McDonald’s: Rio Burger & Mango-Flavoured Desserts Launched In M’sia

It is always interesting (though more often than not, disappointing) to try out new offerings from McDonald’s Malaysia.

I mean, although I’ve always found McDonald’s food or desserts in other countries superior to what’s offered in our dear country, it is with hope that one day McDonald’s Malaysia would introduce a kick-ass product (to me).

Their latest Brazilian-inspired Rio Burger was my lunch yesterday.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.55.43 PM.png

Available for a limited time only, this Rio specially created burger is in line with McDonald’s role as the Rio Olympics 2016’s official restaurant.

Mcdonald’s calls the recipe a “carnival of flavour”, featuring a chargrilled beef patty sandwiched with a colourful mix of shredded vegetables, cheddar cheese and special “Rio sauce” in a black-and-white sesame bun.

Source: McDonald's Malaysia

So here it is. RM12.50 ala-carte.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.54.40 PM.png

One thin patty and a lot of tongue-tingling sauce.

It was quite spicy and definitely not for those who can’t spiciness in their food.
But overall it wasn’t a bad burger. The patty was at the very least, acceptably moist, unlike the cardboard version that was in my Mashwi Foldover earlier.


McDonald’s Malaysia managing director Azmir Jaafar said the Rio Burger is the first of three products to be introduced under the “Discover the World” campaign that starts this month.

Two more burgers will be introduced on Aug 24 and Sept 24; this is the first time McDonald’s Malaysia is launching new products over three consecutive months,” he said.

Ok, I can’t wait to try both!

Meanwhile here is a video of this Rio Burger.
Take a look – is it ok for RM12.50?

Since I was in a McDonald’s outlet, I couldn’t resist to indulge in one of the newest mango desserts – Mango McFlurry™, Mango Sundae and Mango Pie. 


I took a Mango Pie (RM2.90) and had hoped that there will be some chunks of the the tropical fruit within the greasy casing.

But nope, it was basically nata de coco (gosh, McD does love this nata thing huh, it is in almost every of their pies!) and thick. artificial tasting puree.


Also in stores are 2 new McCafe menus, the Himalayan Tea and Rainbow Cake.
The Himalayan Tea is a mix of milk tea infused with spices while the Rainbow Cake is a pretty, colourful sponge and cream cake.

I would have tried one if it wasn’t ridiculously priced at RM10.65 each.
Nah, it is basically colored sponge and cream. I could get a burger for RM10.


But what do you think?
Would you try the Rio Burger? The Mango Pie?
The rainbow cake?

** Rio Burger will be available at McDonald’s nationwide from July 25 to Aug 24, with the exception of McDonald’s Section 3 Shah Alam, which started sales since the launch on July 19.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    i’m 100 percent in agreement with you about the rio burger and the mango pie. the mango sundae and mcflurry are more successful than the pie, but i guess it’s hard to go wrong with mango + ice cream 🙂 i didn’t know two more promo burgers are coming up – yay! hope they’re not as spicy as the rio burger, heh. i also tried kfc’s new ole-ole rice wrap, and it’s OK but not a must … basically orangey rice that tastes a bit like biryani, packaged with the zinger strip in the tortilla wrap …

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Somehow I’m never as intrigued with KFC’s offerings as I am with Mcd. KFC’s new ole-ole rice wrap = no go for me then! 😀
      Yeap – the Rio was spicy huh! I was surprised!

      And since the second new burger is gong to be launched on 24th, I’m hoping it is something local for Merdeka perhaps? 😀

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