worthy of subsequent visits, paying toll and the distance travelled.

Pan Heong Restoran
No. 2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2,
68100 Bt Caves.
Tel: 03-6187 7430 (Do call before making your trip, for they close on random days in a month)

Business hours: 8.30am to 3.30pm.

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  1. Sean

    blogged to death? sigh, but i've never been here…
    looks like this place needs to be visited in a group, huh, in order to sample as many dishes as possible … i'd definitely order the nam yue pork and sang har meen…

  2. Sugar Bean

    The food is really good. No wonder the queue is so long! Haha, and I always do the same as you did. Wanted to "da bao" stuff home but after eating, I don't feel like looking at food anymore.

  3. Yin

    AWESOMENEST!!! Remember how we talked about it being just the 4 of us? I'm glad it the food outing expanded to more foodies coz we got to sample so much at such an affordable price 😀

    ZLS next after the marathon?

  4. gourmand extraordinaire

    Wow!! That was really, really fast! You must've really liked that place. And so sorry la Ms. I hope Kheng Leong wasn't red anymore after that. So sorry for being late.

  5. thenomadGourmand

    sean: tht's cos Sean dear..yr busy dining at all the high class place loh! If you want I can incl you in the nx one!

    sugar bean: haha..alws stuffed to the max..till dinner ok!

    Yin: Also cos I got a group of makan frenz who is game to try/eat anywhere! Fun isnt it??

    gourmand extraordinaire: Unka, u heard tht??
    Hehe..i liked what i had at Pan Heong yes, also atr thing is that the pics aint nd much editing hence the quick post-up.
    Some frens are coming frm Sg & Pg too soon. Atr reason is I been wanting to eat that Pork beehoon ever since I read AWOL's post. And that means the craving was from since Jan09!!

  6. CUMI & CIKI

    belly gus. dead chip chip!

  7. fatboybakes

    BLARRRDY UNKALEONG, told me to come to this site early monday morning….SHEEESH!!!! i had to walk to lucky gardens for breakfast immediately.

  8. Steven Goh

    wah blog to death, I never tried that before. The pork bee hun looks great leh. I am going to pay there a visit even long waiting queue.

  9. PureGlutton

    Hey, u are fast! 'Twas a good food jaunt!
    Next round – BKT?

  10. burpandslurp

    sounds like this place can never ever be blogged to death with such fantastic food. Aiyah, Singaporeans and Malaysians are SO kiasu, which is great when it comes to food…want someplace nice to eat? Just look for a crowd!

  11. thenomadGourmand

    c&c: Have you been there?? we can go again!

    FBB: ohh..Lucky garden got Soo Kee, they serve Sang Har meen there too?

    steven: Like i said, this post is more for u guys back in Pg! So when ya coming??

    Pureglutton: BKT it is then!

    burpandslurp: Exactly! Cant go wrong where the locals congregate! LOL.

  12. UnkaLeong

    FBB : I Lab you too…

    'twas a very good and hearty meal 😉 Two thumbs up!

  13. thule a.k.a leo

    I just informed my wife about this place and I read your post today… sigh!!! Must come before lunch time… what time they open again???

  14. Tummythoz

    Now u started me craving ..

    Been there before but only did the porridge & mee goreng mamak.

  15. 550ml jar of faith

    RM17 for this BEAUTIFUL spread?! No way!!! Only in Batu Caves! Yes, what time do they open? Because I am a rotten Queuer and that is the only way I can fathom overcoming this obstacle!

  16. lionel87

    Hey, nice to meet up with you and all the foodies. By the way, I was the one sitting on Yin's right. Really, Yin was certainly right when mentioning how crazy you all are when it comes to food.

    And on your post on the gardenia banana walnut loaf, that actually was my most trusted pre-race meal during my school days back in the early 2000s when I was studying in Singapore:p It used to cost SGD2.50per loaf that time.

    Yeah, if anyone's getting them, let me know too! I'm willing to pay extra…hehehehehe :p

  17. backStreetGluttons

    With so many empty plates even from a small eater like Unka ( believe it or not ! ) and the grinning wide red woman so patient and serene, this cannot be the Thaipusam Caves surely it is

    ChinaEat Double Blossom Food Heaven

  18. gill gill

    "this post is for my Penang/Sg etc friends"

    wow, sounds like "must go itenery" whenever step foot in KL! I got your word! its oredy in my list, and ofcourse you have to be our guide 😛

  19. burpandslurp

    I just had to rush out here to scream, "YAAAAAAYY!!!! CONGRATS ON your room getting rented out!! HIP HIP HOORAH TO MORE MONEY!"
    I hope the person is a nice person, not a psychopath. lol!

