Maxis10Reviews: The HTC Desire vs the Blackberry

I can always regurgitate (aka copy and paste) all the technical details off some tech site & you will find that whatever’s on my post is your search result for “difference between BB and HTC Desire/Android” online…………..
I could get real life experiences reviews from the very people who owns the phones & get them to share their thoughts on it.
After all, nothing beats real life experiences & that’s is why we all read blogs for ain’t it? If you want another tech-jargon filled post I’m afraid you are at the wrong site. But if you’re looking at being entertained (I have some wacky posts coming up 😉 ) then watch this space & enjoy!  :yes:

So here’s what you can expect for the last leg of  the Maxis10Reviews week.

First up is Hanie Hidayah, who has a BB Curve 8520 and previously a T- Mobile SideKick LX user.
Next is Josh Lim, a hardcore iPhone enthusiast, and who thinks iPhone/APPLE rules the world *roll eyes *
Then we have Sham Hardy, a techie blogger & a current Android user, but wondering if an upgrade is worth it..
(and I just have to do my part to make sure he does! 😉 )

So yeah, the stage (page) is all yours Hanie !

Recently, Rebecca found out that she is one of the 10 chosen bloggers to review the HTC Desire, and she asked us to compare it with other phones cause here in the office, everyone uses different phones. I’m using a Blackberry Curve and a T-Mobile Sidekick LX, Josh & Jason Ong an iPhone, Sham HTC Hero, and Rebecca, a Nexus One.

It’s much fun that way cause we know how each others’ phones work, and we get to play around with it, rather than everyone having the same freaking phone 24/7.

Blackberry is now my main phone, due to the internet usage so I guess I’ll compare the HTC Desire with it instead.

HTC Desire n blackberry curve 8520 3

I am NOT the person to come to if you want technical details, I am more of a practical user, rather than wanting every function/applications on it. Thus, I am not going to be talking robot on this post. Let the other experts do that.

There are some things that I noticed about the phones, and please don’t slam me especially if you’re an android obsessed user, I am just gonna state the exterior and the obvious:

Curve 8520 is definitely MUCH lighter than the HTC Desire, although I admit that the HTC is much thinner in thickness. A girl like me would prefer to have lighter phones cause I don’t want to carry extra weight, even when it’s only a few grams extra but the feel of holding it is much nicer on blackberries.

The screen is of course, WAAAYYY bigger, and yes I like bigger screens on androids and iPhones. Bak kata orang, “puas pakai”. You don’t have to squint when you want to read an email or keep scrolling every 3 lines. This is a definite plus for me.

My family all uses an iPhone, thus I am used to the touch screen, even when I myself is using a Blackberry. However, I don’t find the touchy feeling is as smooth as an iPhone. I have long nails, and also sweaty palms. It’s harder to scroll, and when I just dried the tip of my fingers, it becomes more ‘draggy’ and I would have to apply a slight pressure on the screen to scroll.

Unlike iPhones or Blackberries, the apps on HTC Desire are not the “in-your-face” type. I had a hard time trying to find stuff. Or maybe I just needed some getting used to. Cause other phones I’ve used are much easier and user-friendly…even my Sidekick LX.

HTC Desire n blackberry curve 85201

And no, I don’t think it looks ugly. Fits well in my accessory drawer. HAHAHAHA ok I just made myself sound like a bimbo. Lighten up, people. This should be a simple and fun review. So don’t say I’m not qualified to write about it cause seriously, phones are meant for EVERYONE, not just the enthusiasts.

HTC Desire n blackberry curve 8520

Note (from Rebecca) : The screen is a fingerprint magnet though!!  🙁

Blackberry users! Comments please!!

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  1. botakai

    i dont know about htc battery life but blackberry battery life is longer then the iphone x2…

    connection wise… i find the blackberry is quite fast… pages load very fast thou… and push mail is so convenient!!

    cant comment much about the HTC !! never really used 1 b4

  2. unkaleong

    What happened to Old skool Unka who loves Nokia candybar phones vs. Androids Robo defense? 😉

  3. cindrew

    im currently using BlackBerry Curve 8900. HTC Desire looks vr cool compare to BB of course. I do agree with the un-friendly interface and app. When i 1st touch n try out the desire, im kinda confused of how to go around the phone. it isnt that easy to play with compare to iPhone la . IT’s all 1st impression la ~~ 😉

  4. Melvin Chan

    Nice points by Hanie, minus the details. I’m currently using a BB Curve 8520 and I’ve tried HTC Desire too. The tricky thing here is, when you know that there’s a touch screen phone called iPhone in the market, it’s automatically the benchmark. So, any touch screen phone in the market is unfortunately being compared to the Apple’s toy.

