My Cloud Mirror – the solution for back ups and file sharing

I’ve used the WD My Cloud Mirror for a while now.
My last article showed how it was installed; it is so easy that it is literally plug and play.

western digital my cloud storage - WD MY Cloud-002

WD my cloud mirror

Next came the queries.
Where to buy it? Well, you can buy it from Low Yat or most IT stores.
Does it work? Of course it does. Why would any brand sell you stuff that doesn’t work?
How well does it work? Ah, this one. It depends on your needs.

A cloud based storage solution (in this case the My Cloud Mirror) isn’t all that difficult to decipher.

The infographic below will explain the basics of cloud based storage.

Cloud computing is simple – instead of storing information on a specific computer, it gets stored in a networked system that allows access from anywhere you have an internet connection.”


Breaking it down further: Here are the instances of Cloud Computing/Storage applies in everyday lives – some of which are you sure to be familiar:

1. As back up


2. For streaming and sharing (Spotify?)


3. Enables collaboration (think of Google docs) and social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram)


4. Emails (GMAIL) and messaging apps (Whatsapp)


See? You DO use cloud storage EVERYDAY.

So, this WD My Cloud is essentially YOUR VERY OWN cloud storage. YOU control what goes in it, you control the storage (folders, accessibility, etc ) and you have full access to it from ANYWHERE in the world as long as you have internet connectivity.

Now, for the internet connectivity part, I have to say that the signal has to be pretty strong or else you won’t be able to access your WD My Cloud.
I had no problem in Korea, Japan or Australia but when I was in Pai (near Chiangmai, Thailand) where the WIFI signal in my hotel isn’t particularly strong, attempts to access my WD My Cloud to back up my travel shots for the day proved futile.

WD My Cloud - Rebecca Saw - Review.29 AM

And thus, the WD Passport. I have always carried one with me during my travels.
I do not leave anything to chance and will not rely on my camera memory card.

At the end of each day, I’ll transfer the images from my SD card to my laptop and then back up a copy in my external hard drive (WD passport).
IF the WIFI signal is strong, another copy goes to my WD My Cloud.

western digital my cloud storage - WD MY Cloud - Rebecca Saw 4

Option 1:
To my WD Passport.

WD mycloud - review - sofitel goldcoast-001

Option 2:
To my WD My Cloud from wherever I am in the world!

Note: This is the screen you will see while the files are being transfered.
If the WIFI is strong, the transfer rate will be swift too. Else it might take a while, say 45 mins to transfer 100 images (about 5 MB each)

WD My Cloud - Rebecca Saw - Review-001

Granted all the levels of copying might sound paranoid but you do not want to lose those precious video clips and images from your travels do you?

western digital my cloud storage - WD MY Cloud - Rebecca Saw 2

I have covered on setting up in my earlier post (read HERE) and now I’ll show you how it is like on your laptop/desktop and also how to access it via the WD App (yes, there’s an app for it) for convenient accessibility.

On desktop.

Launch the WD icon on your desktop (or wherever you have saved the shortcut after the installation) and double-click on the icon for the device you want. I’ve got 2 so I’ll have to choose. If you only have one WD MY Cloud, then that will be the default device.
**This also shows that ONE dashboard can handle multiple WD My Cloud devices so even if you own several WD My Cloud, you will be able to access them via ONE interface.


Then wait.
This is the part where the strength of your WIFI/Internet connection signal is crucial.


Once connected, you will be able to see all your folders and files. Naming and arrangement of folders are your responsibility of course.
You can arrange by folders then subfolders, etc, just like how you would do so on your laptop/desktop hard disk.

As admin, you hold access control of each folders; whether it is to be shared with colleagues, friends or families.
From this dashboard, create new folders for upload or access and DOWNLOAD the files (documents/images/video) you need.


On mobile:

IF you are on Android or iOS, all you have to do is download the WD app from the marketplace/app store. This FOC app allows you the same level of access as above (you would have to log-in of course) but on your phone.

WD My Cloud-001

Download, install and log-in.

WD My Cloud-005

Straightforward and painless.

WD My Cloud-006

WD My Cloud-007

And there you go, you are now able to access the flies and view contents of all the same folders you see when you access the dashboard via desktop/laptop.

WD My Cloud-009

This mobile app allows you the same privileges of creating new folders (that means you can upload files DIRECT from your phone to the WD My Cloud), view and download contents.

WD My Cloud-010

Simple isn’t it?

For those of you who are worried about security, the WD My Cloud has all the necessary security and password protection features to keep your data secure.

Some of the main highlights in the My Cloud Mirror are: 
RAID technology – The My Cloud Mirror comes with a RAID 1 technology which allows the consumer to have a duplicate copy of their storage data to provide that extra protection should their storage data crashes.
Access anywhere – As long as you have internet connection and the My Cloud application, you may access your WD My Cloud Mirror anywhere in the world either through PC and Mac® computers, tablets or even smartphones.
Password protection – The My Cloud Mirror allows consumers to setup password protection for every user to prevent it from unauthorized access.

My Cloud Mirror - Product Overview-page-002

My Cloud Mirror 1 - Product Overview-page-002

** Prices for the WD My Cloud Mirror are RM899 for 4TB, RM1249 for 6TB, RM1599 for 8TB, RM1999 for 10TB, RM2299 for 12TB.

I haven’t had any luck in getting media priced units for those who have emailed me as the response has been very slow and I apologize for that.
However you might want to try this one on Lazada :

You know what to do –> [email protected] ! 🙂

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  1. Sean EDKL

    if i had a more reliable/steadier internet connection home, without a wi-fi data cap (i’m limited to a very sad 12GB a month during peak hours by maxis), i might try out the 4TB! 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Gosh i can’t imagine you on capped data when you work online so much! 😀
      Yea, this is so reliant on WIFI since it’s all cloud based.

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