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Ice based taiwanese desserts has been a favourite of many and at one point the craze was at its peak when there were queues spotted outside these taiwanese desserts outlets.
Even I got hooked; especially so on a hot day when the sun, humility and work stress took its toll. A bowl of this was the perfect cool-me-down and it gave friends good reason to gather and relax while chewing away on those addictive taro balls.

How I miss those times! It’s been a while!

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-007

Today I had the opportunity to gather with fellow blogger friends and enjoy these old favourites of mine again. Meet Fresh, a Taiwanese dessert chain started by bother and sister Fu of a farming family has just launched their outlet on the 6th floor of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-004

Meet Fresh prides itself on preserving the authentic taste of yesteryears and its founders had the desire of introducing to the world the fresh and healthy Taiwanese desserts that are made from natural and fresh ingredients with no added preservatives. It would be like how it was made by our family elders; with love and care and with the best quality ingredients used.

And thus even though Malaysia is 4 hours by flight from Taiwan, Meet Fresh ensures the freshness and quality through stringent quality control and modern manufacturing processes.

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-001

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-002

We were treated to their 4 signature bestsellers that day and in general I found them to be lower in saccharine levels and tasted less processed. The yam was soft and naturally sweet, the tofu pudding and grass jelly silky smooth and slides down the throat pleasurably while the taro and sweet potato balls were appropriately chewy and soft.
In comparison to other outlets offering similar desserts, the notable differences are the lower sweetness levels; offering those who are health conscious yet lovers of taiwanese desserts a respite.

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-008

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-006

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-010

If it wasn’t too much to ask, I hope Meet Fresh could serve finer shaved ice as that would give the overall dessert a more pleasurably texture. While I’m all for healthy and low sugar initiatives, I would be asking for additional spoonfuls of sugar in my order the next round! Desserts should be sweet! 😀

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-011

On days that I wanted to chew on taro balls (they are addictive I tell you!) but didn’t feel like consuming a whole bowl of ice; Meet Fresh’s Winter Melon Tea with Mini Taro Ball fits the bill perfectly. You can have your taro balls and a healthy drink in one order!

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-003

The above are what we sampled that day but do note that there are more on Meet Fresh menu. I trust there is something for everyone!

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-009

For the Pavilion outlet the Mango Supreme – RM17.90 is unique addition to the menu.

Chunky sweet mangoes over a mould of sweetened ice and crowned with a scoop of yam ice-cream, this dessert was found on nearly every table in the outlet that day. It’s popularity is justified as everyone who tasted it that day enjoyed every piece of mango.

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-014

I find the Meet Fresh outlet on the 6th floor of Pavilion KL (right opposite Tonkatsu and Al-Amar) a cosy and ideal corner to chill and enjoy a breather from shopping.
At certain tables there are powerpoints available although there are no WIFI offered as yet. Tables are comfortably spaced out and you have the options of armchairs or soft stools to rest your tired legs. From what I observed that day, service was quick and friendly.

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-005

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-012

meet fresh taiwanese dessert - pavilion KL-013

There are 6 Meet Fresh outlets currently in Malaysia; with 4 in KL – Pavilion, Berjaya Times Square, Laman Rimbunan Kepong and Bandar Mahkota Cheras and 1 each in Penang, Gurney Paragon Mall and Negeri Sembilan, Uptown Avenue Seremban 2.
Further details can be obtained on

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  1. Camellia

    You pretty girl! Love that blue dress!
    And the one other picture that caught my attention is the mango supreme, so much mango!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      I have never fancied the pearls much. But the taro & sweet potato balls are addictive-ly chewy! 🙂

  2. ulric

    Me like their Herb Milk Tea with Pearls =)

  3. cleffairy

    The taro balls are very addictive, I must say. Too bad i can’t steal a recipe for them when i sneaked into the kitchen that day. 😛

    1. Rebecca Saw

      HAhaha those were imported from taiwan ( i think) not even made here so no recipe stealing for you!

  4. daniel

    There are a few of these Taiwanese desserts right? I saw a few on your blog some time back I think.

  5. Amber

    I love the taro balls.. I chew and i chew and I chew, syiok! LOL!

  6. jack

    Damn I love mangoes. And that’s a LOT of mangoes in a bowl!

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