McDonald’s Prosperity Gives Back Campaign – The Prosperity Burger is back!

Everyone’s favourite McD “annual” treat is back!

Yes, I’m talking about the ever popular McDonald’s Prosperity Burger! We can once again enjoy the hot and peppery flavour of the McDonald’s Prosperity Burger as it returns to spice up the nation for the 19th time (can you imagine? It’s been 19 years already!).

mcdonalds prosperity burger 2011-2

Yummss…meat patties dipped with aromatic black pepper sauce and layered with fresh onion slices in a sesame seed bun. What’s your favourite? The chicken or beef prosperity? Or is it the Twister Fries?

Below: The Prosperity Burgers, scrumptious Twister Fries and refreshing Prosperity McFizz.
The Prosperity McValue Lunch meal is priced from RM10.95, while the McValue Meal is priced from RM13.88.

Prosperity Burger Meal

For the 2nd year, McDonald’s is back with the “Prosperity Gives Back” campaign. The campaign will see that with every purchase of a Prosperity Burger meal, 10 sen will be donated to charity.


So for every prosperity burger that you eat, you’re “giving prosperity” to the less fortunate too!

Below: Kids from charity homes are given a scrumptious McDonald’s treat!

mcdonalds prosperity burger 2011-1


mcdonalds prosperity burger 2011-3

mcdonalds prosperity burger 2011-4

‘PROSPERITY’ stands for 10 values that McDonald’s holds dear – Happiness, Friendship, Love, Satisfaction, Peace, Abundance, Sharing, Family, Affection and Joy.
Love, joy and affection when we spend time with family and friends; satisfaction of putting a smile on someone’s face or when we indulge in a great McDonald’s burger; and sharing abundance with those near and dear or even perfect strangers.

mcdonalds prosperity burger 2011

Above: Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia, Sarah Casanova.

McDonald’s aims to make a difference to local communities with every purchase of Prosperity Burger meal in the Prosperity Gives Back campaign.

In the first campaign last year, McDonald’s raised RM286,000 that was distributed across 44 charitable organisations. This year, the campaign aims to raise RM400,000 to benefit more than 50 charities.

So let’s prosper together; eat more Prosperity Burgers and helps these kids!

The Prosperity Gives Back campaign runs from 3 December 2011 until 15 February 2012.

What’s your favourite? The chicken or beef prosperity? :P

mcdonalds prosperity burger 2011-2

All pictures shot with the :

Samsung NX11

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  1. Chong

    Beef…. and their Twister Fries!

  2. Sean

    i vote for DOUBLE beef prosperity! a single patty isn’t enough!!! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes! I hope they come up with that soon! Now they are rolling out the normal ones first!

  3. Nikel

    My one beef prosperity!!!

  4. ulric

    Beef all the wayyyyy!…hehe…

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