Me got "meme" kwa.. by PureGlutton!

Oh.. just read her latest posting .. on getting the Awards and those 7 things about herself. Interesting isn’t? I would not have known much about her if she haven’t posted them and I guess if I appreciate others sharing about themselves, then I would share something about myself too (though it maybe of a bore ;p) but.. too bad, I’m still posting this up. *stuck out tongue* pheettt!

And I do agree with her on the “rewarding sense of satisfaction in blogging – getting to know some great bloggers and totally enjoy reading their nice nice posts” It’s a hobby of mine now, to spend an hour daily reading posts, and going through their archives. Appreciating the pics and learning new recipes.

Now about those 7 things…ahem..

Knowing myself, I do tend procrastinate (if only you know how many postings I still got in draft!!) so might as well get on with it now since I’m in front of my laptop ;p goes..

1. I love FOOD (be it eating, cooking or reading about it), sports/dancing, fashion & travel. In that order.

2. I used to learn chinese kungfu (my dad owned a martial arts academy in Penang then) and yeahh..did a lot of those fighting, breaking stuffs plus memorising and practising of wushu chapters (these are cheorography of steps that you practise and execute, think of it like a dance routine, but NO dancing of course!)

3. Every year, I will be involved in Lion dance as well, and we had a contract with E & O hotel for 7 years already, at 10am on the 1st day of CNY without fail. After that, the troupe will perform at houses (these are booked in advance and we do “layan” on-the-spot requests from neighbours etc..) Unfortunately in 2009, I won’t be a part of it anymore. (for reasons I can’t share).

Preparation at the lobby..

The performance will start at the entrance. There are a lot of “rules” involved and must be adhered to diligently or bad luck instead of good (of which was the main reason to have a lion dance in the 1st place) will fall on the owner/business/family.

4. I used to run a hawker stall selling American Breakfast in Pulau Tikus (this pic was taken on my recent trip back to Pg – for memories & nolstagic’s sake.. ) and another stall outside the coffeeshop selling tong shui and kueh (the same supplier that taught me the Tee Nya Kueh)
No pics of those days, for I wasn’t such a cam-whore back then!
The current owner still uses the same signboard (Mun was my ex already laa..)

5. Now, on more normal stuffs – yeah.. I hit the gym as much as I can too.. same goals..tone up, beat the fat (eating non-stop like I do) and to keep fit for a Gunung Kinabalu hike scheduled next year with some friends. (speaking of which, can anyone recommend a hill to hike in KL??? )

6. Only started blogging recently since I left my full-time job. It is one that took up every spare minute of my time. Had enough.

7. Not much of a cook, and currently learning as much as I could 😉 Learning to bake now too..any partners?

So there, quota of 7 achieved. And I will be waiting to read the rest of the posts by those that are tagged by Ms PureGlutton too! Thanks again PureGlutton!

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  1. Tummythoz

    Wow a kungfu lion dancer! Who says floggers only know food.
    Hai-yak! I can only smash tofu.

  2. J2Kfm

    oh, you OWNED a stall? wow.

    so you’re still in food biz, or something else?

    I’ve linked you, ok?

  3. Raynebow

    Wahlauu…kungfu fighter & lion dancer – dun play play! I'm impressed 🙂 Coincidentally, i used to go for martial arts classes during my secondary school days too at a chinese association. They also had a lion dance troupe but i didnt join that la 🙂
    Thanks for doing the meme – nice to know u better :-))

  4. thenomadGourmand

    Tummythoz: was fun – those days. not something that everyone get to do..
    J2Kfm: yes, it was an experience! well,in KL for 3 yrs now, & mayb ready to attempt again ;p

    Raynebow: hhmm.. i did tot that we do hv some stuffs in common aft reading ur post! hehe..seems that ur the active kind too!

  5. Raynebow

    Ehh… u supposed to paste all those awards in yr post laaa! And then tag some other people wor 😉

    aka Pureglutton

    Psst: this is my other blog 😛

  6. babe_kl

    whoa this is so kick ass!!! 😀

  7. Selba

    Wow… learning something about you….

    Your dad owned a martial art academy, involved in lion dance, owned a hawker stall, that’re so cool!!! 😀

  8. thenomadGourmand

    raynebow: oh.. those awards for me too? heh..ok..will be on my nx post! Cool!
    And tag other ah? Who else not been tagged wor..
    Babe_KL: Yeah, good “foundation”!
    Selba: I’m tagging you next! ha!

  9. Selba

    Uh oh… :O

    Thanks for tagging me, but then, ouch…. ouch… ouch.. I don’t do any ‘meme’ in my food blog except for food tag, sorry ya….

  10. Lingzie

    aiyah need to re-post my comment again since there was some blogspot error…

    that western breakfast sign board looks very familiar! is it the kopitiam near pulau tikus market? i think i’ve been your customer before la! 😉

  11. thenomadGourmand

    Lingzie: LOL. I think it was vaguely 2002-2003 during the time I was running is not where it was now..bk then my stall was beside the APom manis dude in the morning(& putu mayam was sold at night).
    ps: I'm not resp for the quality & taste of the food now!! heh.

  12. Lingzie

    oh yeah about the hill to climb in KL. my friends ‘practiced’ at bukit gasing before they climbed mt kinabalu. can give it a go.

  13. Jeanie Bohnsack

    Hey, this is one amazing post! Thanx for posting this. I was searching for a site that has this kind of info. Thankful I found this one! I’ll be coming in here again for sure! ftw

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