MIGF 2013 – Five Sen5es, Westin Kuala Lumpur

The MIGF month is barely 2 weeks away. Have you checked out the menus of the 28 participating restaurants? If yes, which one are you planning to sample? 🙂

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I begin my MIGF rounds at Westin Hotel KL recently. Both Qba Latin Bar & Grill and Five Sen5es are participating in the MIGF this year.

I have always favoured Westin Dining for their Qba Latin Bar & Grill which serves really good steaks. As you would have probably realized by now, I’m a bloodthirsty carnivore and if you see the QBA MIGF menu you would be salivating too.
Meanwhile Five Sen5es rates highly for its porky dim sum (though might be a tad heavy flavoured for some) and innovative Cantonese cuisine.
The fundamental concept of using the 5 senses to enjoy your food – sense of sight, smell, hear, touch and taste serves to make you appreciate your meal better.

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For MIGF this year Five Sen5es offers a 6 course meal at a reasonable price of RM190++ without wine. I said reasonable because you are served 2 main course; one a 200g cod which would have cost you anywhere between RM90 – RM120 elsewhere and another which comes with half a giant prawn.

Main 1: Fish Fillet with Duet Corn in Crab Meat Sauce.

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Main 2: Steamed Red Rice with Abalone, Fresh River Prawn and Shrimp Gravy.

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The lovely seafood soup with wonderful, deep flavours evident from hours of double boiling is the very epitome of a good Chinese soup. At the very start of the meal, the delicious starters of Three Hot Delicacies gave an accurate prelude for the rest of the meal.

Double-boiled Seafood Dumpling Consommé served in Whole Coconut.

migf menu - review five sen5es Westin kuala lumpur-004

Three Hot DelicaciesDeep-fried stuffed Fresh Oyster, Foie Gras and Duck Roll, Steamed stuffed Fish Maw. 

migf menu - review five sen5es Westin kuala lumpur-001

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Each of the hot delicacies came with its own luxury element; starting with fish maw, followed by the foie gras for the duck roll and lastly the shell; stuffed amply with sweet shredded crabmeat concealing a fat oyster within.
Portions are big even for the appetisers. By the time I finished the soup, I had to take a long break before continuing my meal.

migf menu - review five sen5es Westin kuala lumpur-002

Speaking of the soup, the Double Boiled Seafood consomme is a clear winner from the MIGF menu. Not just the soup itself, but also the fat scallop, the prawn paste in a shell, the big prawn and the crab-claw.

migf menu - review five sen5es Westin kuala lumpur-006

On the contrary, I didn’t like the pork as much.  2 cubes came sitting in a pool of sauce the mix of soy, black sauce and naunces of loh han guo (Buddha Fruit). The distinctive flavours of the loh han guo made this dish memorable, or for some it could be the thick band of fat on top.
I can name a whole lot of people I know that would have enjoyed this on my behalf!

migf menu - review five sen5es Westin kuala lumpur-007

The rice crackers provided textural differences; imaging chewing mouthfuls of tender braised meat with crunchy crackers dipped in the sauce. If only I had remembered I would have put the piece of pork between the crackers and take a shot as a cracker pork burger! 🙂

migf menu - review five sen5es Westin kuala lumpur-008

The MIGF menu with wines is RM330++. I settled for the non-wine option and chose to enjoy my dinner with the premium teas served here at the Five Sen5es.

migf menu - review five sen5es Westin kuala lumpur

As I dug into my next dish I realized the Chef had planned the entire meal with care. The cod was very easy on the palate with its clean flavours which balanced out the heaviness of the pork earlier. It made senses then; having the pork then only the delicate cod.

migf menu - review five sen5es Westin kuala lumpur-009

I lapped up the fresh pumpkin and tomato blend on this main of “Steamed Red Rice with Abalone, Fresh River Prawn and Shrimp Gravy” next. As I ate I admired the presentation of the dish.
Not bad, I thought. First was soup in a coconut and now a leaf wrapped rice dish with the appetizing hue of sunshine from the gravy on its side.
Truly Five Sen5es indeed.
I must say kudos to Chef Tan who did keep to the concept of the venue. I certainly feasted with my fives senses! :DD

migf menu - review five sen5es Westin kuala lumpur-010

This is Chef Tan’s first foray in MIGF and if I must say he did a good job. Dinner was sealed with the trio of desserts – a chilled taro paste dome with heart of gingko nuts, creamy egg, milk pudding (almost like creme brulee) with an Asian touch with the inclusion of ginseng and lastly the refreshing lemongrass shooter.

migf menu - review five sen5es Westin kuala lumpur-013

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Five Sen5es, 
Level 1, The Westin Kuala Lumpur, 199 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Malaysia.

Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm, Dinner: 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Click here to see the ala carte menu and dim sum menu.
Weekday dim sum buffet is priced at RM48++ and weekend dim buffet at RM68++. For Starwood Privilege, only 20% flat discount is applicable.
Reservations: Tel: +603- 2731 8333

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  1. Genevieve

    Nice! Perfect venue to bring my parents who loves Chinese food and with a twist here and there in the dishes

  2. Yeo

    My parents are frequent diners here. Food is salty yes, but they usually request their favourite dishes so there wasn’t a problem.

  3. daniel

    I like the presentation for sure. Good to know the taste matches the appearance.

  4. Veron

    Ohh your pictures are looking superb becky! So much improvement!

  5. Cal

    Wonderful meal! Love every dish.

  6. marcus

    awesome looking is the crabmeat oyster thingy.

  7. Suki

    You’re right. That’s superb value for RM190++ considering the quality and venue.

  8. cheng cheng

    I would love the pork! I love the fat

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