Midsummer Nights Feast 2011 – Master Chef of 5 Elements – Master Chef Moshik Roth (Netherlands)


This is the very week of the Midsummer Nights Feast! And tonight’s menu is masterminded by Master Chef Moshik Roth (Netherlands), a 2-Star Michelin Chef from the Restaurant T’ Brouwerskolkje of Netherlands. Check out his “Water” element menu!

2-Star Michelin  Chef Moshik Roth

Element: Water
From The Land of Omniscient Waters

Master Chef Moshik Roth (Netherlands)
2-Star Michelin Chef
Restaurant T’ Brouwerskolkje, Netherlands

In the “Land of Omniscient Waters” at Haarlem only 30 minutes from Amsterdam, T’ Brouwerskolkje is led by 2-Star Michelin Chef Moshik Roth, who travels regularly to collaborate with 3-Star Michelin Chef Jean-Gorges Klein of l’Arnsbourg restaurant in Alsace.

Brouwerskolkje is certainly unique in that the restaurant has only six tables, and reservations are highly suggested. The menu is created from a mix of both classical and molecular techniques (molecular gastronomy*) and the presentation is often as interesting as the cuisine.

Chef Moshik continually tries to create the ultimate taste sensation to encapsulate the essence of his inspiration, working with many diverse products, flavours and techniques. Involving his entire team, he strives to create dishes that are unique by continually experimenting and mastering the key values of creativity which makes Brouwerskolkje unique.

Together with his team, they travel around the world in search of new flavours and textures, yet they never forget their roots to be inspired by the “nature around them” in the Netherlands – as water always finds its own level in balance with Nature.

“It‟s not always about luxury and exclusive products,
but rather the combination of fresh tasty products –
that‟s the basis of good food.”

“Cooking is more than behind the stove.
It runs on ideas with experimenting and daring.
And those ideas come at the strangest moments.
It always comes suddenly …. in places you would not expect …”

* “Molecular Gastronomy” also known as “post-modern” or “experimental” cooking is a culinary development which takes advantage of scientific innovations to investigate and explain the chemical and physical reasons behind food transformations and processes. Its objective is not to totally alter the concept of cooking, but rather to find new ways of expanding existing foundations of culinary techniques and applications. Hence, its approach is emphasised by the motivation to explore, experiment and ultimately, create new recipes to elicit new culinary“emotions” which take into account the social, artistic and technical components of the culinary experience as a whole.


Aromas, Flavours, Textures

Sea Abstract
Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Salty Plants, Sea Urchin Emulsion, Virtual Seaweed and Caviar

Amalfi Coast…
Datterino Tomato Spaghetti, Parmesan Reggiano, Basil, Olive Oil, Sea Flavour

On the Rocks…
Seabass, Miso Cream, Mushrooms, Radish, Kumquat, Elderflower Vinegar

Seaweed, Lobster, Langoustine, Gamba Carabineros, Jasmin Rice Foam, Lemongrass

Whisky Sour, Lemon

I really wish I could be there tonight to taste this! Well, there’s still tomorrow! Let’s hope there’s space left. :P

These 8 exciting nights of culinary authenticity are now available for booking. It’s limited to 130 seats per night at RM385 nett per person; and RM50,000 nett for corporate bookings.

For further enquiries and reservations, please call +603-2782 3855.

In summary, here are the dates for each of the Chef’s dinner:

1 July Chef Jason Koppinger (‘FIRE‘ MENU HERE )

2 July Chef Wai (‘SPACEMENU HERE )

3 July 5 Elements Brunch from 11.30am to 3pm

4 & 5 July Chef Moshik Roth

6 & 7 July Chef Benoit Vidal (7th Jul – FULLY BOOKED) (‘EARTHMENU HERE )

8 July 5 Elements Gala Dinner (CORPORATE NIGHT – non bookable)

1-7 July Chef Manabu Special ala carte menu-Gonbei San (‘AIR‘ MENU HERE )
(** this is the AIR Menu & it’s available all 7 days)

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