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Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant of Hilton Petaling Jaya celebrates the joyful Mid-autumn Festival with its new range of robustly flavoured snowskin selections and premium baked mooncakes from 11th August till 30th September 2012.

Now, does anyone mind telling me exactly when is the Mid-Autumn festival? It seems that every festival has an early start this year. Invites for Ramadhan came 1 month before Ramadhan, and I seen mooncakes being sold starting a few weeks back.

Hilton Toh Yuen & Mooncakes-040

I’m not a big fan of mooncakes but I admit these mooncakes from Toh Yuen got me hooked. We had tasting samples of the snowskin range and was given 4 of the baked ones to take home. I thought the mooncakes would be left sitting on my kitchen top since I’m not fond of mooncakes, but after I started with the White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk (RM22), I was hooked!

Mooncakes - Toh Yuen, Hilton Petaling Jaya-003

Now the key factor why I like it so much it that the baked mooncakes (all 3 I ate so far) are NOT GREASY. Neither were they overly sweet. Traditional super oily, sticky and sickly sweet mooncakes were the norm. Now, the art of making mooncakes are refined and we lucky consumers has the choice of consuming “healthier” mooncakes, definitely something to rejoice about! 🙂

Hilton Toh Yuen & Mooncakes-041

It helps of course, if you’re buying from hotels, where the mooncakes are generally more skillfully made.

The price paid may be a premium but the way I see it, I rather pay for food than suits my palate rather than consume ones that’s cheaper but I won’t enjoy because it’s unsuitable for my taste/diet.
Below is the Baked Mooncake with Assorted Nuts (RM22). This is one mooncake I can’t stand due to the “smell” or aftertaste which I suspect is contributed from the candied winter melon. Also, the nuts tends to impart a rancid taste after a while, even as soon as I unwrap it.

After years, I think I found my favourite Mixed Nuts mooncake. I love it so much that I ate almost half at one sitting, which says a lot for someone who absolutely abhors it!
The best description I could come up with for this nutty mooncake?
It tasted almost like an energy sports bar! :DD

Jam packed with crunchy fresh nuts (no “masuk-angin” aftertaste!), very little stickiness or kamquat/mandarin peel and a thin layer of non-oily fragrant skin, I’m actually keeping this for myself because I love it so much!

With 2 opened and having surpassed my expectations, I confidently unwrapped the Pandan Paste with Single Yolk (RM22).

hilton PJ - mooncakes from Toh Yuen

Yup, just as expected this was similar to the White Lotus Paste one. Very balanced sweetness levels and non-greasy.

Below are the Snowskin mooncake range I sampled, which is well, basically all the flavours available this year! 😀

Mooncakes - Toh Yuen, Hilton Petaling Jaya-001

Master Chef Lee’s creative snowskin selections with pillowy skin, velvety fillings and intriguing flavours are deliciously smooth and melt in your mouth.
I highly recommend:
*  Snowskin Mooncake with Yam Paste and Strawberry
*  Snowskin Mooncake with Durian. This one encased luscious, creamy pulp within its soft skin, perfect for durian lovers
* Snowskin Mooncakes with Pumpkin and Pandan – a varied combination that blend surprisingly well

Mooncakes - Toh Yuen, Hilton Petaling Jaya-002

My favourite: The Yam Paste and Strawberry Snowskin.

Mooncakes - Toh Yuen, Hilton Petaling Jaya-004

The others are Snowskin Mooncakes with Lotus Paste and Sunflower Seeds, Snowskin Mooncake with Green Tea and Cheese Cake and Snowskin Mooncake with Red Bean Paste and Banana. All retails for RM13++ each.

Mooncakes - Toh Yuen, Hilton Petaling Jaya

Perfecting the art of gifting, the handcrafted mooncakes are elegantly packaged with an oriental flair in three vibrant themes – red and black, turquoise and green. It is an ideal gift for business associates, friends and family to convey one’s warm greetings and heartfelt wishes.

Toh Yuen Mooncake Order Form 2012-page-001

Enjoy 10% discount on bulk purchase of 100 boxes of mooncake and above. Besides, Toh Yuen offers personalized company logo in gold hot stamping on the box lid for bulk purchase of 150 boxes of mooncake and above.

Prices are subject to 6% government tax for take-away. An additional 10% service charge applies to dine-in orders.

Toh Yuen Mooncake Order Form 2012-page-002

Toh Yuen Mooncake Order Form 2012-page-003

So anyone ordering?? Do remember to order the Mixed Nuts Baked Mooncake as well as a Yam and Strawberry Paste Snowskin! :DD

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  1. June Tan

    Wah.. so tempting.. each moon cake slightly expensive :O

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yea..this is hotel maa.. maybe the stand-alone shops etc cheaper!

  2. Sean

    ooo, pumpkin-and-pandan would be the one i’d wanna try. quite a strange combination. i’m trying to imagine a recipe that contains both pumpkin and pandan. pandan rice with mashed pumpkin? 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      I like both pumpkin and pandan so it was a yummy combo for me 😀
      Pandan rice and pumpkin .. nice…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh, the durian is well-balanced. Not too dense or too creamy 😀
      Yam and strawberry was very good 😀 With real strawberry bits somemore!

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