MELAKA: Restaurant Dong Fung Yong Tau Foo & fishballs & delicious fish head noodles for breakfast!

Since I’m on the subject of yong tau foo and best fishballs in Melaka (have you read my latest post – best fishballs in Bee Bee Hiong ? It’s HERE if you haven’t! 🙂 ), I decided to keep the momentum going with this yong tau foo in Restoran Dong Fung on Jalan Temenggor which I had visited last month.

yong tau food melaka - cheng fong - best

I was warned that the queue is long but worth the wait. Anyhow my obsession with good fishballs would make me wait anyways.

This yong tau foo has been in business for over 40 years, but was only selling from its current location for the past 16 years or so; Vincent, a local Malaccan boy had told me.

dong fung restoran melaka yong tau foo

I was there on a weekday morning and business was brisk as forewarned. But the freshly made, springy and suitably fishy fishballs was certainly worth trying.
We love the kuey teow here too; thicker, slightly chewy and delicious tossed in oil, shallots and garnished with spring onions.
I sipped on the clear, sweet soup and felt my insides warmed up. What a wonderful simple meal for breakfast; I thought. High protein, low fat and low MSG.
As expected the fishpaste was made from wolf herring (also called ikan parang, or sai toh fish 西刀鱼) and all items are made in-house, including the chilli and sweet sauce.

yong tau food melaka - cheng fong - best -003

Besides the yong tau foo, a stall on the right side of this coffeeshop is busy churning out fishhead noodles, fried noodles and ‘loh mee’, a starch based thick noodle dish.

yong tau food melaka - cheng fong - best -001

We ordered one each and loved both, even more for the fishhead noodles.
The soup was marvellous; spicy with a sharp sour kick from the tamarind and preserved vegetables. The cut small green chillies stirred into the soup fired up the soup nicely.
Oh my god, it is so appetizing to sip the soup and and we enjoyed generous slices of fish too.
Other than the ingredients mentioned above there were ginger, tomatoes and soft tofu.

melaka - dong fung restaurant -best fish head noodles

melaka - dong fung restaurant -best fish head noodles-001

The Loh Mee wasn’t overly starchy so it was just a pleasant consistency and almost soupy. The eggy broth came with shreds of Chinese long cabbage, pork slices and fish cakes.

melaka - dong fung restaurant -best fish head noodles-002

melaka - dong fung restaurant -best fish head noodles-003

Both the Nyonya laksa and pai tee were disappointing, especially so the laksa. Thin, almost bland gravy with sparse ingredients of fishcakes, shriveled cockles, bean sprouts, shredded cucumbers and bean puffs. Urgh!

yong tau food melaka - cheng fong - best -004

yong tau food melaka - cheng fong - best -006

The beverages were decent, not overly sweet and the barley drink were freshly boiled.

yong tau food melaka - cheng fong - best -002

A lady walked from table to table to sell her homemade kuih and we bought the pau (steamed buns) and some kuih from her. It wasn’t cheap and tasted pretty terrible. So much so trying to be charitable huh?


yong tau food melaka - cheng fong - best -007

Kuey Teow and Fishballs set about RM3-4.00
Fishhead noodles and “Loh Mee”  – RM5 – RM7
Curry Laksa – RM5.00
Pai Tee – RM3.00

So if you’re in Melaka early enough in the morning, you can drop by here for the fishhead noodles and the yong tau foo. Else Bee Bee Hiong yong tau foo is a good bet too! 🙂

Restaurant Dong Fung
Address: 119, Jalan Temenggong 75000 Malacca
GPS: To be updated.

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  1. ooo, i’ve actually never eaten fishhead noodles in malacca before. you’re much more well-versed in malacca’s eating scene than me, a (former) malaccan, heh 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      I’m working on documenting as many as I can! 🙂
      We shall explore melaka together soon!

  2. ulric

    Loh Mee and YTF…fabs! =)

  3. chin

    Thanks for the intro on this place. Looks marvellous. I’m literally drooling over my keyboard, esp with your description of the sour piquant fishhead noodles.

  4. daniel

    Great stuff as usual Becky. Always the great undiscovered finds

  5. Francesca

    Nice meeting you at Savour!
    Nice blog too. I love Melaka!

  6. Veron

    When’s your next trip? Time to use up some leaves of mine

  7. Clarissa

    Fishballs are my favourite too! I must have my weekly fix of YTF in PJ every weekend. perhaps you should try the shop that I go to, I’ll get the directions for you

  8. Amber

    My fav fish head beehoon!
    I shall try this when I’m in Melaka next month

  9. tee lau

    at the dong fung, yong tau foo is served in the morning. at night, try their meat porridge, satay and wan tan mee. you all will love it.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Thanks Tee Lau for the heads-up!
      I didn’t know there’s good food here as well in the evenings. Will check it out on my next trip! 🙂

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