Mooncakes – Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel PJ

It’s the Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival again!

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The Mid Autumn Festival which falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month is one of the important festivals observed by Chinese all over the world. There’s a folklore about how mooncake came about and the legend is easily “googled” if you’re interested. 🙂

For me, the Mid Autumn Festival is about eating mooncakes. 🙂

Mooncakes at Zuan Yuan1

Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant at One World Hotel, PJ offers a stellar assortment of traditional oven-baked and snow skin mooncakes packed with both conventional and creative flavours this year. The 3 new ones from the Mini Snow Skin Moon Cake range are Honey Dew Paste,  Black Sesame Paste and Orange Flavour.

Mooncakes, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant

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The mooncakes are handmade and Chef Chin has improved the recipe further by using “QQ powder” imported from Taiwan, which enhanced the texture of the snow skin by increasing its elasticity. Hot water was added into the flour mixture instead of cold water, one of the few modifications Chef Chin has made to ensure that the snow skin attained the chewy and soft texture just like the Japanese mochi sweets. Such adaption allows the snow skin mooncakes to be eaten straight from the fridge, a step ahead from the usual snow skin where it is advisable to consume the snowskin only after it’s been left at room temperature for 10 -15 minutes.

Mini Snow Skin Mooncake, Black Sesame Paste – RM10.

Mooncakes, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant-008

Mini Snow Skin Moon Cake, Honey Dew Paste – RM10

Mooncakes, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant-009

Mini Snow Skin Mooncake, Orange Flavour – RM1o.

Mooncakes, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant-010

The black sesame mini snowskin took top spot for me. It has such a glorious nutty, roasted aroma, a must for fans of sesame. Moreover, it was admirably balanced with enough sesame flavour without overwhelming your palate. The orange trailed a close second. It imparts a sunny, happy citrus-y fragrance that perks you up even before you take a bite. Flavourwise it was mild and as expected of fruits from the citrus family, refreshing.
Honeydew is not one of my favourite fruits so that’s probably explains why it came last from the trio. 🙂
It certainly doesn’t mean it’s no good,  for the honeydew mini snow skin is similarly fragrant, sweet and as fruity as the orange.

Perennial flavours for oven-baked mooncakes such as white lotus paste with single egg yolk, supreme mixed nuts and red bean paste made its due appearance while new flavours for the snow skin mooncakes like white coffee lotus paste with walnut and red bean paste with pumpkin seed sounded intriguing.

Baked Mooncake, White Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk – RM20.

Mooncakes, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant-001

Baked Mooncake, Supreme Mixed Nuts – RM21.

Mooncakes, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant-002

Baked Mooncake, Sweetened Red Bean and Green Tea Paste – RM20

Mooncakes, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant-004

Snow Skin Mooncake, Red Bean Paste with Pumpkin Seed – RM15.

Mooncakes, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant-005

Snow Skin Mooncake, White Coffee Lotus Paste with Walnut – RM20.

Mooncakes, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant-006

If you noticed, the skin of the mooncakes are rather thin, ensuring ample fillings for each mooncake. All Zuan Yuan’s mooncakes; baked or snowskin are not overly sweet nor greasy. For the traditional, grab the lotus seed and red bean. For a bit of the unconventional, I suggest the White Coffee Lotus Paste with Walnuts, my favourite of the lot. Its glorious aromatic scent of roasted coffee and its milky taste was rather addictive!

Mooncakes, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant-007

The Supreme Nuts Mooncake is as traditional as it gets; sticky sweet with a predominant winter melon aftertaste which didn’t augur well for me. If you’re seeking a traditional nut mooncake, this is for you. Likewise, the green tea with red bean would please green tea fans; with its strong accents of green tea in every bite and a creatively added strip of red bean across its middle.

Mooncakes, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant-012

The mooncakes are available in beautiful gift boxes of four or eight pieces from 1 July to 30 September 2012.

Mooncakes, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant-003

For orders or enquiries, please call Zuan Yuan at +603 7681 1159. 🙂

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  1. Sean

    yikes, less than a month left to sample these mooncakes. time flies! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      I wish to sample those in Sg though. So much more creative ones there!

  2. Chien Huai

    The coffee one that good? I might get it for my mother-in-law. She loves anything coffee.

  3. Kang Li

    Honeydew and Orange.. are these supposed to make eating mooncakes healthier? “Look ma, I’m eating fruits!” 😛

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