Mission Wrap – creating the longest wrap in Malaysia

Mission Wraps, one of the world’s largest tortilla wrap brand will be attempting to make the longest wrap in Malaysia this Saturday. 8th June 2013. The wrap, made with over a thousand wraps will be an attempt for an entry into the Malaysian Book of Records and is open to the public.
So come one, come all! Let’s join the effort and have a feast of the wrap! 🙂

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining

Mission Wraps are soft, flatbreads made out of wheat flour and is known as tortilla wraps in some parts of the world. It is flavoursome, nutritious and claimed to have fewer calories than bread making it the preferred choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime of the day.

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-044

Just like bread, the possibilities is only limited to your imagination. Last week a bunch of us from the media was in for a treat with a hands-on cooking session.
We cooked using the wraps following a few modern and delicious recipes.

Mission wrap - F Concept Dining-004

These recipes incorporated simple ingredient and can be produced in a matter of minutes.

Chef Albert from F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchen in Telawi, Bangsar took us through 3 recipes, starting with an appetizer of nachos, then a “main” course of curry chicken wrap and wrapping things up (pun intended) with a sweet dessert – Apple Cinnamon Wrap.

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-007

The first made use of Mission Wrap Tortilla Chips. We cut some fresh salmon, squeezed some lemon juice, added chopped onions and fresh avocadoes for a simple canape.

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-013

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-015

Next was a seafood pizza. Instead of rolling out fresh dough a smarter substitution would be a wrap!
Just heat the wrap on a pan, spread some tomato sauce for the base, add whatever toppings you wish, cover with cheese and shove into the oven for 15 minutes or so, depending on your toppings.

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-017

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-016

Since its thin it worked nicely for a thin crust pizza, which is the type that I liked.  Now I can make pizzas everyday! 🙂

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-018

Moving on we got started on the curry. Ours that day was simple; cubes of chicken breast pan-fried, ginger, chillies, some spices and curry powder and of course, coconut milk. Chef Albert asked us to add apples at the last part to sweeten the curry.

Mission wrap - F Concept Dining-019

For crispy tortillas, warm the tortillas in a skillet on the stove top before you add your fillings. Once you got the fillings in, quickly fold, roll or wrap it up before it gets cold.

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-023

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-026

“Apple Cinnamon Wrap” was given a twist by having it breaded before deep-frying. It turned out quite well for me as I made sure I didn’t roll it too many times. And thus my wrap has a nice, thin crispy layer.

Mission wrap - F Concept Dining-027jpg

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-033

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-034

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-035

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-038

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-039

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-040

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-041

And of course I stuffed mine as fat as possible! 😀

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-043

Thanks Mission Wrap for the productive afternoon preparing my own lunch and the tortilla wraps. It’s been my breakfast and lunch for the past one week. I find it perfect as a pizza base and I have since replaced my daily bread with Mission Wraps.
I usually had it toasted with butter and kaya and then dipped into my soft boiled eggs, rolled with omelette and tuna and even with peanut butter, pineapple, bananas and avocado spread! 🙂

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-001

Next week I’ll attempt to make some hummus which is perfect paired with both the tortilla chips and wraps. Hummus keeps well and is healthier spread compared to peanut butter.

Mission Wrap-F Concept Dining-006

For sampling and some Mission Wrap fun, head over to Paradigm Mall tomorrow!
The exact venue is the concourse area and time is from 10 am – 10 pm. Participants will get a T-short and a certification of participation plus lots of goodies (Mission Wraps and Tortilla Chips I hope!).
And of course, if you help to create the wrap, you’ll be a part of history. Plus, you can eat the wrap after the event! 😀

Celebrity chef Chef Zam will also make an appearance to demonstrate the various ways to make healthy, delicious wraps between 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm.

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  1. IcedNyior

    Ooo I like mission wraps but nice to see they’re amping up their marketing efforts (or maybe I didnt really notice it before?). Another snack i like to do is brush the wrap with a bit of melted butter and bake it in the oven as chips.

  2. Jenny

    There’s so much you can do with a wrap! good thing about Mission Wrap is you can eat it on it’s own. Not too doughy /rubbery and pretty wholesome tasting

  3. Veron

    Ohh I can see that “becky can cook!” 🙂

  4. nurulidayah mursid

    Where I can find mission wrap products in sabah??

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