    Besides the look of it (which is a plus point), it may take much convincing for me to get an HTC phone at the moment.

  5. Brendan Lee

    Well Androids are different market of course.. its very hard to say which is better as different phones are designed for specific target markets.
    The Android HTC Desire is indeed a new and cool gadget with unique new features but its still new in the market and needs much more improvement.

    1. Vs Blackberry – HTC Desire are not fully enterprise-ED mode yet so its not really for business users but its suitable for fun crazy wacky teens who likes to show off their phone.

    2. Vs Iphone – Its quite clear that in terms of technology, the iPhone outdoes all phones by its brilliant touch screens, sensors, accelerometers, etc etc. What the HTC Desire lacks are the powerful APPS of the iPhone.

    The HTC Desire i see it more to an accessory than a phone. Cant say yet as its still in early stages.
    If compared now to the new upcoming iPhone 4 i think HTC needs to move further with their phones.

    So.. At the end of the day.. Its really up to the users.. what each target market needs and wants. For me..? either a BB or an iPhone 4.. =)

    *hope this helps..*

    1. Nelson

      iphone better than android??? get a life and stop watching internet porn it distorts your judgement. android is sexier, smarter, faster, friendlier, and its google…… no more need be said

      wow, how slow are ppl

  6. Sean

    argh! if only they can combine all the best features of each phone into one! i’ve barely mastered the iphone, so i’m getting pening already whenever i read about the differences between all these phones 😀

  7. Leo

    hmmm… actually I am thinking to sell my iPhone and get an iPad instead. And then buy myself a candybar phone so daily usage…
    can’t stand the battery life of iPhone.. too short lah…

  8. Cutecarry

    I love i phobne but now stuck with blackberry. Want to buy new Gucci or new I phone. Still thinking!

  9. amelialing

    I’m currently using a BB Curve 8900 B-) haven tried any HTC yet but as i can BB is more friendly user like nokia too! unlike iphone is complicated :wacko: yet dam so mah fan only can use the apple app.. even till today i got ipod nano 4gb 2unit but never use. becos i find hard to even download or save song inside it.. :unsure:

    like for email bb is the best as it’s just push button not like iphone need to log in it.. but dun knw abt HTC la..

    bb :good:

  10. I now possess the answers to my questions – at last! Thank you for a wonderful internet site. Gratefully, Beth

  11. FeeQ

    OMG!!!! Hope u can post more abouth HTC! I plan to buy BB by end of thi month….maybe need change to HTC XD

    Thanks a lot for the review!

  12. spectre

    I joining the rank of Android user soon. :yahoo: DESIRE

  13. EVo

    Being a bb user, my main concern is the batt life, coz with such a huge screen, there’s only so much juice a phone can hold! on 2nd thoughts, after playin with ur phone 2day, the crystal clear display almost got me..almost! :good:

  14. feicipet

    This comparison is too much on the physical aspects and too little on the software. Not dissing Hanie in any way; she has her own priorities, but I reckon that somebody reading this article hoping that it’ll help decide between a BB or an Android would prefer to have some form of comparison between the software features of the 2 devices as well.

  15. Hanie Hidayah


    it all depends on what you use more dear. if you’re always on the go but needs instant updates, BB is the phone with push mails, instant notifications and the easiness of bbm-ing ppl instead of texting.

    However, if you don’t mind checking it every now and then,opening one thing at a time, go for Desire.

    1. feicipet


      Thanks 🙂 Exactly what I was asking for.

      One question though: I assume that when you say that on the Desire, we have to “open one thing at a time”, it means that BB provides some sort of unified view that gives you a look at all incoming messages, whether Twitter, SMS, emails and whatnot?

      1. Hanie Hidayah

        nope but while you load a webpage, you can tweet! OR while you upload a twitpic you can bbm and whatnot. just exit the browser but it still works somehow. quite surprising actually. Not sure about the Desire, must ask Rebecca. :yes:

  16. Kathy

    Thanks so much for writing a lot of this great content! I am looking forward to reading more posts!

  17. jake

    Hey guys what screen is stronger iphones or htc desires? and do htc desires break often like iphones?

    1. Rebecca

      I haven’t tried dropping any of them, LOL. But the iPhone my boss has cracked immediately when he dropped it, but unfortunately cos it fell face down.

  18. Easily, the post is in reality the best on this worthw hile topic. I concur with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your forthcoming updates. Just saying thanks will not just be adequate, for the fantasti c clarity in your writing. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Solid work and much success in your business dealings!

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