Mother’s Day – KLM Charity Tulip Sale is on May 12th, 2012!

I asked a few friends recently if they would buy flowers for special occasions and I was most surprised to their responses. A cynic and a total unromantic female, my idea of gifts are limited to cash or diamonds.
I have since expanded the list to include properties and return flights to exotics countries but NEVER had I appreciated FLOWERS.

Fortunately for mankind, people do still queue for flowers on special occasions such as Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.


Tulips 2011_124

Last year, thousands of specially air-flown tulips were snapped up as Malaysians grabbed these unique blooms for their special ones (I’m sure some were for their other halfs and not only mums).

Colourful tulips at last year's sale

The flowers were for a good cause as well, in support of selected charity organisations and thanks to supportive sponsors, EACH imported tulip is a mere RM5!

Tulips 2011_058

Yes, that further explains the queue right?


Every year, these tulips, specially flown-in by KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines; is sold out within hours.

KLM tulips 1

Well, if I have to receive flowers, I would prefer them to be more exotic than roses and ermm.. what flowers do people normally give?
Anyhow, unique blooms are preferred right?

This seasonal flower is usually planted in October and November so that it grows in time to thrive in the cold winter and only flowers for a short time from mid April to end May, making them a sought after and unique bloom.

Tulips 2011_057

The Netherlands are famous for their cultivated tulips and is one of the most dominating countries in export of tulips and tulip bulbs, while annually busloads of tourists visit the Netherlands to see the tulip fields in bloom.

Luckily for us, no trip to the Netherlands is necessary for now. Come and handpick your own colourful bouquet of beautiful tulips at the 14th KLM Annual Charity Tulip Sale which will take place on Saturday, 12 May 2012 at the Concourse Level of Sungei Wang Plaza from 11.00 a.m. onwards.

Although different tulip colors carry distinct meanings – yellow tulips symbolizing cheerful thoughts, white conveying forgiveness and purple representing royalty – a Turkish legend may be responsible for the red tulip’s symbolism. The story goes that a prince named Farhad was love struck by a maiden named Shirin.  When Farhad learned that Shirin had been killed, he was so overcome with grief that he killed himself – riding his horse over the edge of a cliff.  It’s said that a scarlet tulip sprang up from each droplet of his blood, giving the red tulip the meaning “perfect love.”

Close up of tulips at last year's sale

Priced at RM5 each, there will be 3,500 stalks for sale including the double tulip and the fundraiser targets to raise RM28,000 for charity this year.

Tulip close up


This year’s beneficiary is the Special Children Society of Ampang (SCSOA).

Pledging its support for the 4th year is Rabobank – a global financial services leader specialising in food and agribusiness banking – who has committed to contribute RM1 for every tulip sold, so that consumers only have to pay RM5 instead of RM6 each thus making it more affordable to the public.
In addition to making the tulips more affordable, the Dutch bank will also top up another RM2 for every tulip sold, bringing their contribution this year to RM10,500.

Pictures are from last year’s event thus the tulips bought in this year may differ in size, colours and species.

Now on to the good news.
Bloggers, this is for YOU!
A total of 5 x bouquet of 1 dozen (12 stalks) fresh tulips worth RM72 each (It is RM6 a stalk, but thanks to Rabobank, the public only pays RM5 each) all you have to do is blog “Why my mother deserves a bouquet of fresh tulips“.
1. A simple, but importantly sincere entry will do!  🙂
2. Post your link onto the comment box so KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines can judge and select the winners.
3. Remember to mention “KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines” on your post. You CAN use any of the pictures in this post.

Thursday, 10th May 2012. 2.00pm
Announcement of winners: Friday, 11th May 2012.
Winner would have to be present to choose the tulips (your prize!) on Sat, 12th May at Sg Wang.

So come on everyone! Get those elegant tulips for your mum! :DD

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  1. Akulah Pak Lan

    so what kind of flowers that is more exotic that roses?

    Lavender or Coral?

      1. Akulah Pak Lan

        yes they are. btw coral that i mean, is not a seacoral.

        i tot girl should know better flowers than men. =p

      2. rebeccasaw

        I’m a diamonds and CASH girl remember? 😛

      3. ulric

        Haha…dun forget breads n burgers 😛

      4. rebeccasaw

        Nah, wont date anyone for bread and burgers la!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh you do???
      Hahahha.. GOODY – you’re someone with exotic tastes! *high five*
      Pls join the bloggers’ giveaway ok?

  2. Alex

    Becky! 🙂 You just made my day! I TOTALLY LOVE tulips, like you said, they’re definitely more exotic than roses. And like you, I can rarely appreciate flowers as gifts although it’s still a good feeling receiving them, haha!

    One question, the winner HAS to be present to collect the bouquet? I want to join this and surprise my mom but I won’t be around to collect them. Anyway I can go about it you think? (Assuming I am lucky to win hehe). I’m joining this anyway, and thank you for the heads up! 😀

    YAY for tulips!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Do join! Leave your post link here.
      And the collection – get someone to collect on your behalf. Just let me know in advance. Good luck! 😀

  3. Sean

    ooo, my mom’s also quite a “practical” person. she wouldn’t want a gift of flowers, i think! dinner would nicer for her. time spent together 😀

  4. Simple Person

    very nice.. i think i seen in JJ….
    that they had this tulip promotion during val day…
    I always give my mum some carnations/roses for mothers day….

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes, normal kan carnations and roses?
      Hey, take part! Give her tulips from Netherlands this year!

  5. Michelle

    Wow luckily i read your blog before the deadline! Thanks very much for sharing, i must take part in the bloggers’ giveaway cuz my mom reeeeaaally loves tulips and i failed to get her any from Netherlands when i traveled to Amsterdam! =(
    Thanks Rebecca! =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh great!! I do hope you win!! :DD
      Say hi to mumsy for me too ..and you been to Amsterdam? I’m going soon!
      Perhaps you can give me some tips 😀

      1. Michelle

        Well, it depends when are u visiting to Amsterdam! The most awesome experience is, you must rent a bicycle and toured around the city like everyone does there! hahaha.. Please, please try it, it’s really fun! =)

      2. rebeccasaw

        Thanks Michelle!
        I’m leaving for Paris/Amsterdam 16th – 23rd May 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh thank you Michelle! 😀
      I do hop you win, so sweet!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thank you and hope mumsy and you wins! :DD

      1. Alex

        Thanks! I hope so too! 😉 😀

  6. Nurul

    Wowww… Tulips.. & colourful.. 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes yes!
      These are definitely something dfferent from the usual blooms! 😀

  7. TianChad

    Wah I haven’t really see real tulips especially in bunch before =D Must shared this post with my friends++

    1. rebeccasaw

      Pls do Tian Chad!
      Ask them all to come to Sg Wang on Sat 🙂

      1. koonie

        Thank you very much!!!!!

      2. rebeccasaw

        oH thankfully you replied in time 🙂

  8. Michelle

    just curious, Rebecca. How would they announce who r the winners? :/ does that mean we must be there for the bloggers’ giveaway announcement?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Winners has been announced!
      Check your email!

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