MML Tiles Makeover Living Room & Porch Winners Interview

Remember the MML Tile Makeover Contest | The renovation is already done! Let’s us look at how their new living space and front porch look like as compared to the past and see what they have got to say about these new transformations!

Living Room: The family who won the living room makeover is a Malay family in Semenyih. Having lived in the house for almost 10 years they had undertaken all sorts of renovation from a new garage roof to 2 separate tiles re-working on their driveway.

Richard, the designer, found a few problems after further inspection. Firstly, water had leaked in from an unknown source where the water penetrated into previous tiles and become stained. Additionally, hollow tiles found at few corners which is considered to be a high risk area resulting in broken tiles.

Adding on to the problem was the fact that grouting was not done properly, allowing bacteria to accumulate within the grout line. This was not hygienic especially when children running around and playing on the tiles. With 3 daughters the family spent a lot of time in the living room. They watched TV, had their meals together and did their homework there.

Taking all these into consideration MML helped them re-tile their entire living room to create a very cozy and beautiful family space they can enjoy together.

Before Pictures.

MML - Living Room Makeover

MML - Living Room Makeover

MML - Living Room Makeover-001

MML - Living Room Makeover-002

Renovation work in progress:

MML - Living Room Makeover-003

Living Room Winner: Nik Suria Anilah Wan Abdullah

1) How do you feel about the makeover?
I feel happy with the new makeover. The feeling I get just thinking about it is indescribable. Every day, while I head back home, I can’t help but feel excited.

2) Do you think that it is a big difference from before?
My living room looks a lot different compared to how it was before. Thanks to the makeover, it is now a lot more elegant  and beautiful especially with the customized MML tiles.  With the new living room, my entire family feels really happy and we spend a lot of quality time together indoors.

3) Why did you want a makeover?
Previously, my living room was ugly to tell you the truth! There were huge gaps between the tiles and it gave out a really weird noise whenever anyone walked on it. It used to really turn me off that I never spent much time there.

4) Did you get to choose the tiles yourself?
Yes! MML was so kind as we were a big part of the selection process.

5) When it comes to MML tiles, what is your opinion?
I’m really grateful to MML for making my dreams come true. My family and I also impressed with the new living hall design. MML tiles are gorgeous and it looks really classy. The designs are unique and attractive. It is definitely a brand that I would recommend to my family and friends.

6) What will you do to show off the new look?
I have painted my hall a new color, bought a new sofa & furniture to boost up my lovely living hall tiles.

7) Prior to this, did you know about MML tiles?
Yes, I did, but when I saw the designs, I simply assumed that it would be expensive because the designs were beautiful. Now I realize that there are many price ranges and that at the end of the day, quality tiles are a must!

After Pictures.

MML - Living Room Makeover-001

MML - Living Room Makeover-002

MML - Living Room Makeover-004

MML - Living Room Makeover-005

MML - Living Room Makeover-006

MML - Living Room Makeover-007

Porch: The home belongs to a closely knit Chinese family where the owners take care of 5-7 kids at any given time since other than their 3 children they also take care of their nephews and nieces as well.

The kids spend their free time playing games and making art. Their art forms vary from poster paintings, to egg shell animal caricatures, and room filling wall murals.

Now, in addition to this, the kids also like be kids and just run around and play. The porch would seem to be the perfect place if not for a huge crack that runs across it and even up a wall into the neighbors’ home.

The major issue was improper done concrete base that was done initially. So the family will actually need to replace the concrete instead of just the tiles since the damage has run deep below. Furthermore, stagnant water during the rainy season and slippery surface are problems that worsen the porch problem.

With the makeover completed, the parents and their little ones are thrilled because the porch is now safer, more aesthetically pleasing and roomier, making it better to run around.

Porch Winner: Chin Siew Gaik

1)     How do you feel about the makeover?
My family and I and incredibly thrilled! The porch looks amazing and it gives the entire house a whole new look.

2)     Do you think that it is a big difference from before?

The difference is not just in the aesthetics. While it certainly looks a whole lot better compared to before, one of the key differences is that it is a lot safer now. The previous tiles we had became very slippery every time it got wet. As a matter of fact, a few family members had taken nasty spills. With the MML makeover, it feels safe because the tiles aren’t slippery anymore.

3)     Why did you want the makeover
Well, we were actually planning on renovating the porch anyway. However, before we could source for contractors or tile manufactures, my son came home one day when he saw an ad in the paper. We decided to submit an entry. I was very surprised and very happy when we won.

4)     Did you get to choose the tiles yourself?
Yes I did. This was definitely one of the best things about the makeover.

5)     When it comes to MML tiles, what is your opinion?
I believe that it is great quality tiles and that I would definitely use it in other parts of my house. The designs are stunning and it is completely different from anything else out there in my opinion.

6)     What will you do to show off the new look?
Well, a party of course! I also cant wait for Chinese New Year 2013 so everyone can come and not just appreciate the beauty of the tiles, but also to walk without having to worry about keeling over!

Before Pictures.

MML - Porch Makeover

MML - porch Makeover 01

MML - porch Makeover 02

MML - porch Makeover 03

Renovation work in progress.

MML - porch Makeover 04

After Pictures.

MML-poarch makeover

MML-poarch makeover-001

MML-poarch makeover-002

MML-poarch makeover-003

MML-poarch makeover-004

MML - Porch Makeover-001

MML - Porch Makeover-002

There’s one more winner with the awesome transformation coming up! Stay tuned to see how MML Tile Makeover Contest made this happen for these lucky winners!

If anyone is planning to renovate your home or to change a new set of tiles for your spaces? You may want to check out some of these tips here and here before you begin your drilling and hammering.

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  1. Michelle Chow

    aww lucky winners! I wish I could participate and try my luck to win and make my parents happy

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, I hope there will be another contest like this soon :DD Maybe for this year they will repeat it?

  2. Gregory

    Home makeovers are not cheap. Lucky people!

  3. veron

    Timely renovation work done for the new year!

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