Mooncakes from Toh Yuen Restaurant, Klang Executive Club

The mooncakes from Toh Yuen, Klang Executive Club bordered between decent and pretty good.
I had 4 sent to me for sampling and I loved the Assorted Fruits Nuts most.
That is surprising as I usually detest it for the weird wintermelon aftertaste and the overly sweet, sticky paste.

This version by Toh Yuen it’s like a granola bar instead of a mooncake!
Densely packed with nuts and seeds, the binding paste isn’t sweet & the pastry crust is not oily.
I felt like I’m eating an energy bar and being the health, fitness nut that I am, I immediately took a liking to this.
In fact now I’m thinking of buying more so that I can stock it as my energy/snack bar! 🙂

Toh yuen mooncake - Klang Executive Club-003

Toh yuen mooncake - Klang Executive Club-004

Next I tried the Dragonfruit Snowskin with Yolk Custard.
Fruity & mild flavoured, it’s quite light & again not sweet.
I think it’s great that most mooncakes (or at least the ones I sampled so far) sold currently had reduced much of its sugars and oil in the recipe.
I have always believed that eating well and enjoying your local snacks (kuih, mooncakes, etc) doesn’t have to be a terrible thing. It is all about moderation.

Toh yuen mooncake - Klang Executive Club

Having said that, I thought the dragonfruit mooncake could do with a thinner snowskin and more pronounced dragonfruit flavour.

Toh yuen mooncake - Klang Executive Club-005

The Pandan Snowskin with ‘Egg Yolk’. The yolk was more of a powdery custard and again I found the skin too thick for my liking.
The pandan paste has a nice pandan aroma though.

Toh yuen mooncake - Klang Executive Club-002

Lastly is the most basic of all mooncakes – the Baked Lotus Paste. This was pretty standard but one thing worth noting is the nice and thin baked crust.

toh yuen klang executive club - mooncakes-001

toh yuen klang executive club - mooncakes

To order your mooncakes, contact +603 – 33446806, 3344 3888 or pick up at Klang Executive Club, Persiaran Bukit Raja 2, Klang.
Price starts from RM10.50 per mooncake to RM66.00 for a box set.

About Klang Executive Club:
Founded by Acmar International in 1987, KEC is known to be the established sports and leisure venue in Bandar Baru Klang.
It has been promoting sporting activities for its members on a regular basis especially in the field of badminton and swimming.
The Toh Yuen Restaurant offers authentic Chinese recipes and specialises in Cantonese cuisine. The Exec Chef is Chef Tee Leong Sin and the dim sum chef is Chef David Yeoh.
The restaurants caters to weddings and functions as well as it can accommodate up to 500 guests at any one time.
There are 6 private VIP rooms available for smaller gatherings.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    tantalising pics! i’ve recently started to like dragon fruit, and now i try to order it whenever i see it as an ingredient (salads with dragon fruit, cocktails with dragon fruit, etc) 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Ohh my current obsession is BEETROOT! I’ll order it with anything! 😀

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