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After all that traveling I got home to one hell of a messy house! My luggage from previous trips wasn’t even unpacked yet, my souvenirs scattered all over the place and my fridge had quite a mountain of expired food!

But the first part of the house I tackled was the bathroom. Why?

Method Malaysia - Post 2

Well, cos I have new products to try that’s why! 🙂

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-022

Remember I was saying about washing my bathroom with my method set ‘loo crew bathroom kit?
Well, I finally put them into good use. I followed the instructions and got everything done in 30 minutes. It could have been less than 15 minutes, considering that my bathroom isn’t that big, but I left the solution on each surface for a while just in case. 🙂

First to tackle – the toilet bowl. Here I am squeezing the Antibac Toilet under the rims, on top, on the seat and bottom of the toilet bowl.

Method Malaysia - Post 2-001

Method Malaysia - Post 2-002

Method Malaysia - Post 2-003

As printed on the bottle, it’s as simply as twisting the cap and squeeze.

Method Malaysia - Post 2-004

1. to clean: Twist to open. squirt under rim. Brush. Flush. Done.
2. to sanitize: Empty toilet bowl, squirt to cover surface, wait 5 minutes, then brush and flush.
3. to disinfect: Empty toilet bowl, squirt to cover surface, wait 10 minutes, then brush and flush.

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-019

I did exactly that. Squirt here and there, then run the brush over a bit and flush/wash it with water.

Method Malaysia - Post 2-018

Method Malaysia - Post 2-019

The rest of the bathroom gets the method bathroom cleaner.

Method Malaysia - Post 2-012

As per instructions printed on its back – spray, wipe, admire. Suitable for showers, tiles, fixtures, chrome and tub.

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-017

So I went trigger happy. 😀

Method Malaysia - Post 2-005

The toilet seat covers, toilet water tank, the bathroom walls, the mirrors, the bathroom fixtures, the sink, bottom of toilet bowl all gets a refreshing spritz of method bathroom cleaner. 

Method Malaysia - Post 2-006

Method Malaysia - Post 2-007

Method Malaysia - Post 2-008

Method Malaysia - Post 2-009

Method Malaysia - Post 2-011

And the floor as well!

Method Malaysia - Post 2-010

To wipe, I used the usual green washing mat. No much energy was required as the grime came out easily enough as I ran the mat over the surfaces.

Method Malaysia - Post 2-013

Method Malaysia - Post 2-015

Method Malaysia - Post 2-016

Method Malaysia - Post 2-020

As I rinsed the walls, sink and floor, I could see the brownish dirt/grime coming off the surfaces. And as I worked, I felt accomplished as I saw the grime being washed away. I had the kitchen, fridge, the living and bedroom floors next to tackle but at least the worst one – the bathroom is done. And easily too.
I should check out other method products since it’s so simple to use and work marvelously. The scent is soothing as well, fresh and sweet minus the usual sharp disinfectant smell that makes you want to get the cleaning over quickly because it’s starting to sting your nostrils or worse, eyes.

Method Malaysia - Post 2-017

Last but not least, the method Daily Shower. This works as a maintenance agent as it helps to conserve the clean surface after a washing session. This makes your next cleaning session an easier one since the grime/dust/dirt would not stick so much to the area.
You don’t even have to rinse after spraying this on.

Method Malaysia - Post 2-022

The result of all that hard work. A sparkling clean, germless bathroom!

Method Malaysia - Post 2-023

Method Malaysia - Post 2-021

Now if you would excuse me, I need a shower myself, in my newly “showered” bathroom. :DD

This is what I’ve been using lately – the method Pour Naked mosturizing body wash. Great natural scent (not the heavily perfumed ones) and it uses all natural ingredients namely aloe and olive leaves. It works up a good lather as you scrub and leaves my birthday suit clean minus the dryness I usually experienced from my previous gels/soaps. A little goes a long way so I think this bottle will last me about 4 months.


Alright. Bathroom done. Laundry next! 😀

A little bit about method Malaysia:
Fouunded in 2000 by 2 young guys – Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan
Mission: to inspire a happy, healthy home revolution.
Objective: method has been working to design the smartest, greenest and best-looking cleaning products on the market; using safe and sustainable materials, manufactured responsibly. and that also means no animal testing.
Products and PRICES:
fabric care – laundry detergent, softener
hand care
body care
botanical antibacterial cleaners
all-purpose cleaners
bathroom cleaners
specialty cleaners (stainless steel, granite, wood)
floor cleaners

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  1. Carie Sharlow

    Sustainable products are the way to go. I’m a strong advocate of organic and environmental friendly products

  2. Sunshine Kelly

    your bathroom so sparkly, i have not try method bathroom products yet 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Oh, which method products have you tried then? Must be the body range?

  3. Yeo

    Where’s the picture of Becky scrubbing the floors? On your knees please.

  4. daniel

    There must be a picture of you in action here. Come on, post one up Becky!

  5. Veron

    Bathroom cleaning looks so easy now! 😀

  6. cheng cheng

    I’ll definitely try method. The products sounds really marvelous; environmentally friendly, nice smelling and easy to use!

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