More gelato goodness! Bruno Gelato @ KLCC OR Loco Gelato @ 1 Utama, Old Wing

I am loving Bruno Gelato which is located at the “new” old wing of 1 Utama Shopping Centre, right at Candylicious’ entrance.

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (1)-001

While Moo Cow fits the bill for a healthy indulgence (low fat), Loco Gelato is a rich and creamy alternative reserved for special occasions.

For RM9 – the smallest cup, you get 2 choices of their amazing gelato. And the portion is pretty substantial too!

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (10)-009

Loco Gelato has a lovely smooth consistency that spreads out finely on the tongue. I stood there and sampled every flavour before deciding on yogurt and mango gelato.  To most palates (most of my friends), Loco Gelatos wasn’t overly cloying but personally for me I still have a problem with the sweetness level.

Fortunately, there are SUGAR-FREE variety!

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (8)-007

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (7)-006

And there are sorbets as well for those who fancy sharp, face contorting, sour flavours. Lactose intolerant? No fret. Just ask for dairy-free!

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (9)-008

Not limited to just gelato in cups, Loco Gelato offers them on a stick, in cones, lollies in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Below: On a stick, round and chocolate (dark or white) coated.

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (2)-002

Chocolate lovers rejoice!
Thick chocolate incrust each creamy gelato stick – RM12.

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (3)-003

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (4)-001

Lollies for a light sugar-high spike but minus the full-bodied lusciousness of the gelato.

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (5)-004

Lazy with the cup & spoon? Grab a plain gelato on a stick & just lick away! (Sounds wrong here somehow :P)

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (6)-005

We chose one (RM12) with chocolate crust and vanilla gelato within.

loco gelato, 1 utama shopping (10)-010

Loco Gelato is actually a sister outlet of Bruno Gelato in KLCC. As a marketer, I would stick to a standard naming convention for branding purposes, but who knows, maybe the management has other marketing goals in mind.

bruno gelato-009-001

This was a much earlier visit not too long after they first opened in KLCC.

bruno gelato-010-002

The available flavours are primarily similar (but not entirely) to the ones at Loco Gelato, 1 Utama, with some popular ones present.

bruno gelato-011-003

bruno gelato-012-004

bruno gelato-013-005

This is Dila. Yes, Bruno Gelato/Loco Gelato does make one happy, VERY HAPPY. LOL.

bruno gelato-014-001

The only thing stopping me from eating this everyday is the fact that it’s not fat-free or low fat. With such interesting flavours and blends of gelato plus reasonable pricing for the portion given, I had a hard walking away everytime I’m in the old wing in 1 Utama. Thankfully, I have got iron-clad discipline! Hahahha…

bruno gelato-017-003

So, anyone one of you here is fan as well?? If yes, which flavour is your favourite? 😀

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  1. Akulah Pak Lan

    If you take the stick one, u need to lick it very FAST. It melt very fast.

  2. Sean

    i think for gelato, my favorite flavors are the nut-laced ones! hazelnut, almond, all that. goes very nicely with the creaminess, and it might be less sweet too! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes, the nut laced ones are good! 🙂
      A bit of nutty flavour.. very nice…

  3. The Yum List

    Chocolate and ice cream together! I’m in trouble 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      hahhah.. COME GET IT!!
      You’re alws goin to Suunway, nx time come 1U la!

  4. FiSh

    gelato stick looks less healthy with the chocolate coating, i’ll still prefer the traditional cup ones 🙂

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