MIGF 2011 – West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Chinese Master Chef, Chan Choo Kean has never cease to amaze me with his culinary creations & creativity streak.
During the rice dumplings festival, I savoured his whopping 3kg rice dumpling; plus an array of skillfully prepared desserts.

West Lake Garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-19

Then I returned again for his delectable Shuang Wei Mooncakes; all of which were incredibly good, especially the novel ones like Snow Skin Green Tea with Royal Milk Tea and Mocha Paste, Golden Baked Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Salted Dried Shrimp & Snow Skin Chocolate Whisky Paste.

west lake garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-21

That’s Master Chef Chan’s specialty I guess; his touch & ability to create new blend of flavours that works each time. Some chefs does it well, though most chefs’ efforts tend to turn out disastrous.
In Chef Chan’s case, it has been consistently stellar so far!

The sumptuous platter that whets the appetite.

MIGF 2011 - west lake garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa -1

My recent MIGF experience started with a decadent selection of Sze Chuan Beef with Foie Gras stuffed in soft and fluffy Chinese Steamed Bun, Barbecued Chicken Roulade and White Fungus with Pickled Lotus.
Needless to say, the Sze Chuan Beef with Foie Gras was my favourite pick of the platter; as the chinese sauce worked surprisingly well with the usually “westernized” foie gras.

MIGF 2011 - west lake garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Chef Chan also does wonderful soups, a deduction I made after having tried 2 of his soups on 2 different occasions. My previous soup during the mooncake review was the Double-Boiled Soup with Dried Seafood and Cordyceps. I absolutely loved it.

west lake garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-0

For MIGF this year, Chef Chan showcased a simple, clear Organic Chicken Consommé and Baby Abalone with Chrysanthemum and Cordycep. However, don’t let its simple appearance fool you, for it was wonderfully rich in both herbs and flavour.

MIGF 2011 - west lake garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa -2

Next we moved on to the Claypot Braised Salmon with Garlic, Shallot, Ginger and Spring Onion, which came complete with a rattan-like net. Does it symbolise the fish net that caught the salmon I wonder? :P

MIGF 2011 - west lake garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa -3

I find it very “chinese“, and the gravy almost typical of most Asian claypot based dishes.

MIGF 2011 - west lake garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa -4

**Portion: Half a salmon head.

MIGF 2011 - west lake garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa -5

The crowning glory of the MIGF menu has to be this; the majestic Fried Boston Lobster dusted with Salt and Pepper cooked to a crispy perfection.

MIGF 2011 - west lake garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa -6

There were plenty of actual lobster meat underneath the layer of egg dusted with chilli powder, salt & pepper. Though I’m not a crustacean lover, I devoured all of this, all thanks to the tasty, spicy and aromatic coating.

MIGF 2011 - west lake garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa -7

Almost stuffed to the brim by now, I took it easy on the Braised Noodle with Shredded Scallop, Sweet Preserved Vegetable and Eggplant.  I enjoyed the smooth noodles but luckily I saved tummy space for dessert!

MIGF 2011 - west lake garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa -8

The Essence of Emperor Date and Aloe Vera with Fragrant Young Coconut gave a fitting finish to a truly lavish mouth-watering meal.
I’m smitten with this light date puree; which was not too creamy and almost of soupy consistency.
Served steaming hot from a coconut, (admittedly that’s an unexpected twist as most desserts with aloe vera is chilled) this was one of the best chinese desserts I have had this year; nourishing, healthy, not too sweet and unique.

MIGF 2011 - west lake garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa -9

Everything above is the Opulent Jade MIGF Menu for one pax, priced at RM188++. Taking into consideration the lobster, foie gras, the soup and the fact that this is a meal in a 5-star hotel, I thought the price was most reasonable! And Master Chef Chan has certainly convinced me of his culinary prowess and ingenuity.

Do join me to experience the essence of oriental opulence with a taste of the MIGF Menu at West Lake Garden this October. While I would highly recommend the Opulent Jade menu, another alternative is the Luxe Pearl menu, priced at RM138++ per person.

The Luxe Pearl menu starts off with a serving of luscious Venison Ribs dripping with Xi Chiang Glaze, and served with Garlic Cucumber Pickles & Steamed Prawn with Abalone Dumpling.
Soup is Thickened Crab & Cod Fish Soup with Braised Snow Crab Claw Wanton, followed by tender Sizzling Seared Black Peppered Australian Beef with Onion and Garlic Flakes as one of the mains.
Then it’s the Wok Seared Scallop with Herbal Wolfberry and Tsien Jin Cabbage before wrapping it all up with the Wild Glutinous Rice Filled with Lotus Seed, Chestnut & Bamboo Pith.
The dessert, Double Boiled Homemade Almond Tea with Papaya on Egg White ends it all on the right note.

For dining reservations and enquiries on the Restaurant’s Festival menu, please call (6-03) 7492 8000 Ext. 3181.

About West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant:
Located on the Lobby Level of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa with a stunning view of the lagoon….

West Lake Garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-07

……….has 8 private dining rooms that can accommodate between 10 – 20 guests respectively. (pic below: the private rooms are at the far end)

West Lake Garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-04

..boasts of an open & roomy dining area with high ceilings. Perfect for those who appreciate spaciousness.

West Lake Garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-02

Lunch: Open daily 12.00pm – 2.30pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
10.00am – 2.30pm (Sundays & Public Holidays)
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm (Mondays to Sundays).
For reservations, call (6-03) 7495 1888.

All pictures are:
Samsung NX11

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  1. Sean

    Wah, foie gras pau! That’s something that can’t be found at dim sum outlets! And looks like a very reasonable-sized slice of liver too 😀

    1. Rebecca

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  2. nikel

    COntrolling myself from food. :good:

  3. Michelle chin

    It’s good that they are using western foie gras. So far, the foie gras i tried in restaurants can come off very LIVERY.

    1. rebeccasaw

      What do you mean? In chinese restaurants in KL or Aussie?

  4. Isaac Tan

    thanks to you last time, I had the chance to savour the dumplings here. And the lobster looks awesome!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehe..it’s a pleasure having u!
      Like I said, you’re one of the few that appreciates me and my invites!

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