Maxis iPhone 5 launch & winning an iPhone 5 for myself! :)

Hi guys!
I’m now at the Maxis iPhone 5 launch and guess what?

maxis iphone 5 launch and iphone 5 plans (2)

I won an iPhone 5 during the lucky draw! Wohohoo!!! :DD

maxis iphone 5 launch and iphone 5 plans (1)

I had wanted to buy one anyways, which was the main reason why I’m here in CapSquare now. In fact, I have already decided on the plan that I’ll be taking up for the iPhone 5.

maxis iphone 5 launch and iphone 5 plans (7)

So it was a bonus I won one! Yay!
I don’t even have to buy one as planned but I’m going to anyways. The iValue 1 plan is a pretty good deal, though 2G wouldn’t be enough for an online social whore like me. :DD Anyhow, the line would be used by my colleague as our company line so it should be ok.

BELOW: T. Kugan, Head of Product, Device, Innovation and Roaming running us through some slides detailing the new Maxis plans as well as some of the Maxis Rewards Applications which provides Maxis customers special services, privileges, discounts vouchers and more.

maxis iphone 5 launch and iphone 5 plans (5)

maxis iphone 5 launch and iphone 5 plans (4)


Well I got to go.
It’s 11:40pm now and the launch is happening at 12am sharp! The queue is astoundingly long and I’ll be picking up my FREE iPhone5 at 12.00am too!

See you peeps and I’l lupdate later with more pictures! Any queries? Drop me a comment ok! 😀

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  1. Timing


    Hehe I was going to switch to Android because of the utterly worthless (for me) Apple Maps, but since Google released their Google Maps for iOS yesterday, I’ll probably stick around with iOS for at least another year.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah good to hear that! So you bought your iPhone 5 already?

  2. sycookies

    Aww! Your life is sweet! That’s real lucky! Congratulations!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh thank you! Yes, life been sweet lately 😀

  3. Sean

    ooo, a stroke of good fortune, a good way to wrap up 2012! nice 😀

  4. Jas

    Hey 🙂 By any chance do you know if Maxis is selling the white iPhone 5?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Of course they are! Go grab one quick – queue is really long everyday 🙂

  5. syee

    Congrats 🙂

  6. Herman

    Hey Rebecca,

    Congrats on your lucky streak last night! And I am still jelly of you! Muahaha! It was nice meeting you too!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hey Herman! :))
      Thank u and it was fab meeting you too! You’re such a fun fella! hehe!

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