Morning food galore@ Jalan Tengah, off Jalan Sultan Ismail

Recently I got a contract job in Menara Hap Seng, and though it wasn’t far from my previous company’s building, I never knew this road existed!
Boy, I have definitely missed out!
Jalan Tengah can be accessed from Jalan Sultan Ismail, it is just under the Raja Chulan Monorail Station, beside the CUBE-like white building opposite Wisma Genting.
Once you come down from the station, just turn right. It is not very noticeable somehow, as the opening is narrow but the road widens as you walked along.

In the mornings, the whole street tranforms into a food haven, with about 15 stalls lined on both side of the road selling true blue Malaysian goodies like nasi lemak, fresh sandwiches, hot snacks – curry puffs, cucur udang and pancakes. The variety is great, with chinese and malay dishes.

Each and every stall has a crowd of office workers surrounding it.

Long queue at each and every stall… with customers queuing all the way to the road!

The ‘yellow’ nasi stall.. it is right behind the ING building..this stall nasi’s got a yellow tinge to it…not sure if it’s from a certain spice?
right: again, check out the queue

Close up of the yellow rice. Steaming hot..
right pic: Each customer is given a packet of rice in a “funnel” and its self service for the lauk-pauk (dishes) of your choice

mine : potatoes, french bean and an egg..RM4.50

My friend YZee’s: Chicken, petai, egg, french bean ..RM5.00??!!
seems unfair aint it?

Anyways, YZee’s absolutely addicted to it and it’s his lunch everyday now!

Next up…
Ohhhh..I’m totally a bread person and this is my favourite stall. The sandwiches are very hygienically wrapped and spread with absolute minimal butter. Healthy and tastes great! Fresh too.

Loads of variety and sold out by 9am. top pic: Egg and fish fillet.

top pic: Ham, salad, cheese, tuna.. with your choice of white or wholemeal bread.

At the same stall, the owner sells porridge and fresh soya bean too. For me, the soya milk here is one of the better ones as it is not as diluted and i get to control the amount of sugar that goes into my bottle.

below: the packaging of the condiments that comes with your pack of healthy wholesome porridge – salted egg, fried anchovies, peanuts.

This is the “chinese” pancake – Ban Chang Kueh – the thick version. Having said that, I was initially surprised to see Malays selling this in some pasar malams (night market) I have visited here in KL . From where I came from, in Penang, it is normally sold by the chinese.
I have always had the impression that it is a chinese snack. Well, anyways, that should not matter. As long as it taste good, I buy and I eat. Haaha.

Another nice addition, roti jala. Now, roti jala is not that commonly found, especially in the mornings and even more so, sold by the road side. This one has potato fillings, some sort like “masala” version.

This guy even set up a mobile drink stall! Complete with a big pot of boiling water, strainer and the works to make local favourite drinks of the morning – teh tarik, teh ais, milo, nescafe, kopi kau and “cam peng” (mixture of coffee and tea).
Yes, the stalls here are very well set-up. LOL.

Yup, I did mention that there are chinese cuisine as well right? Chinese-style fried rice, bee hoon, mee, chee cheong fun with assorted fish balls, wantans, buns, pastries and cakes, steam yam cake and even steam pau are available. One is really spoilt for choice. After 3 weeks, I myself haven’t been able to try all the stalls yet! But yeah..I’m getting there….just about 5 more stalls to go..

Yummy hot “cokodok” – deep fried banana and flour balls – another of my must-haves every week, curry puffs, samosas and prawn fritters fresh from the wok to the trays.

Choices, and more choices.

Another option, though I have to say again that you won’t find this at most street-side hawkers stalls, not in the mornings anyways… Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu.
The top most pic shows the tuna fish curry, I believe its called “ikan tongkol” to be eaten with Nasi Dagang. Wish I can get a close up of the dishes, but this stall is always crowded and I have to squeeze myself in between the line to get a pic…risking glares from customers in the queue. Haaha.. a foodie’s hazard.

Man, I totally dig this place. Totally. Seriously. Where else can you find such variety, in the morning too?And roti jala and hot nasi dagang? Uh.. not likely.

Most morning roadside stalls have a cluster of 3 stalls together, at the most maybe 5. Working for the past 3 years in the KL golden triangle area, I am always hunting out new stalls around Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Raja Chulan, Jalan Ampang, Wisma Genting hawker center, near Low Yat, behind Sg Wang and all the backlanes in between. This place takes top spot for variety and convenience.

Like I said, I can’t believe I haven’t sniffed this place out earlier. Arrghgh! !
With my contract ending soon I won’t be passing by here every morning anymore. But I can foresee myself driving here in the morning just to buy breakfast! And… do you know that this same road has a Friday lunch market?

Yeah.. I was surprised too. And that will be on my next post.. hhaaha.. I actually skip lunch to take pictures of the stalls. Trust me, it does takes up an whole hour!

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  1. Gulab jamun

    My husband loves it! I find it a little salty though, so I add 2 tbsp of water to the marinade while simmering – it also makes the gravy less thick

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