  20. worldwindows

    There is strength in numbers. Variety is the spice of life esp with food. Nam yue pork will be next on my list.

  21. mimid3vils

    Long time didnt dine n there coz of the Q *sigh*, I miss their "wat dan hor"~~

  22. Life for Beginners

    Wah… that many people??? Methinks I need to see this place even more over-blogged before I finally head there… 😛

  23. Yin

    TNG >> damn fun 😀

    FBB and LFB >> call me if you ever go again. don't think i'll tire of the place 😉

    Lionel >> crazy in a good way ya! U hang around us more I'm sure you'll learn to appreciate food as much as your running 😛

    550ml jar of faith >> open early early..something like 8am till 3.30pm

  24. FoOd PaRaDiSe

    nam yue pork looks tempting. Yum! Yum!

  25. Food For Tots

    We used to go there for the porridge and wat tan hor when we stayed in KL. Are you coming to Singapore this Aug?

  26. jenn

    I love that pork dish, which was fried with some sort of coating on it. Looks amazing!

    I also liked that pork dish with the vermacelli, I could eat that all up!


  27. thenomadGourmand

    unka: Thks for the ride ;p
    & ohh..lunch too ;p

    thule: open at 830am! can stomach SHM at tht time mehh??

    tummythoz: hehe..we missed the mee goreng too! not avail tht muz go again!

    550ml: 830am! ahah..dont think u wanna wake up so early either! get yr frens to go queue for u 1st or organise a grp then arrive fashionably late lohh…

    lionel: Nie meeting u too! Join us for more makan-makan ya!
    Yes the gardenia is sooo different frm Msia's one! Msia tak boleh la!
    yup, will let u knw, my fren coming frm Sg again late Jul!

    bsg: Unka = small eater?? sure ahhh?
    ChinaEat Double Blossom Food Heaven = LOL!!

  28. thenomadGourmand

    gill: ya lorr..stil waiting for u, jason, steven, criz, to come KL..Haiizzz..I'm growing fungus alrei waitin for u guys..

    burpandslurp: I'm so relieved too!! she's no far..YET. ;p

    worldwindows: U went many times alrei on yr blog. U havent tried the pork?? try try!

    mimid3vils: Yes, queue and all..the stuff we do for gd food!

    LFB: Go and try laa..dont hv to wait! yin & me is more than happy to accompany ya! ;p

    Yin: Thks babe! Been sooo bz i didint hv time to reply comments! Ya did half the work for me! Sweet Snow White!

    food paradise: U let me knw ya when u and yr family visit KL!!!!

    Food for tots: Nice food indeed. In aug, I'll be in pg, for the gathering. Ya not joinin?

    jenn: hi hi!! yes both of them are my fav!!

  29. Timothy

    Now … this article really attracted me. I must try this place out REAL soon …..

  30. Keif

    DAMN GOOD STUFF is all i can say 😉

  31. J2Kfm

    yup, read bout this from countless blogposts, yet failed to rmbr to go for a visit.

    wah, that MANY ppl one ah? or maybe cz wkend?

    sang har meen damn exp! no smaller portion?

  32. sakaigirl

    This must be GOOD, just the look of the empty plates!!! I'm sure if you all eat at home, somebody will sure lick the plate CLEAN!!

  33. Wilson Ng

    Look at the size of the prawn!

    And look how u guys clean the plates! Geez!!

    RM 17 per pax… not bad not bad!

  34. thenomadGourmand

    tim: yes, do go!

    Keif: Hehe..u muz join us more & recom some gd food for us to try too ya!

    J2kfm: Oh.the smallest for sang har meen is for 2pax.
    Its a Sun, so i'm guessin tht's why. However, I heard tht its packed everyday too!

    sakaigrl: Hehe..we did tempt Yin to lick the plate!

    wilson: yup yup..alws better to hv a group of makan kakis!

  35. Lyrical Lemongrass

    I really love this place and am constantly trying to figure out how to get out of my partners lunch so that I can makan here on Fridays. hehe.

  36. tRiEi cRiSiS

    wow, that porridge looks good. I love century egg!! will hunt my way there. 🙂

  37. thenomadGourmand

    LL: Aiyoo..bring them along to eat la!

    triei crisis: yes yes..or better stil we go toge??

  38. Myhorng

    the bill, horfun got 2
    1st is 90
    2nd is 10+
    pork look awesome.

  39. vialentino

    wah…quite worth it leh…rm 200+ for 12 pax….delicious ler the pork meat with the fats …. aiyoh…u ah….make me gian now

  40. Simon Seow

    Best sang har hor fun I've ever tasted, haven't not try the other dishes though. So will surely come for another trip if I am able to get my friends to come.

  41. alpha Lim

    Well I found this on Digg, and I like it so I dugg it! LOL!

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