Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt, Hartamas Shopping Centre

The yogurt craze has hit town.
Who/which brand has pioneered it is debatable (Tutti Fruitti? Kindori? ) & which is the best is remains an open contest (Tutti Fruitti? Kindori? Snogurt- SS15? Spoon at MV?), but seeing the wave of obsession that hit cupcakes, macarons & doughnuts, I’m pretty certain yogurt could take off in popularity just as those desserts had.

And just last weekend, I discovered another yogurt kiosk while I was Plaza Damas for desserts at the Haute Food Company. Yup, Li bakes wonderful desserts -(review HERE & HERE) & that is about all the reasons I have to head to Plaza Damas.

However, with MOO COW yogurt kiosk on the 2nd floor of Hartamas Shopping Centre, I might come here even more regularly than before! 😉

moo cow frozen yogurt-7

Passing by, I was handed a small sample of Moo Cow’s “Original” yogurt to sample. Stuffed as I was, I couldn’t resist ;-).

moo cow frozen yogurt-3

Verdict? It was really good! Somewhat creamier & less tart than it’s competitors, Moo Cow’s yogurt are fuller in body & not as “icy” or “sorbet – like“.

Meet Clifford – the guy behind Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt. He aims to open at least another 10 outlets this 2011 alone.

moo cow frozen yogurt-2

Clifford explained that Moo Cow’s yogurt USP (unique selling point) lies in the fact that they use live ABT culture & absolutely no powder mix, unlike its competitors. The final product is a mix of yogurt, milk & certain ‘stabilisers”. The culture used is actually a product from his own fermentation. Sugar is used very conservatively in Moo Cow’s yogurt, which currently has only 2 flavours – Original (a bit of cane sugar) & Mango (no sugar added at all).

moo cow frozen yogurt-6

Why 2 flavours? Well, Clifford is currently experimenting with some other fruits, but is keeping the QC (quality control) by launching only 2. Other flavours will be added gradually, and only when they have met his expectations.
Hey, as a fussy foodie myself, I can’t argue with such philosophy. 😉

Prices are very reasonable even by my scrooge standards. LOL.

moo cow frozen yogurt-1
The portions are pretty big as you can see from the cups we ordered. Much better than another outlet where one pull of the lever from the yogurt dispenser sets you back almost RM10 or more. Ahem..

moo cow frozen yogurt (2)

Below: Additional toppings for RM1.00 only with a whole gamut of choices too.

moo cow frozen yogurt-5

I love the colours & set up at Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt’s kiosk. Come to think of it, it is almost like a cafe actually, with comfortable tables & chairs for patrons to rest their feet & enjoy some local, freshly made yogurt while they idly read, or just people watch. Perfect for those in need of “me time” . 😉

moo cow frozen yogurt-4

moo cow frozen yogurt-7

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt,
2nd floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre (same floor as Rakuzen, Times Books Store)
Sri Hartamas.

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  1. Sean

    yay to his mission for 10 outlets in 2011! i guess most of us still prefer ice cream compared to yogurt, but we all could use a healthier alternative. and yeah, it’s a lot more refreshing on a hot day compared to doughnuts and cupcakes 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      But this will be popular with girls! Hehe.. less err… guilt. So the BFs also has to follow along.. So you can imagine the college crowd for this.

      Then young urban females.
      Then families who are concerned abt their kids’ junk intake..

      Damn.. maybe I should start “wackybecky froyo” !

  2. ai wei

    ahh, do hope this come nearer to heart of KL lar

    1. rebeccasaw

      Soon I guess! cos Clifford said 10 outlets by end of this year!

  3. augustdiners

    can he open a yoghurt place right in front of my house? pls pls? i’ll be his favourite customer! hehehe

    mmm. i think u are the right person to recommend WHICH is the BEST fro-yo outlet in town. I’ll just go with your recommendation as i cant be bothered trying ’em all! 😀
    Besides, im also very curious to know the difference, since so far i can’t really tell.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haah.. so far I like this one.
      Next to try is Snogurt at Taylors College & Ilovespoon at MV.

    1. rebeccasaw

      The taste of the yogurt more important! ;p
      BUt good marketing anyhow!

  4. Aza

    I was there when they first opened the kiosk in Plaza Damas and they had a special which was the double flavor swirl of original and mango plus free toppings 😀 and I’ll definitely come back for the cheaper bigger portions 🙂 and i totally love the concept 🙂

  5. there's one opened at the gardens now!


    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yess!!! Now they rotate their flavours every week too! 🙂

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