More good Nyonya kuih in Melaka – Bibik Ong @Jalan Ujong Pasir

This is truly a great Nyonya kuih recommendation by Daniel.
I missed it on my previous trip so I made sure I was there by 3.30pm this time. True enough, even at that early hour (operational hours are 3-5 pm or when all are sold out, whichever earlier) on a Friday evening, business was brisk and supply was already running low.

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I used to visit Baba Charlie by default but I’ve switched camps since discovering the kuih stall at Yummy Food Court (also on Jalan Ujong Pasir). Now that I had sampled Bibik Ong’s I don’t think I’ll return to Baba Charlie anytime soon.
I must stress again that Baba Charlie is understandably popular as it is so convenient to visit since it is open from the morning til late evening.
The variety offered is also unrivalled. So many types of kuih in one venue!
However, the nyonya kuih at Yummy Food Court (pictures & directions HERE ) and here at Bibik Ong does taste so much better!

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Bibik Ong’s kuih are priced at RM0.50 to RM0.70. We bought 1-2 pieces of EVERYTHING that was sold.
Here’s my verdict:

Apom – spongy and delicately aromatic from the brown sugar used. I still prefer the durian ones at Baba Charlie.
Kuih Dadar/ Ketayap- fluffy, toast-y, fragrant grated coconut and light (not the greasy or thick, wet piece of dough kind) crepe. The coconut filling was not sweet either.

good nyonya kuih melaka - bibik ong-002

Peanut Balls – Chewy and thick skin. Decent about of peanut inside.
Kuih Lapis – It’s alright. Sweet and creamy enough with a nice elasticity (try pressing on it to test the “bounce” or pull it apart layer by layer to eat and you’ll know what I mean 😀 )

good nyonya kuih melaka - bibik ong-005

Ondeh Ondeh – Very nice! Soft, chewy glutinous rice balls encasing thick, fragrant gula melaka within and dusted with steamed grated coconut. Everyone who adores this usually particularly love the part when each ball yield and burst under the pressure between the tongue and the teeth!
Kuih Koci – (the kuih wrapped in leaf in the image above)  – Delicious! This is a must buy.
The skin is chewy with a good resistance between the teeth before melting on the tongue. It’s tasty as it has a slight hint of unami from the salt added. The grated coconut inside was fine and delightful moist.
Seri Muka – sweet custard on top and soft, chewy glutinous rice at the bottom. No complaints at all, striking the just balance between richness and sweetness as how a good nyonya kuih should be.
Kuih Keria – sweet potato doughnuts crusted with sugar. I love sweet potatoes and this version could do with more sweet potatoes but that could just be me nitpicking. It does pack more sweet potatoes than most commercial versions already!

good nyonya kuih melaka - bibik ong

Ang Koo – This was the only one that was disappointing. The skin was rather thick and unpleasantly chewy while the fillings are too sweet and clumpy.

good nyonya kuih melaka - bibik ong-001

Ok, make that 2 kuih that I won’t be a repeat buyer.
The curry puff is awfully greasy but the sweet potatoes used for the fillings made it just about edible.

good nyonya kuih melaka - bibik ong-003

Kuih Kosui (brown kuih in fresh coconut) – this was absolutely delish. The soft kuih has an unexplainable aroma (marked by the sweet and lovely aroma from palm sugar) and complexity to it. It was very, very fragrant and creamy. A must buy! 🙂

good nyonya kuih melaka - bibik ong-004

I’m really really happy with the kuih sold by Bibik Ong. Anyone else has other recommendations? Please do let me know! 😀

For more of my nyonya kuih discoveries check out the links as below:
1. Baba Charlie – great for variety and long daily opening hours
2. Yummy Food Court – great nyonya kuih as well, open from 6pm onwards til night. Kuih are sold in packs of 4 pieces.
3. Malay Kuih – Perhentian Kuih Kampong – Jalan Sg Ujong: Wide variety of Malay kuih, Malay food and even roti

Bibik Ong
Open: 3 – 5pm
Stall outside Hilir Garden Ice Cafe at the junction of Jalan Low Hee Kong and Jalan Ujong Pasir.

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  1. Susan

    What a great find! Thanks for sharing becky!

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    the exterior of this cafe is a familiar sight, as it’s on the road that i used to travel for years between home and school! 😀 i don’t recall the nyonya kuih seller, but the seri muka sure looks delicious! 🙂

  3. George

    I’ll like to join you on your crazy but only- the- best-food escapades next round ok!

  4. Stephan

    Bibik Ong is my mum’s friend. Glad to know that you loved her kuih!

  5. Cassie

    My mum always buy from her too 🙂

  6. Heather

    You’re right, the kuih sure looks good! Colours, textures & fillings.

  7. Venna

    The ang koo does look like a disappointment, just like you said.
    Hey you go to myburgerlab so often, have you tried the ah han, just beside it?

  8. Veron

    Take me with you!

  9. Amber

    Skill of the long lost and forgotten. Those commercial kuih will never beat the homemade ones!
    My grandma makes very good kuih so I’m spoilt. 🙂

  10. Matthew

    Great coverage of the nyonya kuih options in Melaka.

  11. daniel

    I love all your Melaka food reviews. Very helpful and you share other great options than just the usual boring joints like other bloggers did

  12. Jeffrey

    Thanks for the lovely write-up. Bibik Ong is my mom.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Jeffrey!
      Oh my, do tell her I love her kuih – all the kuih sold is hers? Could I interview her soon?
      Also, the lady selling the kuih – she’s really unfriendly. LOL

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