MML Tiles Makeover Winners Interview – Part 2 – Bathroom makeover!

Done with PORCH and LIVING ROOM winners interviews, last is the the bathroom makeover winner!

The winner – Loh Chia Hur a single father taking care of his school going daughter and a son who just started working.

The house appeared quite empty and lacked a woman’s touch but the father was determined to renovate the house improve its Feng Shui. Being a handyman and a jack of all trades, the father was a very involved with the renovation process, absorbing all information given by MML when it came to renovating the bathroom.

MML Bathroom Makeover

Before the renovation process began, the bathroom looked dirty, with mosaics that were 27 years old. Additionally, the tiles were water weathered and leaked into the bedroom, spoiling wooden floors. With MML’s help, the bathroom now looks amazing as it creates a visually bigger space, and the owner is happy.

Before pictures: 

MML Bathroom Makeover-001

MML Bathroom Makeover-002

MML Bathroom Makeover-003

MML Bathroom Makeover-004

After pictures:

MML Bathroom Makeover-005

MML Bathroom Makeover-006

MML Bathroom Makeover-007

MML Bathroom Makeover-008


Bathroom Winner: Loh Chia Hur

1)     How do you feel about the makeover?

Well, naturally, my family and I are thrilled about it. We’ve been waiting to renovate the bathroom for a very long time. My only wish is that my mum who passed on earlier this year was here to see it. 

2)     Do you that it is a big difference from before?

Definitely. The old bathroom was old and had to be improved. The current bathroom looks really fresh and modern.

3)     Why did you want the makeover?

Well, truth be told, the old bathroom was really old. I mean, it had not been renovated since I was a child. Ever, I think! So when I found out about the contest, I figured it was a good opportunity to get something done. Fortunately, we won and now have a nicer looking bathroom.

4)     Did you get to choose the tiles yourself?

Yes, my family and I did.

5)     When it comes to MML tiles, what is your opinion?

The quality is really solid. The patterns and designs are pretty cool too.

6)     What will you do to show off the new look?

Well, a lot of relatives come and stay over during Chinese New Year, so I would say that that’s exactly what I’d do. I’d have a CNY party and show it off!

Well, congratulations again to all the winners! Here’s wishing them a Happy 2013 and I hope MML would generously run this makeover contest again this year to bring hope & cheer to all house owners again! :DD

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  1. sycookies

    This is great. Reminds me of a Singapore show I once watched.

  2. Caron

    If there’s another one tis year, I’ll be sure to take part!

  3. Felicia

    My room needs a makeover, with a built in wardrobe hopefully, lol!

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