MOS Burger in Singapore & Bangkok, Thailand!

Sometimes happiness can be as simple as a piping hot, moist, juicy pork burger :yes:

MOS burger Rebecca saw

Like in my case for this instance, it was in the form of a Tom Yum Pork Cheese Burger by MOS Burger in Thailand! 😉

mos burger bangkok thailand (3)

Staying true to it’s tagline of “Making people happy through food” :yes: , MOS Burgers’ eerrr..burgers never failed to cheer me up everytime.

mos burger bangkok thailand (8)

How could you not? For THB 69  (approximately RM6.90), you get a small but yummy & compact snack. Enough to fill you up just like a McChicken..albeit this one is definitely more delicious!

MOS Bangkok pork burger

Tom yum sauce infused mushrooms, a whole slice of cheese, fresh lettuce & a juicy PORK patty all nicely encased in a soft fresh bun. Even the bun alone beats KFC’s, Wendy’s or McD’s.

mos burger bangkok thailand (9)

But it’s the patty that truly matters of course! :good:

mos burger bangkok thailand (1)

MOS burgers are small, (then again, our local burger chains offerings ain’t any more impressive) but it’s like a little bomb, explosive with thick juicy meat & top grade ingredients, blows you away with it’s taste & delivers satisfaction all at once .

MOS Burgers originated from Japan by a Mr Sakurada. It goes by a ‘cook to order’ concept, thus ensuring that you get your burgers freshly cooked & assembled only after you made your order, yet you get it FAST.

mos burger bangkok thailand (7)

This is the closest shot I could get of the open kitchen. Up close, I could observe my burger being made from scratch. Sadly, no photography is allowed.

mos burger bangkok thailand (5)

mos burger bangkok thailand (6)

Order & pay at the cashier, get a number & your burgers arrives at your table while you are seated.

mos burger bangkok thailand (4)

In Singapore, it differs slightly. I didn’t manage to snap a pic upclose but the counters where you place your orders are very much like McDs & KFC. There are burgers ready on the racks behind the cashiers & there is no open kitchen.

MOS burger Singapore (2)

There are no PORK burgers here either, so I had a Spicy MOS Burger (beef) instead.

MOS burger Singapore (5)

MOS burger Singapore (6)

No doubt it is still fast food; yet it didn’t make me feel as if I’m eating junk or being fed overly processed meat with all the by-products thrown in. And though I have always preferred pork burgers, and finds that in general, beef patties drier, I would still happily eat MOS beef burgers. It is so freaking delicious with the MOS signature special chilli, diced onions, thick tomato slice & jalapenos!

MOS burger Singapore (7)

Yes, MOS Burgers “makes people happy through food” :yes:

MOS burger Singapore (11)

But as I have said, MOS Burgers are small. And Malaysia does not have MOS Burger. So I just had to indulge in another one 😉

I love fish burgers as much as I adore porky ones. Or it could be that there no decent fish burgers (non-gourmet ones) in Malaysia. Anyhow, MOS Fish Burger was my next indulgence.

MOS burger Singapore (3)

Darn, look at that! THICK, moist fish fillet lightly crumbed & fried to a golden crisp. Even the edges remained crisp & light, unlike McD’s where 8 out of 10 times I get my fillet ‘o fish patty burnt/overfried/DRY at the sides!

MOS burger Singapore (1)

Ever wondered how MOS Burger got its name?

‘M’ stands for Mountain – dignified and noble.

‘O’ stands for Ocean – wide and vast.

‘S’ stands for sun – vibrant and life-giving.

Yup, there you go. Now you know what MOS stands for! :yes:

Me below: Nom nom nom 😉 . Heh..

MOS burger Rebecca saw 1

MOS Burger,
Gourmet Floor, Siam Paragon,
Bangkok, Thailand.

MOS Burger,
Raffles City, Singapore.

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  1. Michelle Chin

    Tom yum burger is certainly creative. I wonder if they will have tom yum chips next. 😀

  2. Sean

    gosh, it’s been more than a decade since i had a bite of a MOS burger! time to migrate, heheh 😀

  3. unkaleong

    *sigh* Should have made that coaster “disappear” 😉

  4. ciki

    mmmmm.. yummie! this is the one time i like rice.. RICE burrgeh 😛

  5. Simon Seow

    I like MOS Unagi Rice burger. I’ll visit MOS again when I got to Singapore this November kekeke.

  6. Leo

    The reason I always drove all the way to KLCC in the past was actually for MOS Burger. I just couldn’t get enough of it!!! For some reason it closed down and I had been left in the lurch ever since… SIGH!!!
    THe last time I had MOS Burger was in Singapore but that was a few years back!

  7. baDboyzs

    Then again, happiness might be meeting up with the boyzs in boatHouse ttdi sat.

    do check mail, thxs

  8. sophia

    Love all the pics of you munchin on burgers…MOS burgers rock! They have it in Thailand too but not USA? Sucks!

  9. vialentino

    miss MOS burger a lot when i was in singapore…yummy!

  10. Jean

    I love MOS burger!! Each time I’m in Tokyo, I would have it at least once or twice. Love the MOS Chicken Teriyaki Burger. I’m not sure why but it tastes much better than the ones in Singapore’s MOS outlet.

  11. SowYau

    Does anyone take the nice looking beverage coaster as souvenir? I took one once I was in Pattaya MOS outlets.

  12. CW

    Dunno why Malaysia dun haf!!! I alwiz go haf it in SG..

  13. Fred Kwong

    MOS Burger is a must stop every time I visit Bangkok! Last year they have the limited time “Pork and Basil” specials and that was so GOOD! I hope they add it to the regular menu 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      What! I havent tried that ‘Pork & Basil’ one !Just the name is enticing already! 🙂

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