Mr. & Mrs. Fragrance : George – the contemporary & chic electric diffuser for fragrance!

Say hi to George, the cutest and most contemporary electric diffuser for fragrances!

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I’ve never in my life ever been excited about scents and aromas.
Well, perhaps the smells of food thrilled me; but candles, oils, incenses and spices are never my thing. I have in fact, never used perfumes or eau de cologne in my life.

So what exactly about this George that had me so enthusiastic?

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For one, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that they are cute!

The colours allows you to select one that suits the ambiance and existing decor of your home or office.
Sleek or bright? Homely or modern? There are 6 shades to pick from.

mr and mrs fragrance - Pavilion - George electric diffuser-001

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Rather than messy oils or powders (well, they do have the oil diffusers for those who prefer the familiar) the scents came from these alcohol-free capsules that releases its fragrance into the environment though George.
This is a real innovation in the fragrance field. Fragrance from liquid become solid inside theses capsules, transforming the diffuser into a full-scale appliance that’s practical yet aesthetically pleasing.

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Fragrance Capsules Packaging 2-page

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The capsule goes into the chest compartment of your George. All you have to do then is to turn the George on (it is electrically operated through battery or direct power) and the chosen scent will diffuse its fragrance through the spaces that they adorn. 

mr and mrs fragrance - Pavilion - George electric diffuser-007

With 22 scents inspired by the founders’ journey around the world, the George will bring to your home a sensory experience and allow you to savour atmospheres from every different corner of the world.

Examples of the scents are Incredible India, Malibu Ocean, Gardenia of Tahiti, Paradise in Kauai, Mint Cuba and Rose of Marrakech. You get the idea right?
The entire list of the scents available are here –> 
Head to either Robinsons at Gardens Mid Valley (S-K02 in The Gardens Mall (located right outside Robinsons Wing)) – OR the Mr and Mrs Fragrance kiosk at Level 5 (near to Tokyo Street) to personally feel, smell and experience these diffusers.
However, only the PANTONE series are sold in Robinsons, not rest of the range. Thus for a more complete experience I would recommend the kiosk at Pavilion. 

mr and mrs fragrance - Pavilion - George electric diffuser

Besides George, there are home oil diffusers, Cesare – car fragrances, Achille – fragrance for your shoe rack/sports. Ercole – fragrance for your wardrobe and Big Brother – scented phone/tablet holders.

mr and mrs fragrance - Pavilion - George electric diffuser-003

Big Brother – scented phone/tablet holder.

mr and mrs fragrance - Pavilion - George electric diffuser-012

mr and mrs fragrance - Pavilion - George electric diffuser-013

Cesare – car fragrances.

I chose one for my car. Nothing like a cheery, relaxing scent to help you navigate those KL/PJ notorious traffic. 🙂


Great thing about Cesare?
Light and easy to transport. I had a long ride to Pahang for an weekend assignment and the Malay Mail team went in another car.
I bought my orange man (Cesare) along & everyone in the car loved it!
It cleared out the musky smell in the shared car 30 minutes into the ride.


There are so much more and Mr. Mrs.Fragrance has almost a scent diffuser for your every need. So do check them out at Robinsons @ Gardens Mall MV or Pavilion.

mr and mrs fragrance - Pavilion - George electric diffuser-008

Last but not least, this is how the George works. There are only 2 buttons that you should be concerned about.
I like how I’m able to control the timing of use, rather than the usual ones that continuously diffuse the fragrance once you start using them.

mr and mrs fragrance - Pavilion - George electric diffuser-006

This diagram is clearer.


George has an on/off device and a button used to modulate the fragrance flow mode in three different positions – continuous flow, alternating flow and stand-by – depending on requirements and locations.
George works with a power supply unit connected to a USB cable or with a rechargeable lithium battery, both of which are included in the package.


When the ON/OFF button is set to ON, the Power indicator turns BLUE.

Touch the Function Button for the first time: the GREEN light comes on. The program will start and function as follows: 20 min ON – 5 min pause – 20 min ON – 5 min pause, then run until the battery is flat, you select another function or the ON/OFF Button is set to OFF.

Touch the Function Button for the second time: the ORANGE light comes on. The program will start and function as follows: 60 min ON – Stop. Unit returns to standby.


This unit is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery. It can be re-charged either using the USB port on your computer or the USB power adaptor, with a rated output of DC 5V ~ 1A.


–       Charge the Li-ion battery for a minimum of 4 hours prior to first use.
–       The Power indicator will be RED while charging in the power OFF Mode. When the red light turns OFF, the unit is fully charged.

After prolonged use, the battery will become weak and operation may become intermittent. When the internal battery charge is very low, the Power indicator will flash RED, alerting you to re-charge the battery as soon as possible.

Plug the unit into a USB port on your computer, or into the USB power adaptor (included), using the USB cable (included). Disconnect the USB cable from the unit as soon as it is full charged.

 Charging in Power ON mode

–       The Power indicator LED will be PINK when charging in the Power ON mode. When the light turns BLUE, this means the unit is fully charged.

Charging in Power OFF mode

–       The Power indicator will be RED while charging.
–       When the RED light turns off, this means the unit is fully charged.

 Accessories included
Carefully remove the unit and all the accessories from the gift box. Please make sure that you have all the following accessories before recycling the gift box.

–       3.7V-1000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
–       USB cable for charging Li-ion Battery
–       USB adaptor + plugs
–       User manual

The history and story of Mr. Mrs.Fragrance is interesting and long, you can read about it here –> ( OR local site –

These units makes such great gifts that I got myself a few to give away for Mother’s Day recently. 🙂
You can give them as wedding, engagement, lucky draws, birthday and ‘get well soon’ gifts too.

MR and MRs - gifts

MR and MRs fragrance - review - rebecca saw

Each unit of George is RM300 and comes with a complimentary capsule of MALAYSIAN BLACK TEA (note: customers will not be able to select any other fragrance as the complimentary capsule).
The capsules are refillable at RM54 per box of 2 capsules.
Each capsule last for 60 hours of use.
The Cesare is RM39 each.

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  1. Siti Khatijah

    So nice! I think I’ll get one too.. like you said, it’s perfect as gifts

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    ooo, very very cool packaging! i’ve also only ever owned one bottle of cologne in my life, and it’s long been thrown away, but i’d like to cultivate a better sense of appreciating scents, heh 🙂

  3. Andrew

    Buy for the missus! She’ll love this

  4. Veron

    So nice to use!
    And that’s a great idea, changing it to different cars. Very portable .
    The same can be done for George too!

  5. Carl

    Ok the missus will love this!

  6. George

    Ok I’m interested in the car one!

  7. Sally

    Shoe one sounds fab! Just what we need at home with the kids’s school and sports shoes

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    So cute!
    Buy for me when you’re here again

  9. adi putra wijaya

    I will buy if they have here in Bali!
    Next time you come Bali let me know. I will buy for my wife.
    She always use the local incense, bali made ones

  10. OneQ

    Hello~ I want to buy one online but I am not sure which color I should take.. I was thinking to buy silver one but after I saw the picture you took, it looks too shiny.. any recommendation??

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi OneQ!
      Hmm let me email you.
      You can then tell me where you’ll be using it so we can choose a colour that will match your interiors. 🙂

      1. Elizabeth Lombard

        Dear Ladies,
        Hello.. I’m having great difficulty finding the Mr & Mrs fragrances to purchase for my home and car. Are they available in the US? Any suggestions are appreciated.
        Thank you in advance,

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