“Mother Misses You” Billboard on Federal Highway KL

I had just landed in KL after 3 days in Penang for the research of my “Rebecca Penang Halal Guide”.
My hometown was so busy; some roads on the island were jammed up all day and the UNESCO heritage site in Georgetown had swarms of people on every street, every junction and most are locals!

No doubt many were back in Penang to celebrate the festivals with their families. For the elderly, it is probably the only opportunity to see and hug their young ones. At a recent open house, there were 6 generations of the family tree in a house!
It was heart warming to witness the cheers and strong family bonds of my friends’ families. Many had posted on their Instagram and Facebook of their reunion dinners and card games and the fireworks sessions.
I was all warm and fuzzy inside still when I got back to KL.

However this message on this billboard on the Federal Highway gave me a jolt.

mother misses u

What could it mean?
So mysterious!
A large billboard here on the Federal Highway towards PJ with no logo, contact or brand. It seems to be like an advertising campaign but is it?

Is it a public service announcement to remind their children to come home for the festivals? And I was sure it wasn’t there before the Chinese New Year.
So why now?

mother misses u billboard
*image credit to denaihati.com – was driving & didn’t manage to snap a shot. It was at a fast moving part of the Federal near Angkasapuri.

Worst; could it be a sad parent asking their children to come home?
I felt an instant tug at my heart thinking of those longing to see their children but are unable to.

But I’ll like to think that it is not such a serious scenario.
Anyhow, what’s your take on this? What do you think this billboard’s message is about?

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  1. Elaine

    Based on the brand colours and styling (and the fact that he’s holding a cell phone) I think it’s a Maxis ad. The small ‘TM’ emblem at the end means they’ve trademarked the phrase, probably for an upcoming campaign.

    1. Bryan

      It’s probably celcom maybe? Those aren’t maxis’ corporate fonts.

  2. ejam

    macam iklan celcom (Axiata Group) pun yer juga.
    budak tu pegang gajet di tangan, ada hubungkait dengan syarikat telco…mungkin.
    iklan ni cuba sampaikan sesuatu, “anak2 jangan mengadap gajet sangat boleh? meh tolong mak masak di dapur”…haha

  3. KendyKun

    Agreed! Was passing here everyday and I always wonder what’s that. I think it some kind of a telco ad I guess?

  4. Marcus

    am quite sure axiata group owns that billboard.
    or at least they used to. so should be still them. a bit ominous though eh? when corporates assume the roles of family members. ala 1984

  5. Siti Khatijah

    Very clever ad.
    Got everyone guessing. I’ll bet on a telco!

  6. Hannah

    No answer as to who/what brand is behind this?

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