Molten salted egg yolk cake @ Softcore Sunway

What do you do on a Sunday?
My Sundays are pretty standard if I’m in town. I hike, I write and I explore for new dining options.

I’ve known about Softcore for sometime but the location was a deterrent. Sunway is one area I avoid like a plague.
On a Sunday however, traffic and parking woes aren’t as bad. Since I had a willing driver last Sunday, we found ourselves in the spacious and minimalist decorated outlet in less than 20 minutes from Bangsar.

I eyed the outdoor seating longingly but it was presently occupied by 2 large groups.

Darn‘, I had thought. There goes my photos.


Once inside I warmed up to the high ceilings and roomy interior.
Such spaces have always been my weakness.
However the dimmer interior nearer to the back of the outlet isn’t great for photography so we moved to the sofa nearer to the glass entrance after a while.

You will notice that I didn’t manage to grab my signature cafe exterior shot and neither any OOTD or interior shots on this visit.
I’ll update this post with more pictures soon as I think the shots would turn out better on a less packed day.

As it is, I got stares from the other patrons even while I was taking photos of my own order (the cake).
You would think they would staring after my photography was done. But no, they had to stare at me as I ate it too.

Anyhow, at the first forkful I forgot about everyone (and everything) else.
Whoa.. the core of salted egg yolk is fabulously rich (possibly overly rich for some) and the thickest version I’ve had so far in comparison to the ones I’ve tried in Singapore, in our local salted egg yolk croissants and even the ones I’ve tried in Hong Kong.

Yes, this cake was undeniably fantastically done.


Being the curious foodie that I am, I “dissected” the cake and studied it.

Ah.. a moist cake encasing 2 separate layers of thick liquid, the inner core being salted egg yolk custard and another sweet liquid form (Belgian white chocolate) which I didn’t fancy as much since it was too sweet for my personal palate.
Overall textures were credited to the flurry of crumble, cornflakes and rice puffs.

The curry leaves might come across as superfluous material as it didn’t add flavor (nor aroma) directly to the dish. However, after years of interviewing chefs and studying about food and ingredients, I have learnt that most (keyword : ‘most’) chefs would not add an element to a dish unless there is a purpose.
The leaves shined with oil (which I figured that it was fried) and thus was edible.


I added a leaf to my next spoonful and shoved everything into mouth.
As I chew, bites where I teared at the curry leaf infused into the salted egg yolk custard and everything else within my mouth cavity and the result was a medley of flavours laced with the aroma of the leaves.
It was an interesting mouthful and I would encourage you not to push aside the leaves, as most people would.

I had a bit of reservations on the texture of the cake as well, as to most it would appear “wet“.
From the taste it was fine though I reckon that most Malaysians expect it to be spongy and light like the commonly available lava cakes.
Well, it isn’t.
Try it anyways.
Like I said, eat everything in a mouthful; vanilla ice cream, cake, fillings, curry leaves, crumbles and all. You might love it.


A warning here though; I think this is best shared. It started to get cloying by the 3rd spoonful for me, but I suspect it could be that I was stuffed from the earlier meal I had.

I aim to revisit Softcore soon as I have a few friends interested to try this too. Besides, Softcore has just launched their savoury menu.
Do you know that they smoke their own salmon, prepare their own brisket and ribs?


We took a “Molten Cake Set with Coffee” priced at RM21.i90.

Softcore Cafe
Address: No. 56, Jalan PJS 11/7,
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Subang Jaya

Mon-Thu: 11:30 am – 11:30 pm
Fri-Sat: 11:30 am – 12:30 am
Sun: 11:30 am – 11:30 pm
Contact: +60 3-5613 7273
FB : (cheeky ain’t it?) 🙂

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