McDonald’s : Foldover Lazeez Chicken & Mashwi (beef), Chendol Sundae, Bubur Cha Cha Pie

There are only 2 reasons for me to walk into a McDonald’s; (1) I’m a tourist in another country and I’m checking out their local McD’s for something unique, or (2) there is new McDonald’s product launched in Malaysia.

Rest assured I’m not an advocate of Mcdonald’s or any of its food.

So far I’ve tried McD’s in Australia (wagyu burger), Paris (McBaguette), Chengdu (green Chicken Wrap), Hong Kong (macaroni soup and corn pie), Thailand (pork), Singapore and Korea (Bulgogi burger).

For Malaysia the previous Lychee Pie was disappointing, and so was the Spinach Pie.

I didn’t managed to try the Foldover Mashwi and Foldover Lazeez last year so I had to have my curiosity satisfied this year.

And you know what?

I wish I wasn’t the curious sort.

mcdonalds - foldover Lazeez Mashwi REVIEW-004

Yes, my expression says it all.
Take a look at the images and I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Foldover Mashwi – “filled with tender grilled beef topped with a unique hot sauce. Both are served wrapped in a warm, toasted flatbread along with crisp lettuce, crunchy onions and juicy tomatoes.”

What I got:
Dry beef patties that are obviously the SAME beef patties for the other McD burgers, a squirt of bland sauce and the vegetables as per description.

mcdonalds - foldover Lazeez Mashwi REVIEW-003

mcdonalds - foldover Lazeez Mashwi REVIEW-002

Foldover Lazeez “filled with juicy chicken and garlic sauce“.

What I got:
The whole foldover is essentially the same as the Grilled Chicken Foldover that was sold before. Or at least it tasted that way to me.

mcdonalds - foldover Lazeez Mashwi REVIEW-001

The Mashwi was RM12.50 + 6% and the Lazeez was RM10.95 +.

To say it is an expensive disappointment is putting it mildly!


We tried the Bubur Cha Cha Pie (RM3.50) too.
It was frankly, just sweet coconut cream with tiny cubes of yam.

mcdonalds - bubur cha cha pie

It took some effort to the yam cubes too.

mcdonalds - bubur cha cha pie-001

We had our meal at the Mid Valley McDonald’s, which sadly didn’t have the Cendol Sundae that we wanted.

mcd chendol

EDIT: We managed to try it!
It was awful by the way, just brown-colored sundae with no taste of gula melaka (if it was intended to be so) and the green cone has no flavourings whatsoever.

Mcdonalds - foldover

Anyways, this is how the McFlurry & Sundae Mata Kucing dan Pai Bubur Cha Cha is supposed to look like.
But as we know, “photos are for illustrations purposes only” right?


Our Sundae Mata Kuching – RM3.95+.

mcdonalds - longan - mata kuching soft serve

So, what do YOU about McDonald’s latest offerings?
Have you tried them? Did you like it?

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  1. Sean EDKL

    always interesting to read your thoughts on mcd’s promos! i actually liked all the desserts this round – i’ve already had the cendol soft-serve twice in four days! the mata kucing mcflurry & sundae were both also pretty pleasant for me … and this time around, the promo pie worked for me too! mine was quite textured inside, and the taste felt spot-on … on the other hand, kfc’s kari-kari fried chicken was a fail for me … it tasted a bit too sweetish, like a kicap more than a kari 😉

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Chendol soft serve twice in 4 days!! LOL
      McD certainly has a local customer in YOU Sean!
      I look forward to their promos all the time, always hoping to find something unique to like! Guess it’s a no for me this round, but who knows what might be available next! 😀

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