My Centro hair journey: Blue Purple color – Weekly progress and change

My recent hair colour change had generated much interest as usual.

It seems that both my online and offline friends found my hair chameleon habits fascinating; since I was able to carry unconventional colors like purple, pink, blue with aplomb.

It helps too that I favour short, sassy cuts, for in comparison, long, colored hair are quite the norm.

Though my most recent color wasn’t exactly what I wanted at first (I had wanted bright blue and color BLOCKS), Han had advised that a “gradient” color of purple and blue is nicer.

I’ve always listened to my stylists (Kevin, Han, Celine) as I believed that they are more experienced and I trust them to advise the best cut/colour for me.

So purple blue gradient it is.


I’ve read many “hair reviews” where the focus was on the hair upon leaving the salon.

After 3 years of consistent hair coloring jobs and handling daily compliments followed by concerns by friends about the cost and permanence of hair color, I’ve realized a TRUE review should show the progress of the hair from the week 1 to well, just about how long the color stayed vibrant or when a touch-up/recolor is ABSOLUTELY required.

For me, it is usually about 3 months, with some color jobs stretching to about 4 months.

Thus if you read my previous hair cut + color reviews, you will realize that I would usually write about my visits after a month or so, when the dye has stopped coming out with every bath and the color has more or less settled.

Because, in all honesty, the immediate results when you leave a hair salon after a hair dye job would normally be ‘excellent‘; and that is if you are lucky that the color turned out right.
Getting the color right is very much based on the experience of your stylist, because the color on the brochure would differ on every individual, taking into consideration your hair health, the color chosen and the color product used.

But what most people would REALLY like to know about a hair color experience is:
1. How long did the color last?
2. Did it dry out your hair?
3. How much did it cost?

And thus for this review, I’ve painstakingly collect images of me on a weekly basis that showed the “progress” of my hair color.

I hope you find it useful to help you gauge if your current hair salon is doing a good job, if your hair needs better treatment and if Centro Hair Salon could help you in your hair color woes.

For further queries, you can always drop me a message on 🙂

Week 1: (20th April – 26th April) 

I walked out of Centro on 20th April feeling like a diva after a good cut and color, albeit with an aching rear and back after remaining stationary for 7 hours.

CENTRO hair - BLUE purple

Week 2: ( 27th April – 4th May 2016) 

2nd week: Based on my observation, the gradient of purple and a bit of blue can be detected when I’m under the sun or bright lights .

Otherwise it looks like a mass of blue, black hair.



Week 3: (5th May – 12th May 2016)

The color started to “lighten” and reflects light better.

At this stage, the 3rd week, the blue and purple began to show (sort of like separate into 2 hues, instead of dark blue and purple), both under artificial light or sunlight.



Week 4 : (13th May – 20th May  2016)

By now the color separation is obvious.

The purple stood out more, while the blue gave an eye-catching effect of highlighted strips of color.



Week 5: (21st May – 28th May 2016) 

This marks the 1st month after color.

At this stage my hair had started to lose its depth of color and turned a lighter shade. However it is more striking now due to the purple taking on a more prominent shade.




homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -008

Week 6 (29th May – 4th June 2016) 

The roots were starting to show at Week 6.
The lighter purple now catches the light the most while strips of blue turned a complimentary blue gray.

wok and pan melaka - pork burger, nyonya food, hainanese chop-003

Week 7 (5th June – 12th June 2016)

More purple-gray kind of shade appears.

The roots with my normal black hair color are about 1-2 inch now.

Here is a video – you can really see the color as this video wasn’t edited and the venue I was at had good natural light.

Week 8 (13th June – 20th June 2016)

The inevitable fading happens….. but we still get purple, gray, slight blue.
With proper brushing and with the help of an hair dryer, I could still whip it into a nice shape though the ends were beginning to stick out.

VISTA - marketing

Week 9:  (21st June – 27th June 2016)

I was in Vietnam for a media trip and having Vietnamese AND tourists in Hanoi, Danang and Halong Bay admiring my hair and remarking “Nice hair!” in passing was an every HOUR occurrence.

The Vietnameses ladies were shy and just smiled and stared.
The bolder ones (especially the ang-moh tourists) came up to touch my hair and asked where I had it done. I glibly replied, “if you are in KL, I’ll bring you there”.

And yes, this image was taken at Halong Bay.

CENTRO - week 9

Week 10: (28th June – 4th July 2016)

This was my birthday week.
Since it was already 2 months I had thought to change color again to celebrate my birthday. However, I seriously never had purple -ash hair before and my initial fear of “looking old” with gray highlights turned out to be a foolish fear.

centro hair salon

Week 11 : (5th July – 12th July 2016)

In Singapore with my friends.


Week 12:  (13th June – 20th July 2016)

Gray blue now. I thought it was cool!

However at this stage it is clear that Han’s great cut is slowly unraveling. But it wasn’t too bad isn’t it, since the shape lasted for 3 months.
I had to admit that for this image I’ve rushed out without blowdrying my hair after a wash. It is usually not so flat and grungy.


Week 13 : (21st July – 28th July 2016)

So this is me now.

The hair is a bit scraggy, the colour a faded purplish-gray.
Funnily enough, there are still people who thought this is an intended color until I showed them the previous images from the day I left the salon.

Centro purple ash hair

Not bad isn’t it?
Value for money since ONE color job gave me 3-4 different shades over 3 months! Everyone thought I’ve gone back to Centro to change the color when all I did was let it gradually fade as normal.

Pretty on Plate Maluri Cheras - pretty plated desserts-006

So in conclusion, these are my answers to the FAQs that I’ve posted above, the very same FAQs that I get almost on a daily basis:

1. How long did the color last?  
3 months for this round.

2. Did the coloring process dry out your hair?
Nope, I seldom use branded hair products for my hair but my hair had remained soft and healthy so far.
Han assured me before and after each color that the proper treatment would be administered during the process.
Recently I started to use Kerastase Masque Force Architecte every 2 weeks after shampooing.

3. How much did it cost?
This was by Han, a Sr Stylist and the total was approximately RM600 (short length – cut, 2-3 colors mix, treatment).

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  1. Sean EDKL

    i’ve never had my hair coloured dramatically before (i once had it shaded mildly brown-ish when i was in my 20s, but i didn’t really love it), and i guess at my advanced age, i most likely never will, heh! 🙂 with your ability to carry different colours, it’ll be interesting to see over the next decade which colours you choose, the evolution of your hair, etc 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Thks Sean!
      I might just shock everyone soon! 😛 LOL

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