McDonalds and KFC in Chengdu – Vegetable Wrap with Rice Cakes & Grilled Chicken Burger

On our 3rd day in Chengdu and after 5-6 Sichuan meals, we were all ready for a change of cuisine. In fact most of us were already craving for our familiar western fare.

It so happened that we were scheduled to visit Happy Valley, a theme park in Chengdu where we are expected to watch the dinner show “Paradise Ethos Chinese Cultural Show” that evening. At this theme park, there are shopping options as well as international food chains. And the first 2 that we saw as we walked from the entrance was Mcdonalds and KFC.  😀

McDonalds in Chengdu - Happy Valley

Our group decided to break up to shop and eat at our own pace. Some went to Pizza Hut, some slurped ramen while some headed over for fried chicken at KFC. I chose Mcdonalds, since it’s a standard agenda of mine to try McDs in every country that I visit.
Unfortunately the Mcdonalds in Chengdu does not offer pork. That was a disappointment as I remembered having a very good pork burger with bacon when I was in Chengdu 10 years back.
Anyhow since everything else on the menu looks the same (Filet-O-Fish, Chicken burgers, Big Mac) I took one of the specials – a green coloured wrap with rice cakes and chicken peeking out. My order was 100% based on pictures as the staff doesn’t speak English and the menu is solely in Chinese.

McDonalds in Chengdu - Vegetable Wrap

Luckily Helen (one of the Air Asia personnel) speaks Mandarin and she was able to ask for me if there were pork burgers available. However it would be too much to ask her to translate what was in each and every burger on the menu so I didn’t! 🙂

Helen chose the Spicy Chicken Filet Burger while I had my Chicken Wrap. The total bill came up to 52 RMB (RM26) for all that you see below.

McDonalds in Chengdu - Vegetable Wrap-001

I did enjoy the wrap. The rice cakes were chewy (almost like sushi rice texture), soft and rather tasty. It’s good enough to eat it on its own. There were ample vegetables as well, something you don’t see in our McDs burgers here. My sole complaint would be the dismal piece of chicken thigh and well, the liberal amount of mayonnaise.

McDonalds in Chengdu - Vegetable Wrap-002

But it was filling enough for me and I would say it was due to the rice cakes more than anything else.

chengdu Mcd wrap

Right after McDonalds I walked into KFC to check out their menu. I spied a beef and rice dish, some grilled chicken (yes grilled – look carefully at the photograph below), and wraps as well.

KFC in Chengdu - Happy Valley

This time I was alone so I didn’t have anyone to translate or order for me so I just pointed to a nice looking burger on the menu and paid 15 RMB (RM7.50) for it. All I can say is the actual burger wasn’t anything like what it was portrayed on the menu. Can anyone tell me what does it say on the box?


Upon unwrapping it turned out to be a grilled chicken burger. Tastewise it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything “uniquely China” either.

KFC in Chengdu - chicken burger-001

Based on the pictorial menu there was supposed to be mushrooms but I didn’t see any at all in my burger. Ah well, at least there was a nice big piece of chicken thigh in between the thick bun.

KFC in Chengdu - chicken burger-002

I’m glad I tried the McDs wrap. I really like that one but I’m so disappointed that there are no pork served anymore! I wonder if the other McDonalds in other parts of China serves pork still? Anyone has any idea?

Happy Valley, Chengdu
Address: 16 Jinxin Ave, Jinniu, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Phone:+86 28 6189 8118
Hours: 9:00 am–9:00 pm

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    that seems like a very unusual wrap recipe, to include rice inside the wrap. it’s almost like a strange tex-mex fusion, heh! i suspect it might be nicer with some succulent pulled pork instead of chicken thigh…

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yea tis was one of the most surprising Mcd creation I had so far!
      And I wished it was pulled pork too! LOL.

  2. DC

    The box says grilled chicken thighs with assorted shrooms.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Damn. It’s chicken thigh alright, but no shrooms of any sort in it!!! GRRRRRRRRR!

      1. DC

        Maybe they are referring to the sauce? Lol!

  3. Amber

    That’s vege wrap certainly is intriguing!
    It’s not very “chinese” is it..more of hhmm kinda ..I can’t quite place a cuisine to it. Rice cakes in a wrap…

  4. Eric

    Interestingly enough, no pork?

  5. Estée

    You Chinese?

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