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LuxOnU - buy branded handbags cheaper

A lady can’t have too many bags.

I for one, can attest to that.


Now, you wouldn’t want to see my bags collection. It might take me hours to photograph all of them!

I have a tip to share today.
How do you add the latest authentic branded handbags to your collection yet paying way below (read: affordable) retail prices?
No headaches, no worries and be entirely assured that the bags are brand new and genuine?

My relationship from LuxOnU (Luxury On You) goes way back to 2010; blogpost –> HERE.
Marcus (founder & director) had a vision then.
*Photo credit: Ahsan Qureshi Photography.


He wanted to bring luxury bags to the arms of deserving women at a very reasonable price.
To achieve that he did just the opposite from other branded handbag companies who relied on retail stores.  LuxOnU’s bags can only be purchased through its handbag events and corporate partners like banks, slimming companies, corporations and businesses serving women.

In additional to that, Marcus believed in education and had always very generously shared his know-how on the correct methods to identify the fake from the genuine, ways to spot a dubious branded handbag company, the ideal storage options for your bags, the different documentation provided by each brand and so on.

BELOW: Handshake with CIMB Bank CEO Dato Sulaiman Tahir (Marcus on the right).
*Photo credit: Ahsan Qureshi Photography


To him, it wasn’t just a sale. All his clients (or non-clients) are friends and his aim to bring happiness to families through branded handbags as illustrated by LuxOnU’s tagline “Happiness Through Handbags”.  He believes that for any family to be happy, the lady at home needs to be happy first.

That said, LuxOnU has since evolved from organizing luxury handbag sales in major corporations to supplying branded handbags in bulk to banks, credit card redemption companies and businesses women love to visit.

Their products, services and knowledge related to luxury handbags are second to none.

The current hot handbags are the Michael Kors (MK) Selma and LuxOnU are offering these at RM600 off the retail price.
1) MK Selma Navy
2) MK Selma Pink
3) MK Selma Black
Think of it like a “Michael Kors Handbag Sale in Malaysia” but only at selected trusted and reputable partners’ venues. Unconventional, isn’t it?
To grab one in the recent event, you are only required to signup for any CIMB product (existing ones doesn’t count) be it a credit card, a unit trust or secure some money into a CIMB FD account.

event brochure

That’s it.
And one of these pink/navy/black MK Selma could be yours. Demand has been so great that orders placed now will take a few weeks to arrive.

LuxOnU - Michael kors - Opening of CIMB Bank taman equine -001

Guess which colour I would choose? 🙂

MK Selma Zinnia 2

MK Selma Navy Blue 2

LuxOnU has successfully and repetitively collaborated with various banks and corporations since its inception in 2009.
Now, all these companies wouldn’t be working with LuxOnU and Marcus if the items (handbags) from LuxOnU are not 100% genuine yes?
LuxOnU has solid credibility in the market so be assured of authenticity and trustworthy after-sales service when you become the proud owner of a handbag from LuxOnU.

LuxOnU - Michael kors - Opening of CIMB Bank taman equine -003

Last but not least, LUxOnU welcome businesses who would like to drive their sales, whether it is a bank, an insurance company or basically any products or services targeted at women. You may just see handbags but LuxOnU has its interesting ways to boost your business with the use of ladies’ best friend, handbags!
Please contact them if your company is seeking for such collaborations – eg: drive product sign-ups, staff incentives & loyalty programs.
You can drop me or Marcus an email at [email protected] ! 🙂

More about LuxOnU:

Brands available:
Michael Kors, Coach, LongChamp, Chanel, Prada, Hermes, Gucci, Kate Spade, Burberry, Aigner, Calvin Klein, Ferragamo and Bottega Venetta.
Product range: Handbags, wristlets, wallets and purses.

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