Mooncakes 2016: Hilton KL – gold dusted snowskin – ‘Imperial by Chynna’

This is my first year enjoying the mooncakes from Hilton Kuala Lumpur.
Yes, that sounds unbelievable right?

I’ve heard positive reviews of Chynna’s mooncakes but somehow none has ever made its way into my greedy tummy.
I’ve tasted their Snow Skin Amaretto Lotus Paste with Blueberry Cheese Feuillantine once at the annual Mid Valley Mooncake fair but I’ve never actually ate a range of mooncakes from Hilton.


This year, I snagged not one, but FOUR incredible mooncakes from Hilton!

Top of the pick is this year’s Imperial Chynna which blew my mind.


I’m not a chocolate fan to begin with; yet this Snowskin Varholna with Figs in Lotus Paste was so lip -smacking good that I didn’t want to share.

The velvety chocolate took centre stage and I liked the bits of figs which gave a bit of chew as you savour each bite. The lotus paste was mellow and not overly sweet.
I could finish half a mooncake and not felt “jelak“.

I declare this is a MUST-BUY for 2016!



I have a nice video filmed but I’m having WIFI issues here in Singapore (yes, who would have thought right?) so I’ll be uploading the video later.

VIDEO: Unboxing 4 delicious mooncakes from Chynna, Hilton KL

*Video to be uploaded


In summary, all 4 mooncakes that I’ve tried are worth buying with the Imperial Chynna being one of the best snowskin in KL right now.

The Snowskin Durian Musang King (RM52/pc) is not to be missed either. Look at the amount of the durian pulp within the thin skin!

As it is, the Tiffin case in pretty blue and elegant red are definitely worth the RM118 price tag!


Durian Musang King (RM52/pc)


BAKED MOONCAKES: Red bean with Almond Flake (RM30/pc) and Lotus Paste with Single Yolk (RM30/pc)


As pictured above, the mooncakes are encased in a delicate film of baked skin and fine textured paste.

For those seeking a superior lotus paste mooncake, this is it – non-greasy, not sweet and velvety on the tongue.

WHERE TO BUY: Flavours and prices





The mooncake festival is just a few days away so be quick if you would like to grab one of these gorgeous tiffin carries box.
I got a crimson one but I’m thinking the blue version is too pretty to pass up!

You will have to touch one to understand as it is not merely stitched with velvet or brocade but a thick, embossed leather-like material.
Superior finishing and definitely a conversation starter, this Tiffin Box may be one of Hilton’s best mooncake box yet!


For enquiries or mooncake purchase, call +603 2264 2596 or visit


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